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January 19, 2009

18 Best Powerpoint Tutorials from bnet

Here are many excellent Powerpoint Tutorials, from I have described and linked below what I believe are the 18 best Powerpoint tutorials from this site. (Free registration is required.) Also, here are some more Powerpoint resources from this site.

18 Best Powerpoint Tutorials from bnet

Training Presentation: PowerPoint 2003 – Create Your First Presentation
How to create your first presentation.

Training Presentation: PowerPoint 2003 – Create Your Own Template

How to create your own Powerpoint template.

Training Presentation: PowerPoint 2003 – Package To A CD
How to bundle your presentation and all the files it depends on to a CD or folder.

Training Presentation: PowerPoint 2003 – Preset And Custom Animation
Use PowerPoint 2003 to build presentations with both custom and preset animations.

50 PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts

More than 50 keyboard shortcuts to help you work faster in PowerPoint.

Design Professional Charts in PowerPoint

Learn about the few basic “information design” guidelines that help make the numbers talk and keep the fluff from confusing your audience.

How To Create Animated Powerpoint Background Slides
Add an animation to the background or master slide so it will play across all slides.

Public Speaking: 3 Rules For Powerpoint Slides
Never want to read what’s on the screen,  use bullets and phrases as opposed to sentences on your slides.

Are You Getting Your Point Across?

In some cases, using PowerPoint is a good choice. In other instances, another approach may be more effective.

Copy Excel Data Or Charts To Powerpoint
Copy selected data or charts in Excel and then use the Paste or Paste Special commands in PowerPoint to insert the data or charts into a presentation.

Sales Powerpoint

This presentation explains the sales powerpoint.

Can Your PowerPoint Presentation Rival TV Advertising?
Examines eight techniques to bring the effectiveness of a sales presentation at par with TV advertising.

Public Speaking Power – Not From PowerPoint
Don’t hide behind PowerPoint slides. Your personal power will move your audience to buy into your message.

Pointers For Using PowerPoint Presentations Properly
Powerpoint is a tool that could add so much to your public speaking, yet can also be the biggest downfall for a public speaker.

How to Embed YouTube Videos in PowerPoint Presentations
Nothing spices up a PowerPoint presentation like a video clip, and very often the perfect clip can be found on YouTube.

Making Un-Boring Presentations

Boredom is not a design problem, it’s a content problem.

Public Speaking – Use The PowerPoint Effectively
There is a right way and wrong way to give a talk using it as a speaking tool.

Public Speaking: Use Props To Make Your Presentation Memorable
You might consider using a prop when giving a Powerpoint presentation.

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Flash Animation Tutorials from

Here are lots and lots of Flash Animation Tutorials, from These Flash tutorials and guides provide step-by-step lessons for both Flash fundamentals and advanced topics. Use these tutorials to increase your skills in using the many features and tools of Flash. Also, learn how to create and design compelling Flash animations for your web site.

Categories of Flash Animation Tutorials, Guides, and Lessons:

 - ActionScripting Basics (28)

 - Flash Traditional Animation (11)

 - ActionScripting Challenges (17)

 - Holiday Themes (24)

 - Do-It-Yourself (1)

 - Kids’ Corner (3)

 - Flash Basics: Tweening (14)

 - Masking (4)

 - Flash for Artwork (4)

 - Miscellaneous Tips & Tricks (35)

 - Flash for Games & Fun Stuff (17)

 - Simple Applications (31)

 - Flash MX Effects (5)

 - Symbols & Related (15)

 - Flash Program Tools (64)

 - Web-Related Flash Lessons (26)

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Dreameaver CS3 and CS4 Tutorials

Dreamweaver is a great application to use for developing a web site. It provides ease of use for those who are just beginning, as well as giving the needed power for more advanced web designers, such as adding user interactivity.

Here are several Dreameaver CS3 and CS4 Tutorials in video format. These Dreamweaver tutorials are will teach and show you the features and tools for creating for web pages. You will learn how to embed video files, add sounds and interactivity into your web site, along with using the new Spry features. (If necessary, click on the “Play Tutorial” link to run the video tutorial.)

