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January 30, 2011

2 Excel 2007 Quick Reference Cards

Here are 2 Excel 2007 Quick Reference Cards, covering many of the important features and functionality of Excel that you need to know to start using Excel like an expert or to refer to when you need a little Excel help.

Quick Reference card: Getting Started with Excel 2007

 - Working with Workbooks
 - Entering Data
 - Moving and Copying Cells
 - Entering Formulas
 - Entering Functions
 - Inserting Functions
 - Formatting Cells
 - Merging and Unmerging Cells
 - Inserting Columns or Rows
 - Deleting Columns or Rows
 - Creating Charts
 - Editing a Chart
 - Printing a Worksheet
 - Page Setup Features

Quick Reference card: Doing More with Excel 2007

 - Using AutoFill
 - Setting a Custom Auto-Fill Series
 - Using Paste Special
 - Selecting Non-contiguous Cells
 - Entering the same data in many cells at once
 - Absolute & Relative References
 - Customizing Toolbars
 - Freezing Panes
 - Setting Print Titles and Print Area
 - Controlling Page Breaks
 - Sorting Data
 - Filtering Data

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Photoshop Tutorials from Photoshop Essentials

Photoshop Essentials offers many well written and illustrated Photoshop Tutorials, covering many of Photoshops features and tools needed for creating and editing images. Categories covered by these Photoshop tutorials include basics, photo effects, text effects, digital photo basics, photo editing, Photoshop brushes, and tips and tricks. The first 10 tutorials are listed and linked in each of these areas.

Photoshop Tutorials at

Latest Photoshop Basics Tutorials

 - Get Photos From Camera
 - Photoshop Free Transform Tutorial
 - Transforming Selections Tutorial
 - Quick Selection Tool Tutorial
 - Photoshop Magic Wand Tutorial
 - Photoshop Essential Color Settings
 - Photoshop CS5 Essential Preferences
 - Locate, Preview, Open Images with Mini Bridge In Photoshop CS5
 - Getting Photos From Your Camera With Adobe Bridge CS4
 - Photoshop Brush Dynamics Tutorials
 :: View All Photoshop Basics Tutorials

Latest Photoshop Photo Effects Tutorials

 - Color Grid Design Tutorial
 - Starry Night Sky Tutorial
 - Photoshop Cast Shadow Tutorial
 - Snowflakes Photo Border Tutorial
 - Holiday Greeting Card Photo Border
 - Dead Zone Blur Streaks Effect
 - Water Ripples Effect In Photoshop
 - Add A Realistic Rainbow To A Photo In Photoshop
 - Dancing In The Stars Tutorial
 - Add Bubbles With A Custom Photoshop Bubble Brush
 :: View All Photoshop Photo Effects Tutorials

Latest Photoshop Photo Editing Tutorials

 - Crop, Straighten Scanned Images
 - Photoshop Neutral Gray Tutorial
 - Straighten & Crop With Photoshop CS5
 - Reducing Wrinkles Tutorial
 - CS5 Content Aware Fill Tutorial
 - Photoshop CS5 New Features – Content-Aware Healing
 - Removing Skin Blemishes With The Spot Healing Brush
 - Reducing Noise In Images With Photoshop
 - Changing Eye Color In An Image
 - The Color Replacement Tool In Photoshop
 :: View All Photoshop Photo Editing Tutorials

Latest Photoshop Text Effects Tutorials

 - Metal Text Effect Tutorial
 - Text Perspective Shadow Tutorial
 - Textured Text Effect Tutorial
 - Photoshop Fire Text Tutorial
 - Photoshop Images In Text Tutorial
 - How To Fake Text Wrap In Photoshop
 - Wrap Text Around An Object In 3D In Photoshop
 - Easy Plastic Text Effect With Layer Styles
 - Create A Worn And Torn Text Effect
 - Create A Fragmented Tiles Text Effect
 :: View All Photoshop Text Effects Tutorials

Latest Photoshop Digital Photo Essentials Tutorials

 - JPEG Image Compression Tutorial
 - 16-Bit Image Editing Tutorial
 - Photoshop RGB Color Channels Tutorial
 - Resizing vs Resampling Tutorial
 - Understanding Image Pixels Tutorial
 - Image Quality: Image Resolution, Pixel Dimensions and Document Size
 - Photo Printing: How Image Resolution Affects Print Quality
 - Image Resizing: Resizing Images In Photoshop
 :: View All Digital Photo Essentials Tutorials

Download Free Photoshop Brushes

 - Paint Blotches Photoshop Brushes
 - Rocks And Stones Textures Photoshop Brushes
 - Marks And Scratches Textures Photoshop Brushes
 - Wood Texture Photoshop Brushes
 - Large Butterfly Photoshop Brushes
 - Super Mario Photoshop Brushes
 - The Simpsons Photoshop Brushes
 - World Of Warcraft Brushes
 - Super Mario Photoshop Brushes
:: View All Free Photoshop Brushes

Latest Photoshop Tips and Tricks Tutorials

 - Saving And Reusing Text As A Custom Shape
 - Handy Tricks & Keyboard Shortcuts For Type
 - Make Colorizing An Image With Hue/Saturation Easier
 - Make Layer Styles And Masks Work Together

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January 29, 2011

Word 2007 Quick Reference Card

This is a Word 2007 Quick Reference Card for using Word’s features for longer documents. It covers sections, page numbers, page setup and margins, graphics, styles, the document map, numbered and bulleted lists, footnotes and endnotes, and table of contents. The reference card is one page, 218kb in size, and in pdf format.

