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August 24, 2008

78 Photoshop Tutorials from Photoshopstar

Here are 78 Photoshop Tutorials hosted by These Photoshop tutorials are for both beginners and more advanced users, and will help increase your knowledge and skills with many Photoshop tools and features, including web layout and designing with Photoshop, and many image, photo, and text effects. Each tutorial provides screen shots and numbered step-by step instructions.

Photoshop Tutorials at Photoshopstar

 - Swanky Subscribe Badges
 - Making of an Abstract Art Piece
 - Eery-Eye Photo Manipulation
 - Design a Stylish Fashion-Themed Advert
 - Simple & Cool Urban-Style Logo
 - Neat Scotch Tape Effect
 - Design a Sleek Gold Ribbon
 - Indiana Jones Movie Logo / Text Effect
 - Add Stock Texture to Improve Artwork
 - Design your own Presidential Candidate Badge
 - *Bling Bling* Simple Gold Text Effect
 - Recreate the ‘Bee Movie’ Text Effect
 - Photo Restoration: Correcting a Red Over-Saturated Photo
 - Glossy-Style Carbon Fibre Navigation Set
 - Designing a Professional Clan/Gaming Web Template
 - Designing a Simple but Professional Website Design
 - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Seal/Badge
 - Butter Scotch (logo) Text Effect
 - Professional Glossy “Download” Button
 - Hot & Fiery Photo Effect
 - Simple & Colorful Circus Logo
 - Design a Gem Logo Icon
 - Really Cheesy Text Effect
 - Design an Industrial Gaming Header
 - Sleek Alien-Entity Text Effect
 - Make Simple Golden Text Effect
 - Grungy Web Layout Part 2
 - Grungy Web Layout Part 1
 - Christmas-Themed Web Layout
 - Designing a Golden Sheriff’s Badge
 - Hi-Tech Text
 - Making Grunge Brushes
 - Filter Effect – Intense Solar Flare
 - Creating Your Own Smilies
 - Make Cute Cartoon Text
 - Making a Clan Template Part 3
 - Making Easy Colour Palettes
 - Making a Clan Template Part 2
 - Making a Clan Template Part 1
 - Make an ‘IceCream Retro Effect’
 - Designing a Band Website Template
 - Create a HOT Branding Iron
 - Redesign The Yahoo! Smiley
 - Design an Creative Web Template
 - Design Web 2.0 Star Badges
 - Design a Glossy Dollar Sign Logo
 - Add a Summer Photo Effect to Photos
 - Personal Portfolio Template
 - Create an Industrial-Style Text Effect
 - Design a Professional Advertisement Banner
 - Professional Glossy Buttons
 - Sleek Arcade Text
 - Simple Cartoon/Comic-Style Text Effect
 - Cartoon Header & Navigation
 - Interface Leaves
 - Creative Template Tutorial: Design the Header
 - Design a Tech Preload Interface
 - Abstract Photo Manipulation
 - Design a Game Website Banner
 - Design a Pizza ‘Place’ Logo
 - Dark Navigation Bar with Buttons
 - Add a Dark Gritty Photo Effect
 - Design a Glossy Star Logo
 - Creative Template Tutorial: Make the Navigation
 - Learn how to Design a Cartoon Ribbon
 - Design a War-Game Style Navigation
 - Create Glossy Navigation Buttons
 - Design a Glossy Web Banner
 - Design an Advanced Orb
 - Simple Green Search Button
 - Design a Glossy Clan Navigation Bar
 - Make a Cartoony Cloud Splash Page
 - Create an Ancient Banner Effect
 - Design Web 2.0 Star Badges
 - Design Sleek Stylish Text with Ease
 - Design a Sleek Glossy Navigation Bar
 - Unique “Pixel Stretch” Navigation
 - Blurry Glass Effect

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12 Step-by-Step Excel Tutorials

Here are 12 Excel Tutorials from that show and teach you how to use Excel with these features and tasks: Formatting Cells and Sheets, Styles, Formulas, Importing Data, Graphics, Charting, Macros, Pivot Tables, and creating spreadsheets in Excel 2007. These Excel tutorials use screen shots and numbered steps to help you master the topics covered.

12 Illustrated, Step-by-Step Excel Tutorials:

How to Configure Excel’s Options
This Excel tutorial shows you how to configure Excel’s general options.

