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February 9, 2011

Acrobat PDF Tutorial

Here is an Adobe Acrobat PDF Tutorial, from the University of Texas, that shows you how to create PDF files using various methods and also how to edit these files. PDF stands for portable document format. A portable document format (PDF) can be read on any computer and any platform (Windows, Mac, Unix). There are a variety of programs which read PDFs, the most common being Adobe applications such as Adobe Acrobat Professional, Adobe Reader, Adobe Designer. PDFs are particularly useful for those in the information fields.  Once a file or document is converted to a PDF, the “look” is preserved exactly as it was intended. This PDF tutorial is also available in pdf format here: PDF Tutorial (12 pages, 481kb).

Tutorial Objectives:

1) You will learn several ways to create static PDFs.  You can:
       – create a PDF by converting a file
       - create PDF by converting multiple files
       - create PDF by converting a website
       - create PDF by scanning a document

2) You will learn basic editing tools in Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Contents of this PDF Tutorial:

Create From One File

Create From Multiple Files

Create by Converting a Website

Create by Scanning a Document

Editing a PDF


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