Quick Reference card: Long Documents with Word 2007

 - Dividing into Sections
 - Inserting Page Numbers
 - Controlling Page Numbers
 - Page Setup and Margins
 - Graphics
 - Page Borders
 - Styles
 - The Document Map
 - Numbered and Bulleted Lists
 - Footnotes and Endnotes
 - To change footnotes to endnotes
 - Table of Contents

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January 28, 2011

3 PowerPoint 2003 Tutorials

Here are 3 PowerPoint 2003 Tutorials, from Hillsborough College. These are nicely illustrated with screen shots and detailed explanations of the PowerPoint features and topics listed below for each tutorial. They will help you become a more productive PowerPoint 2003 user.

Powerpoint Tutorial 1
(27 pages, 486kb, pdf)

 - Opening PowerPoint
 - Saving a PowerPoint Presentation
 - Slide Set-up
 - Master Slides
 - Slide Design Template
 - Slide Layout Template
 - Views
 - New Slides
 - Text Boxes
 - Font Format
 - Font Alignment
 - Clip Art
 - Pictures
 - Sound from Clip Organizer
 - Sound from File
 - Movie from Clip Organizer
 - Movie from File
 - AutoShapes
 - WordArt

Upon completion of this PowerPoint tutorial, you will be able to:
1. Open and save PowerPoint files;
2. Use the page setup feature;
3. Design a master slide (title master and slide master);
4. Use the slide design templates;
5. Use the slide layout templates;
6. Select various views (normal, slide sorter, slide show);
7. Insert a new slide;
8. Insert a text box;
9. Format font (type, style, size, color, effects, alignment);
10. Insert graphics (clip art and pictures);
11. Insert sound files (from the clip organizer and custom sounds);
12. Insert movie files (from the clip organizer and custom movies);
13. Use autoshapes to create custom graphics;
14. Use WordArt to create custom text.

PowerPoint Tutorial 2
(21 pages, 395kb, pdf)

 - Background Standard and Custom Color
 - Insert Shadow Effects
 - Insert 3-D Effects
 - Insert Fills
 - Line Style
 - Rotate
 - Dash Style
 - Group
 - Order
 - Slide Transition
 - Custom Animation

Upon completion of this module, you will be able to:
1. Apply a standard or custom color, style or picture to selected slides;
2. Apply a slide background color, style, or picture;
3. Apply a texture background to all or select slides;
4. Apply a pattern background to all or select slides;
5. Insert shadow effects to text, shapes, and WordArt;
6. Insert 3-D effects to text, shapes or WordArt;
7. Insert fi lls to text boxes, AutoShapes, WordArt, and Pictures;
8. Apply Line effects to text, shapes, and WordArt;
9. Rotate text, shapes, ClipArt and WordArt;
10. Apply a dash style to text, shapes, and WordArt;
11. Group objects as one piece;
12. Order objects;
13. Create slide transitions;
14. Create custom animations.

PowerPoint Tutorial 3
(13 pages, 314kb, pdf)

 - Action Buttons
 - Action Settings for AutoShapes and Graphics
 - Creating Hyperlinks
 - Print Options
 - Saving Note Files

Upon completion of this module, you will be able to:
1. Insert and hyperlink Action buttons;
2. Create an Action setting where any AutoShape or graphic is “hyperlinked”;
3. Create hyperlinks for text or objects to a file or web page.
4. Print presentation handouts;
5. Print Outlines of a presentation;
6. Save a PowerPoint presentation as an rich text file (rtf).

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January 27, 2011

Excel 2003 Reference Guide

Here is a well written, detailed, and illustrated Excel 2003 Reference Guide. The important features taught by this reference tutorial are listed below. This document will show you how to perform Excel tasks that will help you work with and manage your data, perform math functions and formulas, and do some database functions. (26 pages, 1.1 mb, pdf file)

Contents of Excel 2003 Reference Guide:
 - Working with and Managing Excel Workbooks, Worksheets, and Cells
 - Saving Workbook
 - Changing Options
 - Display Toolbars
 - Entering and Editing Cell Data
 - Controlling Row Height
 - Inserting Cells, Rows. and Columns
 - Selecting with Shift and Control Keys
 - Moving Cells and Worksheets
 - Using other Sheets in the Workbook
 - Page Setup
 - Working with Headers and Footers
 - Excel Help
 - Printing from Excel
 - Templates
 - Autofill b y Example
 - Cell References
 - Excel Formulas
 - Auto Calculate
 - start with page 13, right side

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January 26, 2011

PowerPoint Seminars, Lessons, and Tips

Here are several seminars, lessons, and tips for using PowerPoint for your presentations and making them more effective on your audience. These are all from the the University of Nebraska. These will help you become a better and more productive PowerPoint user.

Seminars: Tips for Effective Presentations
Topics include: text and bullet use, proper color combinations, slide animations and transitions, charts and graphs, and more. These are in Real video format (you will need the free RealPlayer to view the video).

 - Part 1: Presenting your text information (17:56)
 - Part 2: Color and graphics tips (15:39)
 - Part 3: Explanation of digital images – picture resolution and size (11:59)
 - Seminar Handout (1 page, 27kb, pdf)

Graphic Tips for Presentations 
Covers basic guidelines on layout, text, and color as given in the seminar, plus provides guidelines for using Tables, Bar Graphs, Line Graphs, Pie Graphs, Area Charts, and Diagrams and Tips for TV and Streaming Video

Tips for Using PowerPoint
Tips on creating a better slide show, using PowerPoint’s Master View, effectively running a slide show, and more.

