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July 31, 2008

Using Outlook 2003 Tutorial

Outlook helps you manage your electronic mail (email), appointments, contacts, and tasks, as well as track activities, open and view documents, and share information. Here is Using Outlook 2003 Tutorial, a 17-page Outlook tutorial from the Institute of Advanced Studies. The Outlook topics covered are listed below. This tutorial focuses on the email and contact features of Outlook 2003. Its size is 289kb and is in pdf format.

Topics covered by this Outlook Tutorial:

 - Introduction
 - Getting Help

 - Exploring Outlook 2003
      Launching Microsoft Outlook 2003
      Outlook Today
      Folder List
      Information Viewer

 - Working with Email
      New E-Mail Message Arrival
         Reading E-Mail Messages
         Printing E-Mail Messages
         Reading File Attachments
      Organizing your E-Mail Messages
         Click this View
         To See Messages
      Initiating E-Mail Messages
         Creating a New Message
         Attaching a File
         Addressing a New E-Mail Message
   Sending the E-Mail Message
      Responding to E-Mail Messages
         Forwarding a Message
         Replying to the author of a message
         Replying to the author and recipients of a message
      Saving and Deleting E-Mail Messages
         Saving e-mail messages to a folder
         Deleting e-mail messages
      Managing Sent and Unsent E-Mail Messages

 - Managing Contacts
      Contacts Views
         Click this view
         To see contacts
      Creating Contacts
         Creating a New Contact
         Creating a New Distribution List

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3 Photoshop Tutorials

Here are two Photoshop Tutorials from the Institute of Advanced Study. One will help you with working with Digital Images usages and other one will show you hows to scan an image into Photoshop. Also included in this post is another Photoshope scanning how to document from Emory University.

Working with Digital Images using Adobe Photoshop CS2

This Photoshop CS2 tutorial teaches you the basic features and tools of Photoshop. No prior experience with Photoshop is necessary. The tutorial is in 24 pages and 567kb in size (pdf format).

Contents of this Photoshop CS2 Tutorial:

  • Introduction
  • Topics:
  • Basic interface and the toolbars in the program.
  • Making and saving a new document
  • How to use layers and history
  • How to use the basic tools such as zoom, pan, brush, select, crop etc.
  • How to create text
  • How to fix a red eye
  • General Terminology
  • Creating A New Document
  • Getting To Know The Work
  • The Toolbox
  • Viewing The Image
  • Cropping a Photo
  • Adjusting Levels And Brightness
  • Resizing an Image
  • Rotating an Image
  • Fixing Red
  • Using The Color Picker
  • Typing Text
  • Layers and The Layer
  • History Palette
  • Photoshop Help

Scanning an Image into Photoshop

This document reviews how to scan an image into Photoshop. It takes you through seven steps to accomplish this task. After the image is scanned, Photoshop will open the scanned image in a new window. This scanning tutorial is of 2 pages in length and 124 KB in size (pdf format).

Scanning Documents with Adobe Photoshop

This is an 8-step Photoshop scanning tutorial provided by Emory University. For images used in PowerPoint, web pages, and e-mail, you want to set a resolution of 72 ppi (pixels per inch). Images scanned for printing require higher resolutions and are generally very large files (not good for e-mail, etc.). 150 ppi would be good for a high quality black and white print. 300 ppi would be a high quality color print. Note that when you change the resolution of an image, it will often appear smaller on the screen. Click on the View pull-down menu and select ‘Actual Pixels’ to see the true size of your image. (2 pages, 946kb, pdf format).

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July 28, 2008

Dreamweaver CS3 Getting Started Tutorial

Here is a great Dreamweaver CS3 Tutorial to get up to speed fast using Dreamweaver CS3, called Getting Started with Dreamweaver CS3. It takes you through several interactive screen simulations that will help you learn the fundamental features for creating and updating a new website. The specific features demonstrated are listed below. This tutorial introduces you to understanding a Dreamweaver website for a simulated product named Aquo Drink. Using Adobe Dreamweaver CS3, you can not only create HTML documents, but also enter and manage code for XHTML, CFML, ASP, ASPX, JSP, PHP, XML, XSL, JavaScript, and CSS. Dreamweaver also supports source code files for many programming languages.

