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March 15, 2010

Photoshop Elements Tutorial

Here is a nice Photoshop Elements Tutorial, at the University of the Incarnate Word. This Photoshop Elements tutorial includes instructions on how to scan images, and will give you insight into techniques for editing graphics using Photoshop Elements. The various scanning processes for different scanners are explained with screenshots. This tutorial teaches various features of Photoshop elements, as listed below, and also provides some tips for editing images in Office. The document is 4.10 Mb in size, is in pdf format, and contains 57 pages.

Photoshop Elements Tutorial
 - Photoshop and Scanners
 - Epson Scanning Basics
 - The HP Scanner
 - Scanning Images
 - Adobe Photoshop Elements
   - The Organizer, Photo Browser View
   - Editing images and graphics
   - Edit Window
   - Quick Fix Window
   - The Photo Organizer Find Menu
   - The Photo Editor
   - Editing Tools and Toolbars
   - The File, Image, and Enhance Editor Menus 
   - Editor Layer, Select, and Filter Menus
   - Editor View and Window Menus
   - Templates
 - Image Editing in Office
   - Screen Captures
   - Pasting Images
   - Resizing
   - Cropping

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