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April 29, 2010

2 Word 2007 Quick References and 41 Flashcards

Here are  2 Quick References for Word 2007, and also 41 Word 2007 Flashcards with answers. Each quick reference document lists Word tasks or features to be performed along with their corresponding commands or menu items using the Mouse, the Ribbon, the Shortcut Menu, and Keyboard Shortcuts. The first quick reference lists about 160 Word 2007 tasks, and the second one details out about 280 tasks.

 - Word 2007 Quick Reference 1  (8 pages, pdf format, 197kb)

 - Word 2007 Quick Reference 2  (14 pages, pdf format, 209kb)

Update 5/11/2010: This MS Office training site also provides the following free Word 2007 Flashcards, Practice Tests with answers, and Learning Games:

Chapter 1:
Practice Test
Who Wants to be a Computer Genius2?
Wheel of Terms
Crossword Puzzle Challenge

Chapter 2:
Practice Test
Who Wants to be a Computer Genius2?
Wheel of Terms
Crossword Puzzle Challenge

Chapter 3:
Practice Test
Who Wants to be a Computer Genius2?
Wheel of Terms
Crossword Puzzle Challenge

Chapter 4:
Practice Test
Who Wants to be a Computer Genius2?
Wheel of Terms
Crossword Puzzle Challenge

Chapter 5:
Practice Test
Who Wants to be a Computer Genius2?
Wheel of Terms
Crossword Puzzle Challenge

Chapter 6:
Practice Test
Who Wants to be a Computer Genius2?
Wheel of Terms
Crossword Puzzle Challenge

Chapter 7:
Practice Test
Who Wants to be a Computer Genius2?
Wheel of Terms
Crossword Puzzle Challenge

Chapter 8:
Practice Test
Who Wants to be a Computer Genius2?
Wheel of Terms
Crossword Puzzle Challenge

Chapter 9:
Practice Test
Who Wants to be a Computer Genius2?
Wheel of Terms
Crossword Puzzle Challenge

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April 28, 2010

Photoshop Tutorials at PhotoshopGuides has searched the web for quality Photoshop Tutorials and Guides that teach and demonstrate how to use Photoshops many tools and features. These include text effects, photo manipulation, website and interface design, web buttons, textures and tiles, drawing and painting, color, and the basics. Many tutorials are provided for all of these topics.

Photoshop Tutorial Topics at PhotoshopGuides:

 - Animation Tutorials
 - Basic Tutorials
 - Button Tutorials
 - Design Tutorials
 - Drawing Tutorials
 - Effects Tutorials
 - Interface Tutorials
 - Photo Tutorials
 - Text Tutorials
 - Texture Tutorials

 - Newest Tutorials
 - Most Popular Tutorials
 - Most Popular in April

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April 21, 2010

4 Excel eBooks, 6 Access eBooks, and 1 Visio eBook

This computer ebook site hosts 11 Office eBooks: 4 Excel ebooks, 6 Access ebooks, and 1 Visio ebook. To find these ebooks, simply do a Find command in your browser (Edit->Find on menu, or Ctl+F) and type in the keyword ‘Excel’, ‘Access’, or ‘Visio’.

4 Excel eBooks:
Excel – All Features
Excel – Macros and VBA

6 Microsoft Access eBooks:
Access – All Features
Access – with SQL Server
Access – Database Design
Access – Programming
Access – with VB .NET

1 Visio eBook:
Visio – All Features

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81 Excellent Photoshop Tutorials

Here are 81 excellent Photoshop Tutorials, located at Some of these are also hosted by These tutorials will teach and show you how to use many of the features and tools in Photoshop. They include intermediate and advanced techniques.

