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April 8, 2010

InDesign Reference Guide

Here is a InDesign Reference Guide, hosted by Ohio University, that explains various Indesign features and concepts such as palettes, preferences, nonprinting guides and color swatches. Adobe InDesign CS2 is a professional document layout program. It is an excellent application for working with documents that feature complex formatting and/or multiple pages, such as newsletters, resumes, reports, and handouts. Quick layouts for creating magazines, packaging a document, working with fonts, using the story editor, scaling graphics and alignment are also discussed by this tutorial reference. 

InDesign Reference Guide  (14 pages, 282kb)
 - What is Adobe InDesign?
 - To Start Adobe InDesign 
 - Open an Existing Publication
 - Customize InDesign Preferences
 - Using The Toolbox
 - InDesign Palettes
 - Create a New InDesign Publication
 - Modify the Document Setup
 - Nonprinting Guides
 - Zoom Tool
 - Hand Tool
 - Drawn Objects and Frames
 - Corner Effects
 - Stroke and Fill
 - Graphic File Formats
 - Place Graphics
 - Fitting Graphics in Frames
 - Scale Graphics
 - Move Graphics
 - Rotate Graphics
 - Crop Graphics
 - Place Text
 - Thread Text Frames
 - Format Text
 - Story Editor
 - Customize Story Editor Preferences
 - Check Spelling
 - Format Text in Columns
 - Align and Justify Text Vertically
 - Drop Cap
 - Create a Color Swatch
 - Change the Color of Text
 - Preview Mode
 - Save a Publication
 - Undo or Revert
 - Type Text On a Path
 - Apply Effects To Text On a Path
 - Change the Opacity (Transparency)
 - Story Editor
 - Optical Margin Alignment
 - Wrapping Text
 - Apply a Drop Shadow
 - Remove a Drop Shadow
 - Stack Objects
 - Group Objects
 - Pull Quote
 - Add a Stroke (Border) to the Frame
 - Export an Open Document to PDF
 - Packaging a Document
 - High Resolution OU Graphics

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