Using Images: Select the correct file format and use the proper size
When working with images for PowerPoint, Web, or print use, there are three common graphics file formats to use: GIF, JPEG, and TIFF. Learn the definitions of these formats and guidelines for effective use of images. And a bonus – this tip includes sites that provide free photo images.

Use IrfanView for Simple & Quick Image Editing
IrfanView is a simple and free image editing program that you may want to try. This instructions page covers the basic image editing processes for Web and slide show use, including resizing an image and cropping an image. This page includes a link to the website for downloading the program.

Resolution of Digital Images (web slideshow)
More detailed explanation of resolution, bit depth, file size and color modes than provided in the seminar video. By gaining a better understanding of resolution, bit depth, file size and color modes, you will be able to use images correctly and efficiently in your slide show.

Creating Effective Presentations with PowerPoint
Provides instructions and lessons on effectively and efficiently using the basic and advanced features of PowerPoint.

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January 24, 2011

3 Excel 2007 Training Sessions

Here are 3 Excel 2007 Training Sessions, each providing a Tutorial and Workshop Manual, from Hillsborough Community College. These Excel training sessions provide free learning materials for many important Excel features and functionality. The tutorials and manuals have screen shots to demonstrate each feature taught. The first Excel training session shows how to open and save worksheets, print them, format cells, insert rows and columns, and use and work with formulas and charts. The second Excel training session teaches currency and percent formatting, inserting charts and graphics, using the IF statement, autoformatting a worksheet, conditional formatting of a worksheet, and sharing a worksheet. The third Excel training session demonstrates how to use and work with pivot tables and macros.

Excel Animated Tutorial Excel 1

Unit 1: Navigating Excel 2007
Unit 2: Open, Save
Unit 3: Page Setup and Print
Unit 4: Format Cells
Unit 5: Insert Row, Column or Sheet
Unit 6: Formulas
Unit 7: Charts

Excel Workshop Manual 1
(35 pages, 1.3mb, pdf)

 - Overview
 - Ribbon (Toolbar)
     Home Tab
     Insert Tab
     Page Layout Tab
     Formulas Tab
     Data Tab
     Review Tab
     View Tab
 - Parts of a Worksheet
 - Open an Existing Workbook
 - Save a Workbook
 - Page Setup
 - Print Preview and Print
 - Insert a Row, Column or Worksheet
 - Format a Cell
     Merging Cells
     Text Orientation
     Change the Font
 - Formulas
 - Types of Charts
 - Create a Chart
 - Customize a Chart

Upon completion of Excel training 1, you will be able to:

  1. Use the Office Button and Ribbon tabs;
  2. Know the parts of an Excel worksheet;
  3. Know how to open and save a workbook;
  4. Use the Page Setup Dialog box;
  5. Insert a row, column, or worksheet;
  6. Format a cell;
  7. Change the font type, style, size and color of a cell or range of cells;
  8. Create a border around a range of cells;
  9. Use basic Excel formulas;
  10. Know how to create and customize a chart.

Excel Animated Tutorial 2

Unit 1:  Automatically Number Rows and Sort
Unit 2:  Formatting Cells – Currency & Percent
Unit 3:  Inserting Charts & Graphics
Unit 4:  Create IF Statement
Unit 5:  Insert a Comment
Unit 6:  AutoFormat a Worksheet
Unit 7:  Conditional Format a Worksheet
Unit 8:  Share a Workbook

Excel Workshop Manual 2
(22 pages, 570kb, pdf)

 - Automatically Number Rows
 - Sort the worksheet
 - Format Cells – Currency
 - Format Cells – Percent
 - Insert Tables or Charts into other Office docs
 - Insert Graphics
 - Create IF statement
 - Insert a Comment
 - AutoFormat a Worksheet
 - Conditionally Format a Worksheet
 - Format the Header and Footer
 - Share a Workbook

Upon completion of Excel training 2, you will be able to:
  1. Automatically number rows;
  2. Sort the worksheet;
  3. Format the cells to currency;
  4. Format the cells to percent;
  5. Insert a chart into another Microsoft Offi ce Document;
  6. Insert a graphic into a worksheet;
  7. Create IF Statements;
  8. Insert a comment into a worksheet;
  9. Use autoformat to format the body of a worksheet;
  10. Use conditional formatting to format the body of a worksheet;
  11. Format the header and footer of a worksheet;
  12. Set up a workbook to be shared simultaneously

Excel Animated Tutorial 3

Unit 1: Create a PivotTable
Unit 2: Populate PivotTable with Data
Unit 3: Create a PivotTable Chart
Unit 4: Record and Run a Macro
Unit 5: Create a Macro Shortcut
Unit 6: View Macro in the VB Script Editor 

Excel Workshop Manual 3
(25 pages, 1.0mb, pdf)

 - PivotTable
     Create a PivotTable
     PivotTable Layout Area
     PivotTable Tools Options Tab
     Populate PivotTable with Data
     Change Summary Calculation
     Add Data and Pivot a PivotTable
     Rename Data Headings
     Remove Data from PivotTable
     Report Filter
     Group and View Underlying Data
     Create a Chart
     Format a Report
 - Macros
     Security Setting
     Record and Run a Macro
     Create a Macro Shortcut
     Record a Macro to Alter Format
     View Macro in the VB Script Editor

Upon completion of Excel training 3, you will be able to:
  1. Understand the purpose of a PivotTable;
  2. Choose the correct data source for the PivotTable;
  3. Choose the information desired on the PivotTable;
  4. Modify Pivot Table layout;
  5. Group and view data within a PivotTable;
  6. Create a chart from a PivotTable;
  7. Format a report from a PivotTable;
  8. Understand the purpose of a macro;
  9. Plan and record a macro;
  10. Record a macro;
  11. Run a macro;
  12. Assign a macro to a button.