The New Live Browser View in Dreamweaver CS4

Dreamweaver CS4 Photoshop Smart Objects

Create Printer Friendly Stylesheets in Dreamweaver CS3

Place Photoshop documents into Dreamweaver

Using Page Templates in Dreamweaver CS3, Part 1

Creating and using Dreamweaver Templates, Part 2

Use the Spry Accordion Panel in Dreamweaver CS3

Making a Spry Menu in Dreamweaver CS3

Collapsible Content Boxe in Dreamweaver CS3

Making a Tabbed Panel with Dreamweaver CS3

Define a Site to Use PHP pages with Dreamweaver CS3

Use Dreamweaver to add a Flash movie to your page

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Web Design, CSS, and HTML Tutorials

Here are 45 Tutorials covering Web Design, CSS, and HTML at These web development and design tutorials are included in this site’s Woork Handbook, which is a free eBook that teaches CSS, HTML, Ajax, and web programming.

12 Website Design Tutorials and Tips:

 - Step by step guide for newbie to design a simple web application
 - Set up your Workspace
 - A typical website structure
 - Config.php: define your database connection’s parameters
 - Design the page layout using CSS
 - Conceptual design for index.php page layout
 - Load page using URL variables and PHP include() function
 - Load pages using URL variables and Coldfusion cfinclude tag
 - A typical website structure (Coldfusion)
 - Web Navigation bar using CSS, PHP and URL variables
 - Web Navigation bar using CSS, Coldfusion & URL variables
 - Add #navbar elements to default.css file and to index.php

33 CSS, HTML, Web Design Tutorials and Tips:

 - Structured process you must know to develop a web application
 - Useful guidelines to improve CSS coding and maintainability
 - CSS coding: semantic approach in naming convention
 - Simplicity is better: some suggestions for a clean blog layout
 - Are you a CSS fanatic?
 - Liquid layer with rounded corners using css
 - CSS Tutorial to Optimize CSS files to improve code readability
 - Three column fixed layout structure using CSS
 - Digg-like navigation bar using CSS
 - Simple CSS vertical menu Digg-like
 - Table’s anatomy: why tables are not so bad
 - Liquid styled input element with CSS
 - Flickr like horizontal menu
 - Socialiconize your site
 - Tabbed search bar using CSS and Javascript
 - Beautiful CSS Form
 - Liquid expandable section with rounded corners using CSS
 - How to design a compelling header for your site using CSS
 - Write a well structured CSS file without becoming crazy
 - CSS Tutorial for Perfect Pagination Style
 - Clean Tab Bar Digg-like using CSS
 - CSS Message Box collection
 - Two CSS vertical menu with show/hide effects
 - Nice comments counter style for your blog post
 - Top-Down approach to simplify your CSS code
 - Use CSS to Create a Pastel Color Menu with Dynamic Submenu
 - Beautiful CSS buttons with icon set
 - Clean and pure CSS FORM design
 - Nice CSS menu with feed reader icons list
 - Navigation bar with tabs using CSS and sliding doors effect
 - Nice login and signup panel Newsvine like using CSS
 - Tips to design your site for mobile devices
 - Elegant glass style Navigation bar using CSS & toggle animated effect

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CSS Tutorial and Guidelines from DesignReviver

Here is an excellent CSS Tutorial with Guidelines from, titled 13 Training Principles of CSS Everyone Should Know. These CSS tips and design suggestions will help you write better CSS for your website. They will also assist you in writing CSS code quicker and will make your website more efficient. Each guideline is explained in detail, with code examples where applicable.

1. Name CSS Classes Intelligently
2. Use Shorthand Coding Techniques
3. Know Your Audience & Support Their Browsers
4. CSS vs. Javascript
5. Use Premade CSS Templates
6. Validate Your CSS
7. Use The Proper Doctype
8. Use a CSS Compressor
9. Remember Case Sensitive Element Names
10. Download CSS Resource Guides
11. Don’t Declare Default Values
12. Group Your Selectors
13. Simplify Your Coding

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January 13, 2009

16 Flash Tutorials from John Nack

John Nack writes a great blog at His Flash Category Archives is an excellent resource for Flash application and web developers. Here are 16 Flash tutorials that he expertly introduces and links to. John’s insight and understanding of Flash will help you become a better Flash user and developer.

Tutorial: Creating Flash panels for Photoshop
Matthew Keefe has posted a brief tutorial on how to create your first Flash panel for Photoshop CS4. To load any SWF in Photoshop as a panel…

Flash + AE video tutorial
The newly launched Motion Design Center features a video tutorial on using AE to animate text, then import it into Flash.

Next-gen Web galleries: XSLT, Flash, & CSS for all
Lightroom actually supports two kinds of templates: Flash templates, and HTML templates. In this article, I’m going to focus on HTML templates.