Dreamweaver Tasks taught by this tutorial:
 - Setting up a site
 - Creating a new document
 - Setting page properties
 - Inserting tables
 - Working with tables
 - Inserting an image placeholder
 - Inserting text
 - Inserting images
 - Inserting and playing Flash files
 - Creating links
 - Previewing the page in your browser
 - Inserting Flash video files
 - Publishing your site

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July 25, 2008

16 Excel Video Tutorials

Here are 16 Excel Video Tutorials from These Excel tutorials demonstrate important Excel functionality such as Subtotals, Formulas, Charting, Goal Seeker, Date Formating, Printing, AutoFill, AutoCalculate, AutoFormat, and Freezing Panes.

16 Excel Tutorials in video format

 - Concatenating Cells

 - Conditional Formatting

 - Subtotals

 - Data Sorting

 - Formulas and Named Cells

 - Create Graphs and Charts

 - Use Goal Seek

 - Print Repeating Title Rows

 - Create Custom Date Formats

 - Print to Page Width

 - Print Multiple Spreadsheets

 - AutoFill

 - AutoCalculate

 - AutoFormat

 - Print Gridlines

 - Freeze Panes

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July 24, 2008

12 Word and Mail-Merge Video Tutorials

Here are 12 Word Video Tutorials from Five of these Word tutorials will show you how to do a mail-merge, the others demonstrate Word features such as  Table of Contents, Fill-in Forms, AutoCorrect, Print Preview editing, and repeating Table Headings.

7 Word Video Tutorials

 - Table of Contents

 - Fill-in Form

 - Label Mail Merge

 - AutoCorrect

 - Editing in Print Preview

 - Insert Random Text

 - Repeat Table Heading Rows

5 Word Mail Merge Tutorials

These mail-merge video tutorials teach you how to setup a spreadsheet of names and addresses in Excel and then use this as input for generating form letters and labels in Word for each name/row in the spreadsheet.

 - Create a Data File in Excel

 - Create a Form Letter in Word

 - Merge the Files

 - Label Mail Merge (XP)

 - Label Mail Merge (2003)

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July 19, 2008

29 Photoshop Video Tutorials from

Here are 29 very good Photoshop Video Tutorials, from, that will teach you several important tools and techniques in Adobe Photoshop. Using these videos, you’ll learn Photoshop features and tools for editing and touching up your photos, designing original art work, and creating a variety of effects. A written transcript of each Photoshop tutorial is also available for offline learning.

29 Photoshop Video Tutorials:

Wrap Text Effect in Photoshop – Video
How to wrap text around an object using three different effects in Adobe Photoshop.

Use the Pattern Stamp Tool in Adobe Photoshop – Video
This Photoshop video tutorial shows you how to use the pattern stamp tool to edit your photos.

Remove Photography Grain or Noise in Adobe Photoshop – Video
Find out how to remove distortion, photography grain, noise using Photoshop.

How to Create a Rainbow in Adobe Photoshop – Video
Learn how to splash a rainbow across stationery or an invitation.

Convert Color Photos to Black and White with Photoshop – Video
Discover how to convert  photographs from color into black and white with Photoshop.

How to Add a Text Watermark in Adobe Photoshop – Video
Learn how to create watermarks in Photoshop, thus helping  you protect and brand your work.

Adobe Photoshop Sand Effect – Video Tutorial
Use Adobe Photoshop to create text with a sand-like texture, using a displacement effect to blend text or objects seamlessly into picture backgrounds.

Adobe Photoshop Text Reflection – Video Tutorial
Create a text reflection effect in Adobe Photoshop and make text contents pop from their background.

Adobe Photoshop Photo Frame – Video
How to add a tasteful faux frame to image using Adobe Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop Fire Text Effect
Learn a Photoshop text effect of making the text appear to be on fire.