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January 20, 2011

2 Word 2007 Training Sessions

Here are 2 Word 2007 Training Sessions, each providing a Tutorial and Workshop Manual, from Hillsborough Community College. This Word training offers you a great opportunity to learn and use Word 2007 and its new features and tools, including Tabs, which have replaced Toolbars. The tutorials and manuals include screen shots to help guide you through the material presented. The first Word training session provides an overview of Microsoft Word 2007 including new features and tab functions. The second Word training session will teach you how to create Form Templates, Mail Merges, and Tables using Microsoft Word 2007.

Word Animated Tutorial 1

Upon completion of the Word tutorial 1, you will be able to:

  1. Identify the new features of Word 2007
  2. Convert a Word document created in an earlier version of Word to be compatible with Word 2007
  3. Understand and be able to use the Office Button
  4. Understand and be able to use the Quick Access Toolbar
  5. Identify the Word 2007 tabs
  6. Identify the groups and functions of each Word 2007 tab
Word Workshop Manual 1 
(24 pages, 1.2mb, pdf)

 - Introduction to MS Word 200
 - Document icon and name; Office Button
 - Compatibility Mode
 - Quick Access Toolbar
 - Home Tab
 - Insert Tab
      Header & Footer
 - Page Layout Tab
      Page Setup
      Page Background
 - References Tab
 - Mailings Tab
 - Review Tab
 - View Tab
      Document Views 
 - Zoom
 - Final Activity

Word training manual 1 objectives:
  1. Describe basic changes between Word 2003 and Word 2007
  2. Identify and utilize the Office Button
  3. Identify and utilize the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)
  4. Identify and utilize the groups and commands included in the Home Tab
  5. Identify and utilize the groups and commands included in the Insert Tab
  6. Identify and utilize the groups and commands included in the Page Layout Tab
  7. Identify the References Tab
  8. Identify the Mailings Tab
  9. Identify and utilize the Proofing group commands included in the Review Tab
  10. Identify and utilize the Document Views commands and the Zoom commands included in the View Tab

Word Animated Tutorial 2

Upon completion of the Word tutorial 2, you will be able to:
  1. Create a form template
  2. Add user fields to the form template
  3. Create a mail merge using letters and an existing database
  4. Insert new tables
  5. Change table properties

Word Workshop Manual 2 
(24 pages, 949kb, pdf)

 - Module 1 Review
 - Creating Forms
 - Creating and Using Tables
 - Mail Merge
 - Final Activity

Word training manual 2 objectives:
  1. Use the basic functions of Microsoft Word 2007 (Home Tab, Insert Tab, Page Layout Tab) to create and use documents;
  2. Create a form template;
  3. Add form functions and protection to a form template;
  4. Set-up a mail merge using a letter document and an Excel data source;
  5. Use the tools introduced in this training module to create new and modify existing documents.

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January 19, 2011

2 Outlook 2007 Training Sessions

These are 2 Outlook 2007 Training Sessions, each with a Tutorial and a Workshop Manual, from Hillsborough Community College. This Outlook training provides detailed explanations and are illustrated with screen shots to help you master Outlook’s important features and functionality. The first two links make up the Outlook 1 training session as an animated Outlook tutorial and a workbook manual in pdf format. The second two comprise the Outlook 2 training and are in the same formats. Also available is a how-to video for Sharing an Outlook Distribution List.

Outlook Animated Tutorial 1

Part 1: Layout & Navigation for Outlook 2007
Part 2: Tabs & Ribbons including Contextual Tools, Dialogue Box Launcher
Part 3: Toolbars & Options including MS Office Button, Quick Access Toolbar (QAT), Messages
Part 4: Insert & View including Attachments, Insert Tab, Create E-Mail Signature
Part 5: New Contacts & Distribution Lists
Part 6: Test for knowledge to qualify and receive Outlook I certificate of completion

Outlook Workshop Manual 1  (26 pages, 1.86mb, pdf)

 - Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 
 - The New Outlook Environment
 - The Office Outlook Window
 - Navigation Pane
 - To-Do Bar
     – Activity 1
 - Ribbon
 - Contextual Tools
 - Dialogue Box Launcher
 - Microsoft Office Button
 - Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)
 - Open/Read E-Mail Message
 - Create/Send New Message
     – Activity 2
 - Insert Tab
 - View/Send Attachments
 - Create E-Mail Signature
    – Activity 3
 - New Contact
 - Distribution Lists
 - Basic Keyboard Shortcuts in Outlook 2007
    – Final Activity

Outlook Training 1 Tutorial and Manual Objectives:
At the end of Access 1 training, you should be able to:

  1. Start and Quit Microsoft Office Outlook 2007;
  2. Describe the new Outlook 2007 Environment;
  3. Identify and use all elements of the Main screen;
  4. Use and modify the Navigation Pane;
  5. Use and modify the To-Do Bar;
  6. Locate and use Tabs, Groups and Commands in Outlook 2007 ;
  7. Use Contextual Tools;
  8. Locate and use the Dialogue Box Launcher;
  9. Locate and use the Microsoft Office Button;
  10. Locate and Customize the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT);
  11. Open/Read e-mail Message;
  12. Preview Attachments to a message received
  13. Describe differences between Reply and Reply All;
  14. Create/Send New Message;
  15. Attach a file to an e-mail message;
  16. Spell check an e-mail message;
  17. Apply special options to an e-mail message;
  18. Locate and use the Insert Tab;
  19. Create a personal Signature;
  20. Locate and use the Format Tab;
  21. Create a new Contact in the Contact List;
  22. Create a Distribution List;
  23. Identify Basic Keyboard Shortcuts for Outlook 2007.

