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February 1, 2011

61 Adobe Acrobat 9 Tutorials

Here are 61 of the latest Adobe Acrobat 9 Tutorials, hosted by Adobe. These Acrobat tutorials will show you how to use Acrobat more effectively, become more productive with it; and you’ll learn how to make the most of Acrobat’s tools and features. The “Getting Started” tutorials will help you to get up to speed with Acrobat, and the “Learn More” section will help you if you are a more experienced user. These tutorials are in video and pdf format. Tuttorials marked with an asterisk* are available only in Adobe Video Workshop, to locate these videos click the link to open Video Workshop, choose Acrobat 9 Family from the Select A Product list, and scroll through the Title list.

Acrobat 9 Tutorials Table of Contents:

Getting Started

Introduction and PDF workflows:
 - Introducing Acrobat 9 Pro
 - What is Acrobat?
 - Sharing your ideas
 - Working with others
 - Simplifying form creation
 - Business workflow
 - Creative workflow

Creating PDFs:
 - Creating PDFs from 2D content
 - Creating PDFs from 3D content*
 - Combining documents into a single PDF
 - Creating PDFs from window capture, screen capture or selection
 - Web capture & compare
 - Achieving accurate content in your PDF
 - Ensuring your PDF conforms to a PDF standard
 - Overview of PDF Portfolios
 - Customizing a PDF Portfolio template
 - Combining files into a PDF Portfolio
 - Enabling usage rights for Adobe Reader

Editing PDFs:
 - Editing/updating files within a PDF Portfolio
 - Adding headers/footers to your PDF documents
 - Adding watermarks to your PDF documents
 - Optimizing your PDF document

Learn More

Creating and editing PDFs—advanced techniques:
 - Comparing two PDF documents
 - Working with layers
 - Bates numbering
 - Using batch processing to automate tasks in Acrobat*
 - Archiving e-mails as PDF from Microsoft Outlook*
 - Working with geospatially-enabled PDFs
 - Scan & OCR—paper to PDF*
 - Using Adobe Presenter to augment PPT presentations

Working with forms:
 - Creating basic fillable forms (using Form Wizard)
 - Automating form field creation
 - Understanding Acrobat Tracker for forms
 - Adding formatting and calculations to PDF forms*
 - Editing forms in Acrobat*
 - Acrobat and InDesign forms workflow

Adding multimedia and interactivity:
 - Adding interactivity to your PDF document (links and bookmarks)
 - Adding multimedia to your PDF document
 - Attaching a Flash widget to PDF documents
 - Insert Vvideo (i.e. FLV) into Word or PowerPoint through PDFMaker*

Collaboration, review, and commenting:
 - Document collaboration using shared reviews
 - Collaboration using shared reviews via
 - Co-navigating PDF documents using
 - Send documents for review by e-mail
 - Enable for commenting in Adobe Reader
 - Initiating a shared review using Microsoft SharePoint
 - Setting up Microsoft SharePoint for a shared review with Adobe Acrobat 9
 - Using familiar commenting tools
 - Commenting on video in Acrobat
 - Combining comments
 - Initiating a data collection workflow using*

 - Protecting your PDF using a password
 - Signing PDF files and creating appearances
 - Creating a self-signed digital ID
 - Using examine document to remove sensitive information
 - Remove sensitive information using redaction tools
 - Create secure attachments using security envelopes*

Exporting, printing, and sharing:
 - Exporting PDF files to Office formats
 - Printing documents
 - Preflighting for creative pros
 - Sharing your document on*

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