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January 19, 2011

Beginning Photoshop CS4 Tutorial

Here is an introductory Photoshop CS4 Tutorial, hosted by Hillsborough Community College. This Photoshop tutorial provides step-by-step details for getting started using Photoshop, how to use the interface, and how to modify images. Also available is this help sheet for the Basics of Photoshop Elements (1 page, 124bk, pdf) which shows how to open a file, resize an image, and save an image. Adobe Photoshop’s user interface and overall functionality is consistent with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe ImageReady, and other products in the Adobe Creative Suite.

Photoshop CS4 Tutorial
  (29 pages, 128mb, pdf)

 - 1: Getting Started
 - 2: Interface Layout
 - 3: Palettes 
 - 4: Toolbox
 - 5: Selection Tools
 - 6: Alteration Tools
 - 7: Drawing and Selection Tools
 - 8: Assisting Tools
 - 9: Color Boxes and Modes
 - 10: Basic Image Editing
 - 11: Cropping
 - 12: Resizing
 - 13: Correcting
 - 14: Sharpening/Softening
 - 15: Saving

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