Adobe Photoshop Brightening a Photo
This Photoshop video tutorial shows you how to brighten digital pictures and photos.

Make a Skewed Picture Straight in Adobe Photoshop
FInd our how you can make a skewed horizon or other line straight using Photoshop.

Fix Picture Imperfections with Adobe Photoshop Healing Brush
Learn how to use the Healing Brush in Photoshop.

Fix Picture Imperfections with Adobe Photoshop Clone Tool
This Photoshop tutorial shows you how to use the Clone Tool in Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop Web Button
Make your Website look more professional with Photoshop’s tools to create custom buttons.

Adobe Photoshop Shortcuts
Photoshop Shortcuts can make your Photoshop workflow a great deal more efficient in just a few easy steps.

Adobe Photoshop Sepia Effect
Using Photoshop, you can create a sepia-toned, antiqued appearance for your images in a few easy steps.

Adobe Photoshop Red Eye Fix
Find our how to fix red eye using  Photoshop to make your photos look attractive.

Adobe Photoshop Pet Eye Fix
How to use Photoshop to fix pet eye and make your photos look more professional.

Adobe Photoshop Photo Filter
Learn how to use Photoshop’s Photo Filter to modify the color tints of your digital pictures.

Adobe Photoshop Pattern Maker
Learn how to use the Photoshop’s Pattern Maker tool to create patterns out of graphics and photos.

Adobe Photoshop Patch Tool
Re-touch your digital pictures and photos in just a few steps using Photoshop’s Patch Tool.

Adobe Photoshop Marquee Tool Background
Make image or photos look more compelling and attractive by using Marquee tool in Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop Magic Eraser Tool
Find out how to change the background or other color area of an image using Photoshop’s Magic Eraser Tool.

Adobe Photoshop Lighting Filter
How to use the Photoshop lighting filter to improve the lighting effects in your digital photos.

Adobe Photoshop Layers
Learn how to use Layers in Adobe Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop Ice Effect
Create unique and interesting text in your Photoshop images with this Ice Effect.

Adobe Photoshop Dodge Tool Brightening
Brighten or highlight your digital pictures that are too dark using the Photoshop Dodge Tool.

Turning Pictures into a Coloring Book with Photoshop
Learn how to create a coloring book using digital pictures  and Photoshop.

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12 Flash Tutorials from

Here are 12 nice Flash Tutorials from These will show you how to use several Flash features, and also teach you how to script using Actionscript 3. Featrues demonstrated include the Drawing API, Button Events, Preloading, Transformation Matrix, Depths, the Color Object, Listeners and AsBroadcaster, and Date countdown.

Flash Tutorials from

Flash Player 10 Drawing API
Find out how to use the new drawing API features in Flash Player 10, which include support for shaders, 3D perspective transformations, and object representations for all drawing APIs.

Getting Started with ActionScript 3.0 in Adobe Flash CS3
Begin using ActionScript 3 in Flash CS3 and understand how it differs from ActionScript 2.

Beginners Guide to Getting Started with AS3 (Without Learning Flex)
Learn how to script with ActionScript 3 without learning Flex Builder in this tutorial.

Dealing With Flash Button Event Capturing
Discover how Flash treats button events for timeline instances and workarounds for dealing them.

Preloading in Flash
Learn about Flash preloaders, how to create them, and how to avoid problems and errors with them.

Understanding the Transformation Matrix in Flash 8
Learn how the transform matrix works in Flash 8 and how you can most effectively use it.

Using‘s Ease Class
This shows how to use the Ease class available on

Depths in Flash MX
Find out how depths work in Flash MX, including the functions like attachMovie and removeMovieClip that deal with them.

Understanding the Color Object
Learn how to use Flash’s Color Object, what it does, and understand its properties and methods.

Listeners and AsBroadcaster
How listeners work and how to allow objects to add their own listeners by using AsBroadcaster.

Date Countdown Timer
Find out how to work with dates so you can create a countdown timer with Flash.

Flash Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Here are answers to many questions that are commonly asked about Adobe Flash and Flash Actionscript.

