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March 22, 2010

3 Photoshop Reference Guides

Here are 3 Photoshop Reference Guides, hosted by Ohio University, that delve into the intricacies of working with Photoshop and working with it at basic, intermediate and advanced levels, depending on user experience. Each guide explains and details various Photoshop features, tools and workflows and are designed in such a way to help you easily understand and use them immediately. Each of these Photoshop references is in pdf format.

Photoshop Introduction Reference Guide 19 pages, 994 Kb
This Photoshop tutorial guide starts by introducing Photoshop and its interface, acquainting users with a file’s EXIF information, the File Browser and working with selections

 - Introduction
 - Starting Photoshop
 - Examining Photoshop
 - The File Browser
 - EXIF Information
 - Using Tools
 - Transforming Selections

Intermediate Photoshop Reference Guide 13 pages, 1.04 Mb
This Photoshop tutorial guide is a primer for intermediate users. This guide explains how to create a new image, working with layers, adding text and drawing in Photoshop

 - Building With Layers
 - Creating a New Image
 - Adding Text
 - Drawing with Photoshop
 - The Color Replacement Tool

Advanced Photoshop Reference Guide 14 pages, 975.25 Kb
This Photoshop tutorial guide details some advanced Photoshop features, namely working with masks, channels and resolution.

 - Using Masks
 - Channel Basics
 - Scanning Resolution

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