Formatting Cells and Sheets
This tutorial teaches you how to apply formatting options to cells and prepare the sheet for printing.  

Styles in Microsoft Excel
This Excel tutorial describes how to manage styles in Microsoft Excel.

Working with Excel Formulas
Excel can do many mathematical operations and work with numbers in a variety of ways. Learn how to insert and use formulas to do this easily.

Advanced Excel Formulas
In this tutorial, you will learn how to use and write Excel formulas.  

Consolidate Data using Excel
Find out how to consolidate data In this Excel tutorial.

Working with Data in Excel
This Excel tutorial will show you how to connect with another data source so you can display and use it in your current sheet.

Working with Graphics in Microsoft Excel
This tutorial explains how to use and work with graphics in Excel.  

Create Charts in Excel
Learn how to create and work with Graphs in Excel. With a graph, the data of spreadsheet can be transformed to show comparisons, patterns and tendencies.

Excel Macros Tutorial
In this tutorial, you will learn how to create and use Excel’s macros.

Pivot Tables using Excel
Pivot tables are as easy method to view the same data in Excel in differents layouts giving the user a greater understanding of the information.

Creating Excel 2007 Files
If you have Excel 2007, you may need to learn how the user interface works and how to create spreadsheet files. This tutorial will help you do that.

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12 Illustrated Access Tutorials

Here are 12 excellent Access Tutorials hosted by Microsoft Access is a relational database management application that is used for both business and home tasks for keeping track and reporting data such as mailing lists, phone and contact lists, product and sales data, and other sets of information for which Access can be helpful in managing. These Access tutorials will teach and show what you can do with MS Access using screen shots and numbered steps. Access features and topics covered include Databases, Customization, Table, Forms, Queries, Reports, Database Tools, External Data Retrieval and Export, Sorting and Grouping, and new features of Access 2007.

12 Illustrated, Step-by-Step Access Tutorials:

Create Databases
Learn how to create new databases using Access.

Access Table Creation
Relational databases usually contain more than one table and each one contains a fixed number of fields. This Access tutorials teaches you how to create and use tables that are used to store your data.

Entering, Manipulating Data and Table Relationships in Microsoft Access
This short tutorial explains how enter, manipulate data and also about table relationships in MS Access.

Working with Data: Inserting, Deleting, Updating, Sorting and Grouping
When you add or remove a column from a datasheet, you add or remove a field from the table that underlies the datasheet. If that field contains data, you also eliminate that information. Learn how to update, remove, sort and group data using Access.

Queries in Microsoft Access  
This short tutorial explains how queries work in MS Access. 

Create Queries
Database normalization is the process to organize the data of a data base. Learn how to create queries in Access to retrieve data that is normalized.

Database Tools
This step-by-step tutorial explains how to use database tools in Access.

Getting External Data – Import and Export
This Access tutorial shows how to exchange data to and from Access tables. The simplest method is to copy them and paste, but importing and linking permits better control and flexibility.

Access Forms Tutorial
A form is a database object that can be used to write, to modify or to show the data of a table or queries. Find out how Access forms are used to control access to the data.

Access Report Tutorial
Reports summarize and present data stored on tables. Learn how to create and configure Access reports so database users can easily see the current state of the stored information.

New Features of Microsoft Access 2007
Microsoft Access 2007 presents a new user interface and design that do not require a great understanding how database internals work. It hopefully makes the creation and management of data using Access easier and faster. 

Programming with Access 2007
Access Macros are similar to a simplified programming language wenclose hich is used to increase the functionality of the database. For example, you can embed a macro command in a form’s button, and then the macro is executed when the user clicks on the the button.

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August 23, 2008

CSS Tutorial from University of Texas

Here is an excellent Cascading Style Sheets Tutorial (CSS Tutorial), from the University of Texas. A style sheet provides a set of rules that how a web page should display. Style rules specify a property for an HTML tag or set of tags for items such as font styles and sizes, paragraph positioning, and line spacing. Style sheets maintain the separation between structural and presentation information. This CSS Tutorial gives you a good introduction and instructions for coding web pages and sites using cascading style sheets, along with several CSS samples.