Outlook Animated Tutorial 2

Part 1: Customize Your Workspace
Part 2: Folders & Flags including Creation and Categorizing
Part 3: Sorting & Out of Office Assistant including Grouping and Options Tab
Part 4: Calendar including Tasks & Lists, Sharing, Appointments, Meeting Requests
Part 5: Instant Search & Outlook Help
Part 6: Test for knowledge to qualify and receive Outlook II certificate of completion

Outlook Workshop Manual 2
(26 pages, 1.86mb, pdf)

 - Overview
     – Pre-Requisite Activity
 - Personalize Your Workspace
     – Increase Workspace
     – Activity 1
 - Managing Messages
     – Create Folders
     – Categorize Messages
     - Flag Messages
     - Update Outlook 2003 Flags to Color Categories
     - Sort Messages
     - Group Messages
     - Options Tab
     - Request Message Receipts
     - Activity 2
     – Out of Office Assistant
 - The Calendar Environment
 - Time Management
     - Daily Tasks and To-Do Lists
     - Sharing Calendars
     - Calendar Sharing via E-Mail
     - Create Appointment
     - Respond to Meeting Request
 - Instant Search
 - Outlook Help
     – Final Activity

Outlook Training 2 Tutorial and Manual Objectives:
At the end of Access 2 training, you should be able to:
  1. Perform skills covered in Outlook module one;
  2. Manage and manipulate the Workspace layout and appearance;
  3. Create, manage and organize Folders;
  4. Sort, manage and categorize messages;
  5. Request Message and Read receipts;
  6. Identify and use the Search feature;
  7. Set up and manage automatic message replies;
  8. Apply rules to messages and calendars;
  9. Identify parts and features of the Outlook calendar;
  10. Explore various Calendar views;
  11. Use and Customize the Calendar;
  12. Create and work with Appointments, Events, and Meeting Requests;
  13. Respond to Meeting Requests;
  14. Create and work with Tasks;
  15. Customize Toolbars, Menu Bars and Calendar Properties;
  16. Share Calendar information and apply Permission levels;
  17. Define and know how to download Instant Search component;
  18. Use the Outlook help feature.

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Beginning Photoshop CS4 Tutorial

Here is an introductory Photoshop CS4 Tutorial, hosted by Hillsborough Community College. This Photoshop tutorial provides step-by-step details for getting started using Photoshop, how to use the interface, and how to modify images. Also available is this help sheet for the Basics of Photoshop Elements (1 page, 124bk, pdf) which shows how to open a file, resize an image, and save an image. Adobe Photoshop’s user interface and overall functionality is consistent with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe ImageReady, and other products in the Adobe Creative Suite.

Photoshop CS4 Tutorial
  (29 pages, 128mb, pdf)

 - 1: Getting Started
 - 2: Interface Layout
 - 3: Palettes 
 - 4: Toolbox
 - 5: Selection Tools
 - 6: Alteration Tools
 - 7: Drawing and Selection Tools
 - 8: Assisting Tools
 - 9: Color Boxes and Modes
 - 10: Basic Image Editing
 - 11: Cropping
 - 12: Resizing
 - 13: Correcting
 - 14: Sharpening/Softening
 - 15: Saving

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January 18, 2011

2 Access 2007 Training Sessions

Here are 2 great Access 2007 Training Sessions with Tutorials and Workshop Manuals, from the Hillsborough Community College. This freely available Access training gives you step-by-step instructions and are illustrated with screen shots to show and guide you through the many features and topics of Access. The first two links make up the Access 1 training session as an animated Access tutorial and a workbook manual in pdf format. The second two comprise the Access 2 training and are in the same formats.

Access Animated Tutorial 1

 - Unit 1: Database structure and terminology
 - Unit 2: Create a new database and a table
 - Unit 3: Enter data
 - Unit 4: Data types
 - Unit 5: Insert and delete fields
 - Unit 6: Forms and Split Forms

Access Workshop Manual 1 (28 pages, 1.6mb, pdf)

 - Objectives
 - Database Structure
 - Database Terminology
 - Relationships
 - Create a New Database
 - Access 2007 Tour and Features
 - Create a Table in Datasheet View
 - Edit a Table in Design View
 - Save a Table
 - Enter Data
 - Data Types 
 - Use Input Mask Wizard
 - Data Type: Yes/No
 - Data Type: Lookup Wizard
 - Insert and Delete Fields
 - Set a Primary Key
 - Form Wizard
 - Split Form

Access Training 1 Tutorial and Manual Objectives:
At the end of Access 1 training, you should be able to:

  1. Create a new database;
  2. Create tables for data entry in datasheet view and design view;
  3. Enter data into a table;
  4. Use, understand, and set data types: text, memo, number, currency, date/time, autonumber, yes/no, lookup wizard;
  5. Insert and delete a row and a field;
  6. Create and delete a primary key;
  7. Create a form using the Wizard tool;
  8. Create a split form.

