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May 12, 2010

Photoshop Photo Editing Tutorials

Here are many excellent Photoshop Photo Editing Tutorials, courtesy of These Photoshop tutorials cover and teach many important features and tools of Photoshop that you will need to use when editing photographs and graphics. They are designed to help you make better, more informed choices in your editing. This site also offers many Photography tutorials that will help you become a better photographer.

Photoshop Tutorial Topics:

- Scaling your files.

 - Balancing those pixels.

 - Dealing with color casts.

 - A video Photoshop tutorial showing how to use the levels adjustment to control contrast.

 - A video Photoshop tutorial showing how to use the curves adjustment to control contrast.

Processing RAW Files
 - An introduction to Adobe Camera Raw.

Processing RAW Files using HSL
 - Advanced use of ACR.

 - Using the unsharp mask.

Using the Quick Mask
 - Masking parts of your picture to edit certain areas.

Adjustment Layer Masks
 - How to build accurate layer masks.

Straightening Horizons
 - A must for landscape and building photographers.

Replacing Boring Skies
 - Using layers in Photoshop.

Videos on Compositing
 - Video tutorials on using layers.
    – Choosing Images and Masking
    – Working with Layers
    – Tidying Up the Mask

Using the Channel Mixer
 - How to make a better job of changing images from colour to black & white.

Using Curves on Adjustment Layers
 - laying with contrast and tones to give a more dramatic effect.

High Dynamic Range
 - How to shoot and process HDR pictures with Photomatix Pro software.

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