81 Great Photoshop Tutorials:

 - High dynamic range, HDR WOW
 - High Dynamic Range Photography 
 - Russian Paintings
 - Photoshop Elements 8 for Mac 
 - Record an action in Photoshop
 - Photoshop for Fingerprinting
 - Photoshop YouTube Background Tutorial
 - Photoshop: Surreal Landscapes, Part 2
 - Photoshop Actions Madness
 - Photoshop Holiday Tutorials
 - Creating Contrast in Photoshop
 - Photoshop: Matching Color Schemes
 - Photoshop: Surreal Landscapes, Part 1
 - Adjustment Layers for Shadow Balancing
 - Photoshop Madness
 - 5 Useful Photoshop Effects
 - Elements Plus – plugins
 - Image Framer
 - Photo + Graphics Bundle for Mac
 - Elements: Color Correction for Photographers
 - Tutorial: Brushed Silver Text Effect
 - Beyond Digital Photography
 - Elements Plus filters, masks and more
 - Remove red-eye with ease
 - ArtOptimizer for Illustrator
 - HDR Photography for Mac OS
 - Geocoding for iPhoto
 - Photography effects for iPhone
 - Add Depth of Field to perk up those dull photos
 - Depth Photo of Field or Focus Fall-Off
 - Photoshop Extract Filter to improve color, add depth of field
 - PhotoFreebies plug-ins for Photoshop
 - Color Efex Pro for Lightroom
 - Field Trip: Alien Skin Case Studies library
 - Scanning Negatives and Slides
 - Layered Screen Captures
 - Hydra HDR Imaging
 - Photographic Multishot Techniques
 - George reviews Photoshop CS4
 - Deke McClelland goes One-on-One with InDesign CS4
 - Photoshop CS4 Companion for Photographers
 - Adobe Photoshop CS4 New Features
 - ImageFramer custom image framing
 - 101 Photoshop Tips in 5 Minutes
 - 7 Point System for Adobe Photoshop CS3
 - Depth of Field or Focus Fall-Off Photoshop Tutorial
 - Easy Photo Fixes with Photoshop
 - Genuine Fractals – Blow up those JPGs
 - Balancing the light in Night Scenes with a single-step lighting adjustment
 - Photoshop and the Motion Blur
 - How to make Photoshop Mirror Reflections
 - Clipping from one, and adding to the other!
 - Creating your own Custom Drop Shadows
 - Creating Black & White from Color
 - How to Save Dark, Underexposed Photos
 - Degrading Color for Hand Tint Look: Gradient Map
 - Photoshop’s “Match Color”
 - Painter: Photo to Woodcut
 - One Photo to Many: Collage Mosaic
 - Using Photoshop with Painter
 - Photoshop Madness: Type & Lettering Tutorial Hell
 - Outlining Type: What’s Right or Wrong
 - Photoshop’s Photo Filter Adjustment Layer
 - Spot Adjustments using a Mask
 - Pop an image out of the border
 - Harrys Filters: collection of 11 freeware plugins with various effect
 - Learning: Separations for Screen Printing
 - Removing Backgrounds and Selecting hair and fine details in Photoshop
 - QuickFix & Color Corrections using Photoshop Elements
 - Photoshop Blending Photos to Sketches
 - Photoshop’s Artistic Watercolor Filter
 - Photoshop: Carved in Wood
 - Photoshop: Changing Colors to show the client the finished lettering job
 - Photoshop: Clipping Path makes a Hole in the Doughnut
 - Photoshop: Saving an old, faded photo
 - Removing Backgrounds 2: Save Shadows
 - Layer Mask: Merging Photos and Making Masks
 - Setting a HEX color for GIF format graphics
 - Photoshop question of the year: Removing White Backgrounds
 - Photoshop: Text Mask to Embossed Watermark for Photos
 - Photoshop: Place an Image into Text

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April 13, 2010

104 Excellent Flash Tutorials

Here are 104 excellent Flash Tutorials from These are all free and include 18 Flash video tutorials. They begin by introducing the Flash interface and demonstrating the most important Flash fundamentals, and then move to more advanced features and Flash topics. Many of these Flash tutorials use game development of their subject. All of the topics are detailed and explained thoroughly so they’re easy to understand, even those covering advanced features.

18 Flash Video Tutorials

 - Interface
 - The Timeline / Layers
 - The Toolbox
 - The Align Panel
 - The Library Panel
 - Motion Tweening
 - Shape Tweening
 - Blurring
 - Publish Settings
 - Setting Document Class
 - The Stop Action
 - Gradient Fills
 - Easing and Rotation
 - Motion Guides
 - Masking
 - Buttons
 - Button Coding
 - Interface (CS4)

Basic Flash Tutorials
These tutorials will teach you how to tween, animate, and much more. They contain no Actionscript code.

 - Intro to Flash / Download
 - The Interface
 - The Timeline
 - The Toolbox
 - The Align and Library Panels
 - Motion Tweening
 - Shape Tweening
 - Easing, Rotation and Motion Guides
 - Movie Clips
 - Buttons
 - Masking
 - How to link library symbols
 - Angles and Lengths
 - Reverse Angles
 - Blur filter tween
 - Shape Hints
 - SWF protection
 - Bitmap to vector
 - Backwards compatibility

ActionScript 3 Tutorials

ActionScript 3 is more recent than ActionScript 2 and is availabe with CS3 or later.

