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April 21, 2010

81 Excellent Photoshop Tutorials

Here are 81 excellent Photoshop Tutorials, located at Some of these are also hosted by These tutorials will teach and show you how to use many of the features and tools in Photoshop. They include intermediate and advanced techniques.

81 Great Photoshop Tutorials:

 - High dynamic range, HDR WOW
 - High Dynamic Range Photography 
 - Russian Paintings
 - Photoshop Elements 8 for Mac 
 - Record an action in Photoshop
 - Photoshop for Fingerprinting
 - Photoshop YouTube Background Tutorial
 - Photoshop: Surreal Landscapes, Part 2
 - Photoshop Actions Madness
 - Photoshop Holiday Tutorials
 - Creating Contrast in Photoshop
 - Photoshop: Matching Color Schemes
 - Photoshop: Surreal Landscapes, Part 1
 - Adjustment Layers for Shadow Balancing
 - Photoshop Madness
 - 5 Useful Photoshop Effects
 - Elements Plus – plugins
 - Image Framer
 - Photo + Graphics Bundle for Mac
 - Elements: Color Correction for Photographers
 - Tutorial: Brushed Silver Text Effect
 - Beyond Digital Photography
 - Elements Plus filters, masks and more
 - Remove red-eye with ease
 - ArtOptimizer for Illustrator
 - HDR Photography for Mac OS
 - Geocoding for iPhoto
 - Photography effects for iPhone
 - Add Depth of Field to perk up those dull photos
 - Depth Photo of Field or Focus Fall-Off
 - Photoshop Extract Filter to improve color, add depth of field
 - PhotoFreebies plug-ins for Photoshop
 - Color Efex Pro for Lightroom
 - Field Trip: Alien Skin Case Studies library
 - Scanning Negatives and Slides
 - Layered Screen Captures
 - Hydra HDR Imaging
 - Photographic Multishot Techniques
 - George reviews Photoshop CS4
 - Deke McClelland goes One-on-One with InDesign CS4
 - Photoshop CS4 Companion for Photographers
 - Adobe Photoshop CS4 New Features
 - ImageFramer custom image framing
 - 101 Photoshop Tips in 5 Minutes
 - 7 Point System for Adobe Photoshop CS3
 - Depth of Field or Focus Fall-Off Photoshop Tutorial
 - Easy Photo Fixes with Photoshop
 - Genuine Fractals – Blow up those JPGs
 - Balancing the light in Night Scenes with a single-step lighting adjustment
 - Photoshop and the Motion Blur
 - How to make Photoshop Mirror Reflections
 - Clipping from one, and adding to the other!
 - Creating your own Custom Drop Shadows
 - Creating Black & White from Color
 - How to Save Dark, Underexposed Photos
 - Degrading Color for Hand Tint Look: Gradient Map
 - Photoshop’s “Match Color”
 - Painter: Photo to Woodcut
 - One Photo to Many: Collage Mosaic
 - Using Photoshop with Painter
 - Photoshop Madness: Type & Lettering Tutorial Hell
 - Outlining Type: What’s Right or Wrong
 - Photoshop’s Photo Filter Adjustment Layer
 - Spot Adjustments using a Mask
 - Pop an image out of the border
 - Harrys Filters: collection of 11 freeware plugins with various effect
 - Learning: Separations for Screen Printing
 - Removing Backgrounds and Selecting hair and fine details in Photoshop
 - QuickFix & Color Corrections using Photoshop Elements
 - Photoshop Blending Photos to Sketches
 - Photoshop’s Artistic Watercolor Filter
 - Photoshop: Carved in Wood
 - Photoshop: Changing Colors to show the client the finished lettering job
 - Photoshop: Clipping Path makes a Hole in the Doughnut
 - Photoshop: Saving an old, faded photo
 - Removing Backgrounds 2: Save Shadows
 - Layer Mask: Merging Photos and Making Masks
 - Setting a HEX color for GIF format graphics
 - Photoshop question of the year: Removing White Backgrounds
 - Photoshop: Text Mask to Embossed Watermark for Photos
 - Photoshop: Place an Image into Text

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