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July 18, 2008

Word Tips and Tutorials

Here are several Word Tips, Techniques and Tutorials, from These learning pages will assist you in becoming a better and more effective Word user in the following areas: Mail Merge, Document Columns, Styles, Headers and Footers, Clipart, Tables, Date codes, and Images. 

Word Tips and Techniques:

How to use Mail Merge
How to use Columns properly
How to use Styles to format your document
How to Cut, Copy, and Paste with Word
How to make a Header and Footer
How do I insert Clipart into my documents?
Laying Out Your Page with Tables
Inserting Automatic Date Codes in Word Documents
Formatting a Section of your Document with Columns
Inserting a Horizontal Line in your documents
Stop Pictures Moving Around on the Page
Making Word NOT automatically create hyperlinks
Changing Word’s Startup Documents Folder

Word Tutorial Articles:

Word: Different Headers & Footers

Word: Mail Merge Question

Word Video Tutorial:
Free Word Mail Merge Video Tutorial

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July 17, 2008

Web Design Articles and Tutorials from, Webpage Design for Designers, provides some of the best written Web Design Articles and Tutorials on the web today. Here are all of their web development topics, in  alphabetical order. These cover many areas of web design and development, take a look at the linked list below to find what you are looking to learn more about.

Web Design Tags for

 - accessibility
 - adobe dreamweaver
 - adobe dreamweaver cs3
 - bad design
 - basics
 - bland
 - bland and grand designs
 - bland design
 - branding
 - browsers
 - business
 - ClearType
 - cms
 - contact
 - content
 - creating more readable text
 - cs3
 - css
 - design
 - design redesign
 - designers
 - digest
 - divitis
 - divs
 - dreamweaver
 - dreamweaver cs3
 - eric
 - eric meyer
 - error
 - error page
 - expression
 - expression web
 - feedback
 - feel
 - focus
 - focus styles
 - font
 - font size
 - fonts
 - foundation
 - foundation of the web
 - freelance
 - frontpage
 - frontpage 2003
 - future
 - future development
 - good design
 - good web design
 - good website needs
 - grand
 - grand design
 - growing up
 - headings
 - height
 - html
 - html hooks
 - html5
 - humility
 - ie8
 - Internet Explorer
 - interviews jaredspool
 - jump
 - jump links
 - keeping up to date
 - layout
 - letter
 - letter spacing
 - lifestyle
 - line
 - line height
 - line-height
 - link styling
 - links
 - local development environment
 - logos
 - look and feel
 - looks
 - mamp
 - markup
 - meyer
 - microsoft frontpage
 - minimalitis
 - modx
 - myspace
 - navigation
 - news
 - non
 - organization
 - os x development
 - page
 - page weight
 - pages
 - part 1
 - past
 - photos
 - presentation
 - productivity
 - removing underline
 - removing underlines from links
 - reset
 - reset css
 - reset stylesheet
 - reset web design
 - robots
 - robots.txt
 - safe
 - sans serif
 - sans-serif
 - scan
 - scanning
 - semantics
 - serif
 - simple css
 - site map
 - sitemap
 - standardized
 - standardized markup
 - standards
 - stockphotos
 - styles
 - stylesheet
 - stylesheets
 - submit your design
 - tables
 - title
 - tomorrow
 - tutorial
 - twelve things most sites need
 - typography
 - usability
 - User Interface
 - version targeting
 - visual site designer
 - vsd
 - walkthrough
 - web
 - Web Design
 - web designer
 - web font
 - web pages
 - web safe fonts
 - web standards
 - webdesign
 - webpages
 - weekly
 - weekly digest
 - weight
 - Windows
 - X-UA-Compatible
 - youth
 - yui

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8 Flash Tutorials from Newtutorials

Here are 8 well done, illustrated Adobe Flash Tutorials from These show and teach several Flash features that you should have in your Flash skills repertoire. Flash gives web designers the ability to bring together video, text, audio, and graphics into compelling and interactive experiences that communicate and impart knowledge more effectively..