 - Setting up a project for later
 - Must Read Basics
 - Function/Method Declaration.
 - Drawing a circle
 - enterFrame Event
 - More and altering events
 - Using an image from the library
 - Understanding Depth
 - String Functions
 - Drawing by Mouse
 - Simple HitTest
 - Move to Mouse
 - Setting Depth
 - Pong (1) – Handling the Keyboard
 - Pong (2) – Fast paced action
 - Pong (3) – Creating our rally
 - A Friendly guide to the Timer class
 - Packages
 - Pong (4) – Scoring our game
 - More Useful String Functions
 - Avoider (1) – Setting up
 - Avoider (2) – The Player
 - Avoider (3) – Targets, scoring
 - Avoider (4) – Finishing up: Enemies
 - Debugging
 - Compiler Errors
 - Runtime Errors
 - Dragging & Dropping
 - Basic Sound In AS3
 - Custom Cursors
 - Rotation in AS3
 - Command Line
 - Digital Clock
 - URL-Loading Button
 - Analog Clock
 - Classes (and farms!)
 - Point-and-Click Game
 - Gravity and bounce

ActionScript 2 Tutorials

Use these tutorials if you have Adobe Flash 8 or earlier.

 - The STOP Action
 - URL Direction Button
 - Arrow-Key Movement
 - Number Matching Game
 - Duplication
 - Custom Cursors
 - How to refer to symbols in ActionScript
 - Simple Hittest
 - Functions
 - Removing Movie Clips
 - Arcade Game
 - Arcade Game Bullets
 - Swish timings
 - Drawing by mouse
 - Rotation in Flash
 - Gravity and Bounce
 - Sound Manipulation
 - Hiding the right-click menu
 - Turret game (1) – The turret
 - Turret game (2) – A slight detour
 - XML in Flash

ActionScript Concepts

These tutorials demonstrate the proamming language constructs of ActionScript: if, else, try, for, while, var, etc.

 - Traces and Comments
 - Variables: Info Stores
 - For Loops
 - Arrays
 - If, Else and Else If
 - While loops
 - Array Functions
 - Try, Catch and Finally
 - Constructor function

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Excel 2003 Reference Guide

Here is a very useful Excel 2003 Reference Guide, at Ohio University, that deals with and demonstrates many features of Excel which will help you organize your data into rows and columns, worksheets, and help you work with and manage that data. It also helps you create formulas, perform data analysis, and do mathematical calculations quickly. Topics that are explained in this Excel tutorial reference include: working with workbooks, worksheets and cells, displaying toolbars, deleting a row or column, merging and moving cells, pasting linked data, page setup options, templates, autofill, creating a formula, inserting graphics, working with functions, and creating charts and graphs.

Microsoft Excel 2003 Reference Guide 26 Pages, 1.08 Mb
 - What is Excel 2003?
 - Excel Workbooks, Worksheets, and Cells
 - Displaying Toolbars
 - Changing Options
 - Changing Screen Magnification
 - Controlling Column Width
 - Controlling Row Height
 - Inserting Cells
 - Deleting Cells
 - Inserting a Column
 - Inserting a Row
 - Deleting a Column
 - Deleting a Row
 - Selecting with the SHIFT key
 - Selecting with the CTRL key
 - Selecting a Range Of Cells
 - Merge and Center Cells
 - Moving Cells through Cutting
 - Moving Cells Drag and Drop
 - Moving Cells using Copy and Paste
 - The Office Clipboard
 - Pasting Linked Data
 - Use another Sheet in the Workbook
 - Rename a Worksheet
 - Moving a Worksheet
 - Page Setup Options
 - Print Preview
 - Use Help
 - Templates
 - AutoFill
 - AutoSum
 - Auto Calculate
 - Creating a Formula
 - Function
 - Hiding Columns and Rows
 - Defining Styles
 - Chart Wizard
 - Insert a Picture from a File
 - Data Analysis

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April 12, 2010

Word 2003 Reference Guide

Here is a well written Word 2003 Reference Guide, hosted by Ohio University. This Word Tutorial Reference explains and documents many features of this powerful word processing program. After going through this visual step-by-step training manual, you will become well versed in the features listed below. Some of the topics that are demonstrated include: opening existing files, select lines, words in a text, print previewing, formatting a picture, using Microsoft Word help, the mail merge wizard, inserting hyperlinks, inserting page numbers, creating headers and footers, and adding watermarks.

