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October 24, 2005

57 More Photoshop Tutorials

Here are 57 more Photoshop Tutorials, from various Photoshop sites. I hope you enjoy these. Interface Wires Wires are all over the place these days… even in interfaces! If used correctly, they can make your interface soar. Learn how to make them here. Remove a object from an image How to remove a person or object from a image. Abstract Techno Exellent effect which can be used in many things such as, sigs, background and abstract art. Photoshop CS Tutorial Photoshop CS works much like an illustration program when working with vector-based shapes. Objects can be scaled up without any degradation at all. Resampling and interpolation are non-considerations. 4:25 Coloring Photographs This tutorial shows you how to change the color of something in your digital image. This technique can be used to get rid of red eye. Crystals A great tutorial which shows one of many ways to make crystals. They can be used for backgrounds, sigs, banners, plus much more. Icicle Text Want to make a picture with that winter feel? Here is a great tutorial which shows how you can add icicles to text, but can be applied to a variety of objects as well. 3D Text An easy and effective tutorial which shows you how to make great, realistic 3D text in photoshop. Color Replacement in Photoshop CS The Color Replacement tool is one of those new tools that doesn’t receive a whole lot of attention in the vast array of new features introduced in Adobe Photoshop CS. ( How to make a smooth wavy selection This Photo tutorial will teach you how to make a smooth wavy selection, also it will teach you how to make any selection with rough corners smoother. Grid pattern Using the pattern described in this tutorial you can draw a straight grid in a few simple steps. Pick a Layer PS 7 Take a look at techniques for navigating your way through Adobe Photoshop’s Layers palette. This movie also delves into the hidden mysteries of the Background layer. Dodge tool This tutorial has complete description of the dodge tool which is useful for photo retouching techniques in Photoshop. Blood splatter text create a blood splatter effect for your text Fading techniques This tutorial will teach you how to create smooth fading pictures. It allows you to seamlessly mix a couple of images together. This technique is useful for web designers and digital photo editors. Water bottle branding a full step by step tutorial creating a spring water logo Free Form Interface Design Learn some of the methods used to create free form skins such as Windows Media Player and Winamp 3/5. Interface Cyber Effect Learn how to do an impressive cyber effect. Great for backgrounds! Exploding Earth Make the world look like its exploding by following this wicked tutorial! Matrix-Style Photos Turn your photos Matrix-Style with this really simple, but good looking tutorial! 3D Spikey Ball Learn how to make a 3d Spike Ball that can be made in less than 30 seconds! Light Blast Text Create a great looking text effect and impress all your friends! Energy Warp Learn how to make an awsome warp effect in 9 easy steps! Sizzling Fire Text Create sizzling fire and still have free time for your TV! MSN Emoticons Create your own versions of those sleek emoticons found in MSN EZ Pixel Bevel Create a Pixel bevel layer style in 30 seconds and use it on whatever you wat, whenever you want! Shiny Text Decorate your text so that it looks very shiny! Using Grayscale Turn your images into grayscale for a different aurora. Comic Text Learn how to make versatile text that looks like text from an old comic book. Plastic Texture Create Plastic in a few seconds! All levels of users can now make great plastic! TV Scanlines Put those scanlines that you have always wanted into your images whenever you want. Stone Text Create simple stone text in a matter of seconds! The Tools A graphic, simple, easy way to learn what all the tools do! “Sunlight” Web Design Tutorial By using some Clouds, Noise, a few adjustment layers, and some ornaments, this tutorial demonstrates how to create a website with a very nice, sparkling, sepia effect. Introduction to Photoshop This introduction lesson covers basic things like concept of layers in Photoshop, how to work with images and text type tools, saving for web… Animated Button Learn how to create animated buttons and graphics using ImageReady. From 3D Max to Photoshop How to save your render and import to photoshop with an alpha channel. Smooth Edges A useful methood to smooth corners and get rid of jagged edges. Photo Adjustment Change a normal photograph into something more. Pixelstretching Learn how to stretch certain parts of an image by defining a pattern. Smooth and highlight A useful method to smooth and highlight your photographs. Pixel border – From PS to layout Learn how to make a pixel border with an iframe. 45° Line Pattern Learn how to make a 45° scan line pattern using Photoshop. Enhancing Digital Photographs Learn how to sharpen, smooth and color your photographs using Photoshop. Photoshop Spot Remover There are times when you need to eliminate discoloration (blemishes, spots, stains, etc.) on your subject while maintaining detail. Here’s an alternative to the Healing Brush that can be much more effective at both maintaining detail and eliminating spots. Gradient Masks in Adobe Photoshop How to create a gradient mask that is fully editable and work for any layer you’d care to apply it to without any tweaking whatsoever. Severed Hand Great for your Hallowen Invites! Perspective Correction Modify the perspective using the Crop Tool Diffusion Glow for dreamy photos 3d Photos Creative Distort Dreamy Photos fairy dust treatment Photoshop Curves basic concepts to help you better understand the Curve Tool Depth of Field Modify the Depth of Fiels using the Extract Filter Bright Eyes Enhance those beautiful eyes From Scanning to Adjusting Image Learn how to correct your scanned photos, and adjusting image quality. Photoshop 7 Tutorials Easy to follow Photoshop 7 Tutorials, watch and listen to a expert guide you through photoshop right from your own computer.

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