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July 26, 2010

33 PowerPoint 2007 Training Tutorials

Here are 33 well written PowerPoint 2007 Training Tutorials, hosted by AgileConcepts. These free PowerPoint training materials are in Word (docx), PowerPoint (pptx), and Windows Media (wmv) file formats. They consist of 15 beginning and 18 intermediate tutorials, all of which will give you a great training opportunity for many important PowerPoint features. Some of these include using and working with: backgrounds, themes, importing slides, automatic formatting, templates, picutures, smartart graphics, tables, outlines, animation, presenation layouts, and music and sound. You can also use the search form to help you find what features and tasks you need to learn and use.

15 Beginning PowerPoint 2007 Tutorials:
(wmv) New Features in PowerPoint 2007
(pptx) What’s New in PowerPoint2007: the Ribbon and more
(pptx) Create your Presentation Slides
(docx) Adding Backgrounds to your Slide Presentation
(docx) Adjusting Indents or Tab Stops in Lists
(docx) Applying Themes in PowerPoint
(docx) Change Starting Slide Number in your Presentation
(docx) Importing and Adding Slides from other Presentations
(docx) Using Automatic Formatting as you type in PowerPoint.
(docx) Using Templates to Fomat your Presentations
(pptx) Insert, Crop, and Format Pictures into your Slide Show
(pptx) How to Apply Themes, Insert Pictures, and Arrance Slide Elements
(pptx) Proof, Print, and Prep your Slide Show
(pptx) Tips for Working in the new PowerPoint
(pptx) Working with the New File Format

18 Intermediate PowerPoint 2007 Tutorials:
(docx) Guide to Customizing and Changing the Look of PowerPoint Tables
(docx) How to Import Outlines into your Presentations from Word and other apps
(docx) Adding, Modifying, and Deleting Tables in PowerPoint Slides
(docx) Adding Tables to PowerPoint Slides
(docx) Moving and Resizing PowerPoint Tables
(docx) Using the Format Painter to Copy from one slide to another
(pptx) How to Style, Polish, and Update your Graphics
(docx) Saving and Reusing SmartArt Graphics
(docx) Use Pictures and SmartArt Graphics to your Presentation
(docx) Create and Use SmartArt Graphics
(pptx) Creating SmartArt Graphics: Edit Text and Shapes
(docx) When Should you Use SmartArt Graphics
(pptx) SmartArt Graphic Types
(wmv) Using Animation in your Slides to Gain Attention
(pptx) Build and Customomize your Presentation Layouts
(pptx) How Themes Word and How to Customize them
(pptx) Playing Music from a CD
(pptx) How to Insert and Play Sound Files

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July 2, 2010

55 Excel 2007 Training Tutorials

Here are 55 great Excel 2007 Training Tutorials, hosted by AgileConcepts. These include 11 Excel 2007 Video Training Modules. These free Excel training materials are in Word (docx), PowerPoint (pptx), and Windows Media (wmv) file formats. Included are18 beginning, 24 intermediate, and 13 advanced tutorials, all of which provide an excellent overview and learning opportunity for mostl of Excel’s important features and tools, from the very beginning to more advanced topics, including charting, pivot tables, formulas, functions, sorting, and filtering. You can also use the search form to help you find what features and tasks you are looking to learn more about.

18 Beginning Excel 2007 Tutorials:
(docx) Display or Hide Chart Gridlines
(docx) Change a Chart Type
(docx) Changing the font face and size in Excel
(wmv) Creating Charts- visualize raw data in an attractive format
(docx) Creating or deleting Formulas
(docx) Define Worksheet Print Area
(docx) Designing effective Cell Styles in Excel 2007
(pptx) Editing Data, Remove Formatting, and Revise Worksheets
(pptx) Entering Text, Number and Date data into Cells
(wmv) Hiding and Unhiding Rows
(pptx) Introduction to Excel, Create a Worksheet and Workbook
(docx) Print and Adjust Gridlines in aWorksheet
(docx) Set Worksheet Page Margins
(docx) Using Automatic Formatting to format text as you type.
(docx) Using Chart Templates
(pptx) What’s new in Excel 2007: Ribbon, New Commands, and other New Features
(docx) Working with Gridlines
(pptx) Worksheet basics: Format data, Create Columns and Footers, and Printing

24 Intermediate Excel 2007 Tutorials:
(pptx) Calculate Dates using Formulas
(docx) Changing Cell Styles in Excel
(docx) Converting Numbers Stored as Text into Actual Numbers.
(docx) Copying Excel Data to PowerPoint
(docx) Copying Excel Data to Word
(docx) Create a Chart in Excel
(docx) Create conditional formulas
(docx) How to Create and Customize Charts
(pptx) Creating Charts – customize charts and use charting tools
(pptx) Customizing Charts – formatting titles and columns
(docx) Filter data in a range or table
(wmv) Freezing and unfreezing Panes of Rows and Columns
(docx) Guidelines and examples for Sorting and Filtering Data by Color and Icons
(pptx) How Excel Handles and Stores Dates
(pptx) Introduction to Excel Formulas, totaling values
(docx) Insert and Modify Page Breaks in Worksheets
(docx) Reapply a Filter and Sort
(pptx) Simplify Formulas by using Functions
(docx) Sort Data in a Range or Table
(docx) Ten Ways to Clean Up Your Data
(pptx) The new Excel file format
(pptx) How to Use Cell References in Formulas
(docx) Using Chart Template to create publication-ready Charts
(docx) Using the Format Painter to copy formatting from one section of worksheet to another

13 Advanced Excel 2007 Tutorials:
(pptx) Calculations in Excel Services
(docx) Combining Text and Numbers in Excel
(docx) Conditional Formatting in Excel
(docx) Excel 2007 Worksheet Functions, by category
(pptx) Excel Services control content that users can see
(pptx) Exporting to a SharePoint site
(docx) Filter by using  Criteria
(pptx) How to create PivotTables, how they work and why they are needed
(docx) Summary of PivotTable Functions
(docx) Summing up ways to Sum up Data in Excel
(wmv) Using Conditional Formatting in reports
(wmv) Using Pivot Tables for analyzing complicated worksheets
(docx) Guide to Using Excel Shortcut and Function Keys

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