Word 2003 Reference Guide  (24 pages, 689kb)
 - What is Microsoft Word?
 - To Start Microsoft Word 2003
 - Open an Existing File
 - Adjust Page Margins
 - Select A Single Word
 - Select A Line of Text
 - Select A Paragraph
 - Select All Text
 - Select Text Using Click + Shift Key
 - Select Non-Subsequent Text Using the CTRL Key
 - Format Text
 - Format Painter to Copy Text Formatting
 - Cut, Copy, and Paste
 - Move Text with Drag and Drop
 - Align Text
 - Insert WordArt to Enhance Text
 - Change Line Spacing
 - Format Columns
 - Insert a Manual Page Break
 - Apply Borders and Shading
 - Create Headers and Footers
 - Insert Page Numbers
 - Create a Style
 - Use Tabs
 - Add a Watermark
 - Format a Picture
 - Print Preview
 - Web Page Preview
 - Use Microsoft Word Help
 - Tables
 - Use the Thesaurus
 - The Mail Merge Wizard
 - AutoCorrect
 - Insert a Hyperlink
 - Use Hyperlinks
 - Track Changes
 - Merge Revisions

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Javascript Tutorial Reference

Here is my post on our intelligentedu blog for a nice Javascript tutorial reference guide that explains Javascript objects, properties, methods, events, objects and image rollovers, all in an easy to understand way.. This will help you with coding and using Javascript in your web sites and applications.

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April 9, 2010

Microsoft Project Reference Guide

Here is a Microsoft Project Reference Guide, located at Ohio University. This Project tutorial reference teaches you about several important features of this project management application, and will assist you in developing plans, assigning resources to tasks, tracking progress, managing budgets and analyzing workloads. The topics listed below include screenshots with explanations. This document is in pdf format.

Microsoft Project Reference Guide  (8 pages, 252kb)
 - Project groundwork
 - Enter tasks and estimate durations
 - List resources and costs
 - Customizing views

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April 8, 2010

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InDesign Reference Guide

Here is a InDesign Reference Guide, hosted by Ohio University, that explains various Indesign features and concepts such as palettes, preferences, nonprinting guides and color swatches. Adobe InDesign CS2 is a professional document layout program. It is an excellent application for working with documents that feature complex formatting and/or multiple pages, such as newsletters, resumes, reports, and handouts. Quick layouts for creating magazines, packaging a document, working with fonts, using the story editor, scaling graphics and alignment are also discussed by this tutorial reference. 

InDesign Reference Guide  (14 pages, 282kb)
 - What is Adobe InDesign?
 - To Start Adobe InDesign 
 - Open an Existing Publication
 - Customize InDesign Preferences
 - Using The Toolbox
 - InDesign Palettes
 - Create a New InDesign Publication
 - Modify the Document Setup
 - Nonprinting Guides
 - Zoom Tool
 - Hand Tool
 - Drawn Objects and Frames
 - Corner Effects
 - Stroke and Fill
 - Graphic File Formats
 - Place Graphics
 - Fitting Graphics in Frames
 - Scale Graphics
 - Move Graphics
 - Rotate Graphics
 - Crop Graphics
 - Place Text
 - Thread Text Frames
 - Format Text
 - Story Editor
 - Customize Story Editor Preferences
 - Check Spelling
 - Format Text in Columns
 - Align and Justify Text Vertically
 - Drop Cap
 - Create a Color Swatch
 - Change the Color of Text
 - Preview Mode
 - Save a Publication
 - Undo or Revert
 - Type Text On a Path
 - Apply Effects To Text On a Path
 - Change the Opacity (Transparency)
 - Story Editor
 - Optical Margin Alignment
 - Wrapping Text
 - Apply a Drop Shadow
 - Remove a Drop Shadow
 - Stack Objects
 - Group Objects
 - Pull Quote
 - Add a Stroke (Border) to the Frame
 - Export an Open Document to PDF
 - Packaging a Document
 - High Resolution OU Graphics

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Access 2003 Reference Guide

Here is a Access 2003 Reference Guide, at Ohio University’s website, that provides information on the basics of Access and how to go about working with this database application. Microsoft Access 2003 is a relational database management system that combines a database engine with a graphical user interface. This tutorial reference helps increase your skills in Access features such as tables and relationships, queries, forms and reports.

Microsoft Access 2003 Reference Guide  (60 Pages, 2.0mb)

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