Access Animated Tutorial 2

 - Unit 1: Import and Export Data
 - Unit 2: Create a Query
 - Unit 3: Modify a Query
 - Unit 4: Text Data Criteria and Wildcards in a Query
 - Unit 5: Number Criteria and Comparisons
 - Unit 6: Aggregate Functions in a Query
 - Unit 7: Create a Report

Access Workshop Manual 2 (pages, 2.1mb, pdf)

 - Objectives
 - Import a Table from Excel
 - Export an Access Table to Excel
 - Create a Query
 - Query
      Text Data Criteria
      Field Not in Result
      Comparison And
      Comparison Or
 - Aggregate Functions
      Avg (Average)
 - Parameters and the Between Operator
 - Report Wizard
 - Modify a Report
 - Insert Images into a Form or Report
 - Resize Images in a Form or Report

Access Training 2 Tutorial and Manual Objectives:
At the end of Access 2 training, you should be able to:
  1. Import a table from Excel;
  2. Export an Access table to Excel;
  3. Create a query;
  4. Sort fields in a query;
  5. Show fields in a query;
  6. Run a query using wildcards;
  7. Run a query for fields not in result;
  8. Run a query for a number value;
  9. Run a query using the comparison criteria “And”;
  10. Run a query using the comparison criteria “Or”;
  11. Understand the purpose of Aggregate Functions;
  12. Create and run a query using count;
  13. Create and run a query using average;
  14. Create and run a query using the parameter between;
  15. Insert and resize a graphic/image;
  16. Create and Modify a Report.

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46 eBooks, Tools and Scripts for Web Marketing and Design

For those looking to increase their web marketing and web development skills, here are 46 eBooks, Tools and Scripts from two different web marketing/development sites. These cover development technologies (HTML, Javascript, Flash, PHP, Web Design) and marketing ebooks and tools to increase your web presence and revenue.

Way Creative Media provides these 32 web design, development, and marketing ebooks and tutorials:

HTML Guide
HTML Course
HTML Security Report
Javascript Book
Flash Web Applications
Cold Fusion MX Creating Web Service
PHP Manual
CGI Programming
Graphics and Webpage Design
Web Page Design
How to Create Adobe PDF Files for eBooks
Service Sellers Masters Course
Inside the Minds of Winners
Instant Internet Empires
Web Development Tools Guide
Certificate Of Reprint And Duplication Rights
Secret Ebay Marketing
1001 Newbie-Friendly Tips
Ezine Empire
Marketing Miracle
Web Marketing Explained
The Greatest Marketing Secrets of the Ages
Saving Money On Rights
The Perpetual Traffic Generator Manual
Wake Em Up
Ezine Ad Profits
Pay Per Text
Getting your business online
Internet Marketing and Web Site Promotion
99 Sites you should bookmark
Make your content presell
eBay Secrets

Azam Marketing offers 7 Free Webmaster Tools, Scripts and eBooks and 7 more on this page. Here are the names of 7 of them:

 - Profitable Keywords
 - Website Audio Player
 - The AdSense Report
 - Make Your Ebook Sell Like Crazy
 - Marketing Toolkit
 - Secrets of Top Affiliate Marketers
 - 10 Simple Steps To Authoring A Best Seller

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January 17, 2011

2 Dreameaver CS3 ebooks

Here are 2 Dreamweaver CS3 ebooks, one includes material on learning how to use Dreamweaver with CSS, Ajax, and PHP. These ebooks are in pdf format. These will help you to use Dreamweaver for effectively and build more attractive web pages and sites.

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January 15, 2011

36 CSS Tutorials

Here are developertutorials’ 36 CSS Tutorials that teach and show you how to effectively use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) in your web pages and sites. CSS topics covered include disabling buttons and text boxes, tabbed navigation, cursors, absolute positioning, text sizing, tableless site, alternate stylesheets, link styles and colors, page scrollbar styles, hover link text, layered sub-menus, backgrounds, CSS with forms, and CSS selectors.

36 CSS Tutorials:

 - Styling Disabled Buttons / Disabled Text Boxes in CSS
 - Four CSS Tricks Every PHP / Web Developer Should Know
 - Planning Your Stylesheet – The Definitive Guide
 - CSS Shorthand Properties
 - Print Stylesheet – The Definitive Guide
 - An Introduction to CSS
 - Overlapping tabbed navigation in CSS
 - Cascading Style Sheets – CSS
 - Create a Stretchable Elastic Website with Absolute Positioning
 - CSS Cursors
 - Fluidity and Text Sizing
 - Creating Tableless Sites – Why and Some Basics
 - Creating Rollover Effect Using CSS List Menus
 - CSS Browser Detection – The Complete Guide
 - How to Position Text and Images Exactly
 - Alternate Stylesheets
 - Creating and Linking External CSS files
 - Having Different Link Colors on One Page
 - Fixed Image Background for a page
 - Links and Styles
 - Changing Table Background on MouseOver
 - Remove Underlines from Links
 - Define Page Scrollbar Styles
 - No Print Script
 - CSS – Maximum benefits
 - Fun with Hover Link Text
 - Making Your Own Layered Sub-Menus
 - Create Cascading Style Sheet – CSS backgrounds
 - Designing Consistent Form Field Sizes
 - CSS & Round Corners: Making Accessible Menu Tabs
 - Applying CSS to Forms
 - Use Cascading Style Sheets Selectors
 - Cascading Style Sheets (CSS); Backgrounds (2 of 2)
 - Cascading Style Sheets (CSS); Backgrounds (1 of 2)
 - Cascading Style Sheets (CSS); Learning More
 - Cascading Style Sheets (CSS); Getting Started

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Office 2003 Tutorials – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher

Here are lots of Office 2003 tutorials for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher, from the University of Wisconsin. The areas and features covered for each application for shown below.