Contents of this CSS Tutorial:

 - Introduction

 - Incorporating Style Sheets Into Your Document

 - Example Rules

 - CSS Properties

 - Inheritance

 - Style Sheets and Forms

 - Positioning

 - Backgrounds

 - Sample 1

 - Sample 2

 - Conclusion

 - References

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Flash Tutorials in Many Categories

For many Flash Tutorials in lots of areas, check out These tutorials will teach you how to use Flash, from the basics on up to producing Flash websites complete with multi-media presentations and animations. The categories of these Flash tutorials are linked below, and you can also use this search form to find the Flash topics you are looking for. This site also lets you upload your Flash tutorials, tips, and tricks so you can share them with others.

Search Flash Tutorials at Flash Perfection:

Flash Tutorial Categories at Flash Perfection:

 - 3D Flash Tutorials

 - Flash Actionscripting Tutorials

 - Flash Animation Tutorials

 - Flash Audio Tutorials

 - Flash Backend Tutorials

 - Flash Dynamic Content Tutorials

 - Flash Games Tutorials

 - Flash Basics Tutorials

 - Flash Interactivity Tutorials

 - Flash Math Physics Tutorials

 - Flash Optimization Tutorials

 - Flash Projector Tutorials

 - Flash Special Effects Tutorials

 - Flash Text Effects Tutorials

 - Flash Tips & Techniques

 - Flash Utilities

 - Flash Video

 - Flash Articles

 - Flash Web Design

 - SWiSH Tutorials

 - FlashDesigner Tutorials

 - Expression Blend Tutorials

 - 3rd Party Flash Tutorials

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August 19, 2008

How to Design a High Quality Website is a great resource for learning how to create a high quality web site. It teaches you quality assurance for web sites, including the important area of usability. Good web sites have four things in common: well designed, coded, filled with content, and thoroughly tested. This site shows you how to perform testing and QA on your web site, presenting it in a thoughtful and philosophic way. Though the material discussed and reviewed is aimed at larger sites, everything is also applicable to smaller sites such as individual home pages. You will learn the following about web site testing:

  • the major concepts at the heart of the quality assurance process
  • the critical importance of defining standards and specifications
  • the general categories of tests you might want to perform on your web site
  • some links to specialized QA web sites that might provide deeper information about any of the topics discussed here

Table of Contents:  

Site Design Issues Relating to Quality
Audience Issues
Testing Web Sites
Quality Control for Web Sites
Quality Assurance for Web Sites
Ecommerce Issues
Search Issues
Email and Messaging Issues
Additional Quality Assurance Information

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Guides for Word 2007, Excel 2007, and PowerPoint 2007

Here are reference guides or cheat sheets for Word 2007, Excel 2007, and PowerPoint 2007 from These are aimed at users of Office 2003, to guide and show them the new Office 2007 interface and how it differs from the previous versions of these applications. These three learning documents are in pdf format.

Word 2007 Cheat Sheet 

This 10-page Word 2007 reference guide (314kb) takes you through the following topics:

  • Get the Lay of the Land
  • Learn the Ribbon
  • The Office Button and Quick Access Toolbar
  • Five Tips for Working with Word 2007
  • New Features in Word 2007
  • Word 2007 Quick Reference Charts

Excel 2007 Cheat Sheet 

The Excel 2007 interface represents a big change in the look and feel of this spreadsheet application. Whether you’re opening a file or cheating charts or even design - you’ll find things have changed. This 13-page reference guide (476kb) will help you learn how to use Excel’s functionality using the new interface.
  • Get the Lay of the Land
  • Learn the Ribbon
  • The Office Button and Quick Access Toolbar
  • Six tips for working with Excel 2007
  • New features in Excel 2007
  • Excel 2007 quick reference charts
  • Excel 2007 image gallery

PowerPoint 2007 Cheat Sheet  

This PowerPoint 2007 reference guide (16 pages, 918kb) reviews the commands and tasks you need to perform for creating slide presentations using the new user interface. It consists of the following three sections:
  • Navigation tips about getting around in PowerPoint 2007.
  • New location of buttons from the old Standard, Drawing, and Formatting toolbars.
  • New locations of the old menu items.

