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September 30, 2010

17 Microsoft Publisher Tutorials

Here are 17 Microsoft Publisher Tutorials, hosted at agileconcepts. Included here are 4 beginning, 11 intermediate, and 2 advanced Publisher tutorials. These are in Word docx format.

4 Beginning Publisher 2007 Tutorials:
(docx) Using Dropped Capital Letters at the Beginning of an Article

(docx) Getting started with Creating, Printing and Shareing your Publications in Publisher

(docx) Publisher 2007 Overview

(docx) How to Use Text Boxes for more Interesting Layouts

11 Intermediate Publisher 2007 Tutorials

(docx) How to Best Add and Delete Pages, including Master Pages

(docx) Detailed Instructions for Adding, Removing, and Modifying Borders

(docx) Using the Format Dialog Box

(docx) Grouping Objects so you can Resize and Position them Together

(docx) Make an Image Transparent or Opaque

(docx) Mail Merge in Publisher, including Recipient List Management

(docx) Use Pictures to Create Watermarks

(docx) How to Rotate and Flip Objects

(docx) Setting Margins for Pages and Text Boxes

(docx) Create Text Box Columns

(docx) Working with Images in Publisher

2 Advanced Publisher 2007 Tutorials:

(docx) Using Alternate File Formats such as PDF or XPS in Publisher

(docx) Connecting Multiple Text Boxes for Flowing Text

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September 15, 2010

5 Project 2007 Training Tutorials

Here are 5 Project 2007 Training Tutorials, located at agileconcepts. All of these are in pptx Powerpoint format. These MS Project learning tutorials will show you how to work with lag/lead times, task dependencies, creating a web page of your project, and copying your project information to other Office applications.

3 Beginning Project 2007 Tutorials:

(pptx) Learn How to Create Lag Time and Lead Time in your projects

(pptx) Creating task Dependency Links so Project Tasks are in a Locked Order

(pptx) How to Use Dependency Links to Adjust the Schedule when your Plan changes

2 Intermediate Project 2007 Tutorials:

(pptx) Copying your Project Information to a Web Page

(pptx) How to Copy your Project information to an Office application

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September 13, 2010

7 Visio 2007 Training Tutorials

Here are 7 Visio 2007 Training Tutorials, located at agileconcepts. All of these are in pptx Powerpoint format. These will help you work with and use Shapes and Text in Visio.

4 Beginning Visio 2007 Tutorials:

(pptx) Learn what Shapes are, How Visio uses them, and the Types of Shapes available

(pptx) How to Get Shapes and Use Pictures

(pptx) How to Add and Edit Text in Single and Grouped Shapes

(pptx) How to Position Text and Use the Text Block Tool

3 Intermediate Visio 2007 Tutorials:

(pptx) How to Group Shapes and Modiry a Shape in a Group

(pptx) How to Position Shapes and use AutoConnect, Grids and Rulers

(pptx) How to Stack Shapes to Relate Shapes and Change the Stacking Order

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