Office 2003 Tutorials:

Word 2003 Tutorials
Word basics, Bullets & Numbers, Using Outlining, Organizing Information with Word Tables, Inserting Fields and Text, Using Word Styles, Working Collaboratively, AutoText and AutoCorrect, Automating Your Work, Labels and Envelopes, Mail Merge and Form Letters, Customizing Word, Working with Word Forms, Inserting Clip Art, and Miscellaneous Word Features

Excel 2003 Tutorials
Working with Excel, Printing with  Excel, Special Features, Working with the Database Feature, Managing Your Excel Worksheet, Charting with Excel, Favorite Excel Functions, Excel Gradebook, and Inserting Clip Art

PowerPoint 2003 Tutorials
PowerPoint Background Information, PowerPoint Basics, Working with Objects, Customizing PowerPoint, PowerPoint Diagrams, More PowerPoint Features, Viewing Online Presentations, and Inserting Clip Art

Publisher 2003 Tutorials
Getting Started with Publisher, Publisher Basics, Layout Solutions, Working with Graphics in Publisher, Automating Your Work, Inserting Clip Art, and Help with Publisher

Common Office 2003 Features
General Office Features, Customizing Office 2003, Clip Art, WordArt, and Drawing.

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15 Flash Tutorials

Here are 15 Flash Tutorials at that show you how to create better and more compelling Flash animations and also how to optimize Flash pages for SEO.

15 Flash Tutorials:

SEO: How to optimize Flash pages (Part II)
SEO: How to optimize Flash pages (Part I)
Flash Momentum Tutorial
Flash Race Car Tutorial
Customized Cursor in Flash
How to Change the Movie Visibility Using Action Script
Changing Colors for the Flash Movie
Using Symbols in Flash
Customized Right Click Menu in Flash
Creating a Professional Looking Animated Preloader
Flash 5 Tutorial
Flash MX 2004 Layers and Animation Explained
Building Easy Text or Images Scrolling with Flash MX 2004
Using the Flash Toolbar

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January 14, 2011

63 Photoshop Tutorials

Here are 63 Photoshop Tutorials, from These tutorials cover the latest versions of Photoshop, along with some older versions near the bottom of the linked list below. Features and tools covered by these Photoshop tutorials include lighting effects, text effects, logo design, Photoshop and XHTML, designing WordPress themes, keyboard shortcuts, pen tool, brush tool, and scripting in Photoshop.

63 Photoshop Tutorials:

Photoshop Tutorial: Create a Colorful Explosion Retro Inspired Design
Create a Cool Grunge Wallpaper with Photoshop
Create a Fresh Nature-Themed Wallpaper Using Photoshop
Lost in Space Typography in Photoshop
10 Cool Photoshop Gold Text Effects Tutorials
Easy Star Light in Photoshop
Glowing and Sparkling Intense Light 3D Logo
Awesome Milk Typography Effect in Photoshop
Page 3: 101 of the Most Amazing Photoshop Lighting Effects Tutorials
Page 2: 101 of the Most Amazing Photoshop Lighting Effects Tutorials
101 of the Most Amazing Photoshop Lighting Effects Tutorials
15 Awesome Photoshop Movie Poster Tutorials
OSX Photoshop Alternative Round-Up
Quick Photoshop Lighting Tips for Photographers
Smart Objects and Filters for Smart Designs
The Fundamentals of Strong Logo Design
The 10 Biggest Brands in Design Blogs (Part 2)
The 10 Biggest Brands in Design Blogs (Part 1)
Grunge Tables with Photoshop and XHTML (Part 4)
Grunge Tables with Photoshop and XHTML (Part 3)
Grunge Tables with Photoshop and XHTML (Part 2)
Grunge Tables with Photoshop and XHTML (Part 1)
Eight Ways to Turn Photoshop Designs Into Web Pages
The Tutorial for all Tutorials
Designing and Coding a WordPress Theme From Scratch (Part 10)
Designing and Coding a WordPress Theme From Scratch (Part 9)
Art Supplies for the Photoshop Guy
Designing and Coding a WordPress Theme From Scratch (Part 7)
Designing and Coding a WordPress Theme From Scratch (Part 5)
Designing and Coding a WordPress Theme From Scratch (Part 4)
Designing and Coding a WordPress Theme From Scratch (Part 3)
Designing and Coding a WordPress Theme From Scratch (Part 2)
Designing and Coding a WordPress Theme From Scratch (Part 1)
Five Point Form: Mastering Professionalism as a Freelance Designer
20 Time Saving Keyboard Shortcuts for Photoshop
Understanding Scripting in Photoshop
Color Proofing Photoshop
Creating Energy Spheres in Photoshop
Creating a Realistic Sun in Photoshop
5 Tips for Photoshop Efficiency
Photoshop “Inferno” Typography Tutorial
Photoshop Indiana Jones Poster Tutorial
Photoshop Plasma TV Design Tutorial
Designing a Black Zune 2 in Photoshop
Design a Cool Old Book with Photoshop
Making a Cool Anime Header in Photoshop
Making Your Own Watermark with Photoshop
Minimize, Colorize and Bodypaint a Supercar
Candy Coated Photoshop Tutorial
Photoshop Tutorial: Reflective Eye
Making a Seamless Granite Background From a Photo in Photoshop
Design a Print Ready Valentine’s Day Postcard
Making a Seamless Parchment Paper Background
Create a Sony Playstation 3 in Photoshop
Creating a Custom MP3 Player with Photoshop
Using Gaussian Blur to Add a Sense of Depth to Your Second Life Snapshots
Web 2.0 Style Button
Marquee Based Selection
Seamless Backgrounds with Photoshop
Digitally Coloring Hair with Photoshop
What is New in Photoshop CS2
Introduction to Photoshop
Drawing a Wavy Image using Pen Tool
Create Realistic Smoke in Photoshop
Creating your own Action and Droplets for Repeating Tasks
Installing Brush Sets in Photoshop
Create Surreal Images with Photoshop
Outline Text in Photoshop
Photoshop Rock Text Effect
Glow Text Effect in Photoshop
Flashy Text Effect
Extracting Objects in Photoshop
Psychedellic Brush in Photoshop
Creating a Star Brush in Photoshop
Creating a Vignette Effect in Photoshop
Creating Gel Text in Photoshop
Photoshop Extract Dialog Panel
Re-arranging Brushes in Photoshop