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4 Free Online Flash Books

Here are four Free Online Flash Books to help you master this web development application. Adobe Flash is rapidly becoming the Web’s most widely used platform for creating rich media with animation and motion graphics, but mastering Flash isn’t easy. These books will help you increase your Flash skills in many areas and features of Flash, including color effects, drawing and masking, animation, 3D, text, audio, video, user interface, printing, XML, and Actionscript. ActionScript is Flash’s programming language that allows you to produce compelling multimedia web sites and more.

Flash Book
 - Visual Effects
 - Color Effects
 - Drawing and Masking
 - Animation
 - 3D and Physics
 - Text
 - Sound
 - User Interface Elements
 - Performance and Optimization
 - ActionScript
 - Browser Integration

Flash and XML: A Developer’s Guide
 - Flash Basics
 - Flash ActionScript
 - More ActionScript
 - XML
 - Recursive
 - Database
 - SQL
 - Serving
 - Two-Way
 - Cookies
 - Flash to
 - Multiplexed
 - End Note

Flash 8: Projects for Learning Animation and Interactivity
 - Getting Started, Right Out of the Box
 - Creating Quickly: Customizing Your Workspace
 - Your First Animation
 - Buttons and Interactivity
 - Working with Graphics
 - Movie Clips and Interactivity
 - More Animation Techniques
 - Using Sound
 - Using Video
 - Compositing and Bitmap Effects
 - Working with Text
 - Loading Assets on the Fly
 - e-Learning with Flash
 - Flash for CD-ROM and Handhelds
 - Think Outside the Box

Flash ActionScript: Training from the Source
 - Lesson1: Introduction to ActionScript 2.0
 - Lesson2: Functions
 - Lesson3: Conditional Logic
 - Lesson4: Arrays and Loops
 - Lesson5: Built-in Classes
 - Lesson6: Custom Classes
 - Lesson7: Events, Listeners, and Callbacks
 - Lesson8: Dynamically Creating Assets
 - Lesson9: Bitmap Features
 - Lesson10: UI Components
 - Lesson11: Advanced Object-Oriented Design
 - Lesson12: Data Validation
 - Lesson13: External Data Connections
 - Lesson14: XML and Flash
 - Lesson15: External Interface
 - Lesson16: Sound and Video
 - Lesson17: Printing and Context Menus
 - Lesson18: Maximum-Strength SWF Files

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August 9, 2008

Web Design in Theory and Practice

Design in Theory and Practice is a series of five chapters or tutorials that will teach you all  about visual communication design for the web. These web design tutorials discuss topics such as the fundamentals of design, typography and motion, and then also address more advanced theoretical web design and communication concepts. The author presents and explains examples from a variety of sources including classical art and architecture, business, media and movies, the environment and, of course, the web. These web designing tutorials give you a solid web designing foundation, along with techniques and how tos for enhancing your web pages and sites.

Contents of Design in Theory and Practice:

 - The Principles of Design

 - The Elements of Design

 - Designing for the Web

 - Principles and Elements of Design

 - Color: An Investigation

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25-page Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

Here is an excellent Illustrator Tutorial, Adobe Illustrator CS2 Essentials, from the Institute of Advanced Studies. This tutorial will teach you about both designing and illustrating multimedia artwork using Illustrator CS2, which is a graphics editing application used for printing, multimedia, and online graphics. This Illustrator tutorial gives you the steps and tasks needed for using Illustrator’s many tools to produce quality and professional looking graphics. Its 15 sections are listed below, 25 pages in length and 9.45mb in size (pdf format).

Contents of Illustrator Essentials Tutorial

 - Getting Started
 - The Illustrator Workspace
 - The Toolbox
 - Tool Descriptions
 - Placing Files
 - Making Selections
 - Creating Basic Shapes
 - Inserting and Formating Text
 - Arranging
 - Grouping
 - Locking
 - Applying Styles and Effects
 - Working with Symbols
 - Saving and Exporting
 - Getting Help

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Two PowerPoint Training Documents

Here are two free PowerPoint Training Documents hosted by the Institute of Advanced Studies, both in pdf format. The first is a training course of 32 slides and the second is quick reference guide.

This PowerPoint 2003 Training Course shows you how to use PowerPoint to create slides and presentations, per the course goals and contents listed below. The first of three lessons provides information on slides, text and notes; the second one deals with design and layout; and the third lesson advises you on how to proof print, and prep for the show. This PowerPoint tutorial is 32 pages in length and 233kb in size.