Color between Photoshop and Flash: What’s the
Sweet man, just ran into this issue with a client, and that tutorial helped. Had no idea Flash was so color-blind.

Use AE+Flash to create interactive video
I think this is just the beginning of what AE & Flash will be able to do in tandem. For more tutorial content on AE, Premiere Pro, Flash…

PatchPanel: Flash panels for multiple CS applications
Follow along with this tutorial for using a framework that embraces running our Flash plug-in in multiple Creative Suite applications (Photoshop and Illustrator). When we are done, our Flash plug-in will work in all three CS applications using code that is appropriate for each host application

PatchPanels: Integrating your ExtendScript
Follow along with this tutorial to create a simple Flash plug-in that gets the RGB, CMYK and HSB values of the foreground color in Photoshop CS4.

Extending Photoshop via SWF Panels: Tutorials
Follow along with this tutorial to create a Hello World Flash panel for Photoshop. In this exercise, you will create a Flash plug-in within

Smokin’ AE particles, complex Flash masks
Smokin’ AE particles, complex Flash masks, more in Design Center Blur by Jeff Foster (video tutorial); Create a complex mask in Flash 8

Pixel Bender + Your Photos
PB is a way of running fast filter code in Flash Player.

SiteGrinder 2 turns PSDs into HTML/CSS
MediaLab, makers of the popular PSD2FLA Photoshop-to-Flash conversion plug-in, …. I’ve made the tutorial which explains how to convert a psd file to a CSS.

“Star Wars, nothing but Staaar Waaars…”
Now that Flash CS4 offers “postcards in space”-style 3D On Jeremy Schultz has posted a tutorial on creating a Star Wars-style text crawl using the new app.

Tips on Lightroom Flash galleries
If you’re interested in wringing the most out of Lightroom’s Flash-based Web galleries…

Putting Flash video inside the Photoshop UI
Flash inside a PS window is fine if Adobe want to sell services but there’s ….. The video tutorial in Photoshop is just a commonly understandable exemple

Sleek Photoshop-Flash integration sneak at Flashforward
At today’s Flashforward keynote speech, Flash PM Mike Downey gave a sneak peek of the integration with Photoshop that’s planned for Flash 9.

Get better color online through Flash Player 10
Let’s not mince words: Presenting your images through Flash is now the best way to preserve the fidelity of their color online.

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January 7, 2009

Word 17 Word Tutorial Videos

Here are 17 well done Word Tutorial Videos at These easy follow step-by-step Word training videos provide simple and easy instructions for using Word. They will help you with formatting and selecting text, editing text, working with paragraphs, spell checking, and learning keyboard shortcuts.

Formatting Text
 - Selecting text by using mouse clicks
 - Selecting text with the keyboard keys
 - Selecting non-continuous text areas

Handling Paragraphs
 - Correcting the default line spacing as was in older versions
 - Setting the line spacing
 - Setting the spacing between paragraphs
 - Setting paragraph indentation
 - Setting paragraph’s first line indentation

 - Correcting spelling mistakes with Word’s suggestions
 - Adding a new word to the built-in dictionary

Selecting Text
 - Selecting text by using mouse clicks
 - Selecting text with the keyboard keys
 - Selecting non-continuous text areas

Editing Text
 - Undo - Cancelling your last actions
 - Moving text by using the context menu
 - Moving text by dragging it with the mouse
 - Copying text by using the context menu
 - Copying text by dragging it with the mouse

Keyboard Shortcuts
Here are Word keyboard shortcuts for selecting, formatting, cutting, copying, pasting, and aligning texts and paragraphs in Word.

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January 6, 2009

Excel Tutorial Videos

Here are several good Excel Tutorial Videos at that will help you master using important Excel features, such as editing cells, rows, and columns; using the sum, average, countif, and VLOOKUP functions; using Excel formulas; creating charts and graphs; and working with filters and pivot tables. They give you step-by-step and easy-to-follow directions for managing and presenting your data with Excel. Each of the links below contain several Excel video training tutorials.

Excel Basics:
 - Formatting Cells
 - Worksheets
 - Edit Cells
 - Rows and Columns
 - Find and Replace
 - The Fill Handle

Excel Calculations:
 - Sum, Average, Countif Functions
 - Quick Functions
 - The IF Statement
 - VLOOKUP Function
 - Excel Formulas

Special Excel Features:
 - Charts and Graphs
 - Sort Data
 - Filter Data
 - Conditional Formatting
 - Pivot Table  
 - First Aid

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