8 Adobe Flash Tutorials:

Cool Masking Effect
Cool Masking Effect
This Flash tutorial demonstrates how to do a cool effect, with masking.

Drop Down Menu
Flash Drop Down Menu
Discover how to create a Menu button (drop down menu) in Flash MX.

Preloader Tutorial
Flash Preloader Tutorial
Learn how to create a simple Flash Preloader.

Moving Lines Tutorial
Moving Lines Flash Tutorial
This Flash tutorial shows you how to use Tweening to create an animation in Flash MX.

Mouse Follower: Part 1
Mouse Follower: Part 1
How to have objects follow the mouse around the screen. (Part 1)

Mouse Follower: Part 2
Mouse Follwer: Part 2
How to have objects follow the mouse around the screen. (Part 2)

Rotating Objects in Flash
Rotating Objects in Flash
This Flash tutorial demonstrates how to rotate objects in Flash.

Flash Light Tutorial
Color Flashlight Tutorial
This tutorial shows you how to createa Color Flashlight Effect using Flash MX.

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12 Excel Tips and Articles

Here are 12 Excel Tips and Learning Articles, from, that will help you learn the the following Excel functionality: VLOOKUP / HLOOKUP Functions, IF Function, Autosum Button, Sorting, Working with Dates and Times, String Concatenation, and a Button to Change Values. 

6 Excel Tips:

Using VLOOKUP / HLOOKUP to find a value
Using the IF function to calculate sales tax
Dealing with ZIP codes that start with zero
Autosum Button not always working
Sorting Data in Excel 

6 Excel Learning Articles:

Excel: Separating Time & Date
Excel: Aged Accounts Receivable
Excel: Days Between Dates
Excel: String Concatenation
Excel: Button to Change Value
Excel VLOOKUP Function

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July 16, 2008

Tips and Articles for Microsoft Access

Here are several informative, free Access Tips, Techniques, and Articles for Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Microsoft Access users, from, which is a fee-based training site. These will help you learn how to use many important features and functions of Access so you can manage and present your data more efficiently. Some of these include: Parameter Queries, Forms Control, Calculated Query Fields, Time/Date Differences, Update Queries, Working with Relational Tables, Aggregate Queries, Using Two Combo Boxes, the DLookup Function, the IIF Function, and Many-to-Many Relationships.

Beginner Access Tips:

Creating a Parameter Query
   Entering criteria at run-time
String Concatenation
   FirstName & LastName together
Different Form Controls for Gathering User Input
Calculated Query Fields
   LineTotal: Price * Quantity
Form Control Wizards Not Starting

Intermediate Access Tips:

Number of Months Alive
   DateDiff, DateAdd, IIF, Round
Form Footer Totals
   Sum up the values on a form
Time/Date Differences
   Calculate the difference between two times/dates
Building an Update Query
   Changing field values automatically
Using a Relational Combo Box
   Selecting a customer on a related form
Making Relational Tables
   Proper Normalization Techniques
Getting Query Criteria from a Form
  Forms!FormName!Field Notation
Creating an Aggregate Query
   Adding up customer sales in a query

Advanced Access Tips:

Using MsgBox and vbYes to Close a Form
   Form Properties
Breaking Up Text Strings
   InStr, Replace, Left, Right, Trim
Incrementing Your Own Counter
   DMax Function, BeforeInsert Event
AfterUpdate Event
   Running VBA code after a field value is changed
Two Combo Boxes
   Filter one combo box by value selected in the other
Using the DLOOKUP Function
   Changing fields after pick a customer
Using the IIF Function
   Add IF/Then functionality to queries
Prevent Duplicate Values on Multiple Fields
  BeforeUpdate event
Resize a Form using VBA Code

Access Learning Articles:

Access Tip: MsgBox with vbYes
Access: Removing THE From Title Sorts
Access: Next Business Day
Access: Reading Outlook Calendar Data
Access: Recordset, File I/O Example
Access: Many-To-Many Relationships
Access: Checking a Sequence of Numbers
Access: Daylight Savings Time
Access: Recordsets & Inventory
Access: Calculate 2nd Monday in January

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Inserting Video Into PowerPoint Presentations

Here is a quick 2-page PowerPoint tutorial that explains How to Insert Video into your PowerPoint Presentation. It is provided by the Center for Educational Technology at Emory University, which provides informational software tutorials to assist faculty, students, and staff. To include video files in Powerpoint you must have them in a digital video file format. Although Powerpoint claims to support various dv formats, .avi files are the most reliable when playing on PCs. This 9-step PowerPoint tutorial is in pdf format and is 256kb in size.