PowerPoint Course Goals:
 - Put text and pictures on slides
 - Navigate in the PowerPoint window
 - Apply a design template
 - Arrange slide content by using layouts
 - Print handouts and notes
 - Prepare to give the show

PowerPoint Course Contents:
 - Overview: Presentation basics
 - Lesson 1: Slides, text, and notes
 - Lesson 2: Design and layout
 - Lesson 3: Proof, print, prep for the show

This PowerPoint 2003 Quick Reference Guide lists the tasks and steps you need to do for working with slides, text, notes, printing, layout, design, previewing, and packaging your slide presentations in PowerPoint 2003. This reference guide will help you in accelerating your PowerPoint skills. It is 3 pages in length and 47kb in size.

Contents of PowerPoint Quick Reference:

 - Working with Slides and Text
      AutoContent Wizard
      Insert Slides from another Show
      AutoFit Text

 - Working with Notes and other Printouts
      View Notes Pages
      Preview and Print
      Send Notes to Word

 - Layout and Design
      Apply a Design Template
      Apply a Slide Layout
      Insert a Picture or other Content

 - Getting Ready to Present
      Preview a Slide Show
      Package your Presentation

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August 2, 2008

Word Tips and Tricks Tutorial

This is a 28-page Microsoft Word 2003 Tips and Tricks tutorial, from the Institute of Advanced Studies, that will help you become a more efficient day-to-day Word user. It covers Word features such as templates, headers and footers, page numbering, marks, rulers, document map, watermarks, keyboard shortcuts, international characters, mail merge, printing, print preview, statistics, and recent files. This Word tutorial is 277kb in size and is in pdf format.

Contents of this Word Tips and Tricks document:
Getting Help

Creating Documents from Templates
  Working with document templates
  Creating a calendar

Formatting and Viewing Tips and Tricks
  Comparing two documents side-by-side
  Embedding fonts so others can view your documents
  Inserting Headers and Footers
  Inserting Page Numbers
  Inserting Organizational Charts and Diagrams
  Inserting Wavy Underlines, Double Underlines, and More
  Preventing page breaks inside paragraphs
  Removing Hyperlink Formatting from URLs
  Showing or hiding formatting marks feature
  Showing or hiding the rulers
  Using the Document Map
  Viewing a Microsoft Word 2003 document
  Viewing and comparing document formatting
  Working on and viewing two separate document sections
  Working with Watermarks

Working with Word 2003’s Keyboard Shortcuts
  Displaying shortcut keys for any given toolbar button
  Printing a list of all Word 2003 keyboard shortcuts
  Entering international characters in Word 2003
  Using a specific language keyboard layout with Word 2003

Working with Mail Merge
  Preparing for a mail merge
  Navigating through the Mail Merge task pane
  Using a Microsoft Excel file for Mail Merge
  Tweaking the mail merge data formats

Printing Tips and Tricks
  Automatically Print Document Properties
  Printing a draft copy of your documents
  Print Previewing multiple pages at once
  Specifying pages to print from a document

Miscellaneous Word Tools and Trick
  Define a word online using Microsoft Word 2003
  Display readability statistics for a document
  Displaying the total number of words in a Microsoft Word 2003 document
  Remember more recently opened files

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6-page Dreamweaver Tutorial

Here is a 6-page Illustrated Dreamweaver Tutorial that will help you starting creating web pages with this application. I takes you through six fundamental web page topics showing how to get started, setting page properties, working with text, creating hyperlinks, adding images, and adding and managing tables. These 8-steps are in Adobe Photoshop tutorial, which is of six pages in pdf format and is 443kb in size.

Contents of this Dreamweaver Tutorial:

Getting Started
   File Storage/Architecture
   Page Creation
   Properties Palette
   Naming Conventions

Setting Page Properties

Enhancing Text
   Heading Sizes
   Font Size and Color
   Bulleted and Numbered Lists
   Text Indext / Tab
   Single / Double Space

Creating a Link
   Absolute Link
   Relative Link
   Email Link
   Document / PDF file Link
   Image Links
Adding Images
   Src tag
   Align tag
   link tag
   Alt tag
   Width and Height tags
Adding and Managing Tables
   Cell Padding
   Cell Spacing
   Merging Cells
   Splitting Cells

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