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January 12, 2011

2 Sharepoint 2007 Books

Here are a majority of chapters from two Sharepoint 2007 Books that are freely available on google books. Sharepoint is an integrated application or that connects people, information, processes, and systems both within and beyond the organizational firewall. The first book below will show what you can do using Sharepoint and how it will increase your group’s productivity, and the second book teaches you how to setup and administer Sharepoint for collaboration among your associates.

Essential SharePoint 2007: Delivering High-Impact Collaboration

This is an overview of what Sharepoint does and doesn’t do; it discusses collaboration solutions and presents many useful ideas on how to deploy business-specific solutions using Sharepoint. It is more of a “what it is” than “how to do it” book, and gives a more business than technical perspective.

 - Ensuring Success
 - HighImpact Collaboration
 - Collaboration
 - Consistency
 - Key Points
 - Whats New?
 - Planning Your Information Architecture
 - Disaster Recovery Planning Sites Blogs and Wikis
 - Sites Blogs and Wikis
 - Documents
 - Records Management
 - Web Content Management
 - Office SharePoint Designer 207
 - InfoPath 2007
 - Creating Web Forms
 - Offline Options for MOSS 2007
 - Appendix A SharePoint User Tasks
 - Index 

Sharepoint 2007: the Definitive Guide

This book shows administrators of all levels how to get up and running with SharePoint Services in Office 2007. It provides a detailed discussion of all Sharepoint features, applications and extensions. You will find out how to build Sharepoint sites and how to administer, secure, and extend them, including techniques to create lists, libraries, discussions and surveys, integrate email, use web parts, track changes, and use database reporting services.

 - Chapter 1 Introducing Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 200
 - Chapter 2 Changes in the WSS Architecture
 - Chapter 3 Installing SharePoint 2007
 - Chapter 4 Configuring a Multiserver Farm
 - Chapter 5 Designing SharePoint Sites
 - Chapter 7 Applying Templates Page Layoutsand Themes
 - Chapter 8 Creating Web Parts
 - Chapter 9 Creating and Managing Document Workspaces and Libraries
 - Chapter 10 Creating and Managing Meeting Workspaces
 - Chapter 11 Creating and Managing Discussions
 - Chapter 12 Creating and Managing SharePoint Groups and Users
 - Chapter 13 Creating and Managing Picture Libraries
 - Chapter 14 Creating and Managing Lists
 - Chapter 15 Business Intelligence and SharePoint
 - Chapter 16 Sharing Contacts and Meetings with Outlook
 - Chapter 17 Creating Editing and Managing Word Documents with SharePoint
 - Chapter 18 Creating Editing and Managing Excel Documents with SharePoint
 - Chapter 19 Creating in SharePoint Designer 2007
 - Chapter 20 InfoPath and SharePoint Chapter 21 Designing SharePoint My Sites
 - Chapter 22 Applying Security to Your SharePoint Site
 - Chapter 24 Upgrading from SharePoint Portal Server 2003
 - Chapter 25 Using ServerSide and ClientSide Web Parts
 - Chapter 26 Using SharePoint Web Services
 - Chapter 28 Using the SharePoint Object Model
 - Chapter 29 Web Content Management
 - Index

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70 Adobe Acrobat Tutorials

Here are 36 Adobe Acrobat 9 Tutorials and 34 Acrobat 8 Tutorials, from the University of Wisconsin. These tutorials teach the following Acrobat features: searching, printing, creating a pdf file, page thumbnails, bookmarks, text editing, comment and markups, spell checking, redacting, pdf forms, tabbing order, submit button, and capturing data.

Acrobat 9 Tutorials:


Creating PDF Files

Annotating a PDF File

Using the Redaction Tools

PDF Forms

Acrobat 8 Tutorials:

Creating PDF Files

Annotating a PDF File

PDF Forms

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January 11, 2011

69 Tutorials for InDesign CS3 and CS2

Here are some good InDesign Tutorials, 38 for InDesign CS3 and 31 for InDesign CS2. Adobe InDesign CS3 is a professional document layout program. It is excellent for working with documents that feature complex formatting and/or multiple pages, such as newsletters, resumes, reports, and handouts. These tutorials cover and demonstrate many of the features you need to understand well in order to use this document layout application from Adobe, such as the InDesign Dock and Toolbox, adding and editing text, type specifications, text frames, bullets and numbered lists, character formatting, tabs, master pages, text wrapping, drawing and manipulating objects, inline and independent graphics, layers, styles, jump lines, and templates.

38 InDesign CS3 Tutorials:

Getting Started with InDesign

InDesign Basics

Layout Solutions

Working with Graphics
in InDesign

Automating Your Work

31 InDesign CS2 Tutorials

Getting Started with InDesign
InDesign Basics

Layout Solutions

Working with Graphics
in InDesign

Automating Your Work

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