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July 15, 2008

Flash MX Tutorials and Lessons

Here are some excellent Flash MX Tutorials and Lessons, hosted by the University of Tennessee of one of their web development courses. Most of the features demonstrated and taught by these tutorials are also applicable to later versions of Flash.

Flash MX Lessons
(2.0mb, unzips to Lessons folder)

In the Lessons folder, after unzipping, go to the Lessons folder to access the following Flash Lessons, in .swf format:
 - Getting Started with Flash
 - Illustrating in Flash
 - Adding and Editing Text
 - Creating and Editing Symbols
 - Understanding Layers
 - Creating Tweened Animation
 - Creating Buttons
 - For Director Users
 - For FreeHand and Illustrator Users
 - For Fireworks and Photoshop Users

Flash MX Tutorial
(3.7mb, unzips to pdf 4.3mb file, 90 pages)
Also, here are the Tutorial Files for this Flash Tutorial pdf document (11.3mb, unzips to Tutorials folder)

Chapter 1:
  Introduction to Flash MX Tutorial
  What you should know
  View the completed movie
  Analyze the stiletto.fla file
  Define properties for a new document and create a gradient background
  Create and mask vector art
  Tween bitmap effects within a movie clip
  Load dynamic text at runtime
  Add animation and navigation to buttons
  Add streaming and event sounds
  Organize your Library panel
  Test download performance and publish the movie
  The next steps

Chapter 2:
  Introduction to ActionScript Tutorial
  View a completed movie
  Initialize the movie
  Save and retrieve information
  Display information in a dynamic text box
  Write an expression
  Control the flow of the movie
  Create commands and reuse code
  Use a built-in object
  Test the movie
  The next steps

Chapter 3:
  Introduction to Components Tutorial
  Types of components
  View the completed form
  Create a form
  The next steps

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July 14, 2008

78 Free Excel 2007 Tutorial Videos

Here are 78 Free Excel 2007 Tutorial Videos (in Flash  format) from These are well done training tutorials for the following functionality in Excel 2007: Add-Ins Tab, Data Tab, Formulas Tab, Home Tab, Insert Tab, View Tab, Inspect and Encrypt the worksheet, Edit Fonts, Formta Cells, Find and Replace, Spell Check, Using the Thesaurus, Protect Sheets and Workbooks, Insert Pictures, Insert Clipart, Insert Shapes, Create Charts, Create Headers and Footers, Update the Theme, Display Sum of Cells, Change the Background, Undo and Redo, and the Quick Access Bar..

Excel 2007 Video Tutorials:

1.About the Add-Ins Tab
2. About the Data Tab
3. How to Delete a Cell
4. How to Delete a Column
5. How to Delete a Row
6. About the Formulas Tab
7. About the Home Tab
8. About the Insert Tab
9. How to Create a Document
10. How to Open a Document
11. About the Page Layout Tab
12. How to Print a Document
13. How to Use the Print Preview
14. How to Use the Quick Print
15. About the Review Tab
16. How to Save a Document
17. How to Use the Save As
18. How to Save as a Binary Document
19. How to Save for Excel 97-2003
20. How to Save as a Macro-Enabled
21. About the View Tab
22. Properties
23. Inspect Document
24. Encrypt Document
25. Mark as Final
26. Turn Mark as Final Off
27. Run Compatibility Checker
28. Change Font
29. Change Font Size
30. How to Put Text in Italics
31. How to Bold Text
32. How to Underline Text
33. How to Change the Text Color
34. How to Change the Cell Color
35. How to Center, Left or Right Justify
36. How to Change a Cell to Dollars
37. How to Change a Cell to Other Currencies
38. How to Put a Cell Into Percentage
39. How to Increase Decimal Places
40. How to Find Something On the Sheet
41. How to Replace Found Text
42. How to Use the Autosum Feature
43. How to Cut Something
44. How to Paste Something
45. How to Use the Spell Check
46. How to Use the Research Function
47. How to Use the Thesaurus
48. How to Use the Translate Function
49. How to Protect a Sheet
40. How to Create a Table
51. How to Zoom In/Out
52. How to Insert a Picture
53. How to Insert Clipart
54. How to Insert Shapes
55. How to Insert Smart Art
56. How to Create a Column Chart
57. How to Create a Line Chart
58. How to Create a Pie Chart
59. How to Create a Bar Chart
60. How to Create a Scatter Chart
61. How to Create a Area Chart
62. How to Add Hyperlinks
63. How to Insert a Text Box
64. How to Create a Header
65. How to Create a Footer
66. How to Insert Word Art
67. How to Insert a Object
68. How to Decrease Decimal Places
69. Into to Excel
70. How to Copy Something
71. How to Change the Theme
72. How to Display Sum of Cells
73. How to Change the Background
74. How to Protect a Workbook
75. How to Add a Sheet
76. How to Use the Undo Function
77. How to Use the Redo Function
78. About the Quick Access Bar

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60 Free Word 2007 Tutorial Videos

Here are 60 Free Word 2007 Tutorial Videos (in Flash  format) from These are excellent training modules for learning these features and tasks in Word 2007, including editing the fonts, creating a chart, adding clipart, creating headers and footers, home tab, insert tab, mailing tab, paragraph alignment, updating themes, using the thesaurus, add comments, tracking changes, adding graphics, creating tables, updating the style, performing a spell check, encrypting a document, creating bookmarks, make columns, and using watermarks.

Word 2007 Video Tutorials:

1. About the Add-Ins Tab
2. How to Change the Background Color
3. How to Make Font Bold
4. How to Change the Font
5. How to Change the Font Size
6. How to Create a Chart
7. How to Add Clipart
8. How to Change The Text Color
9. How to Create a Document Compatible with Microsoft Word 97-2003
10. How to Copy Text
11. How to Create a New Document
12. How to Cut Text
13. How to Create a Footer
14. How to Create a Header
15. About the Home Tab
16. About the Insert Tab
17. Intro to Microsoft Word 2007
18. How to Put Words in Italics
19. How to Left Justify, Right Justify, and Center
20. About the Mailings Tab
21. How to Insert Page Numbers
22. How to Insert Text Boxes
23. How to Change the Page Color
24. How to Change Themes
25. How to View the Word Count
26. How to Use The Thesaurus
27. How to Translate Text
28. How to Add a Comment
29. How to Track Changes
30. How to Use the Research Function
31. How to Open a Document
32. How to Change the Page Layout
33. How to Paste Text
34. How to Add a Picture
35. How to Print a Document
36. How to Do a Print Preview
37. How to Do a Quick Print
38. About the References Tab
39. About the Review Tab
40. How to Edit the Ribbon
41. How to Save a Document
42. How to Save a Document Compatible with Word 97-2007
43. How to Do a Spell Check
44. How to Change the Style
45. How to Create a Table
46. How to Save a Document as a Template
47. How to Underline Text
48. About the View Tab
49. How to Zoom
50. How to Modify Word Properties
51. How to Inspect a Document
52. How to Mark a Document as Final
53. How to Encrypt a Document
54. How to Turn Marked as Final Off
55. How to Create a Bookmark
56. How to Go to a Bookmark
57. How to Use Symbols
58. How to Make Columns
59. How to Change Orientation
60. How to Use a Watermark

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July 5, 2008

Free Internet Technologies Course

Here is the Internet Technologies Course from Rai OpenCourseware. The tutorials and lessons in this course review and cover serveral important Internet and Web development technologies, including networking and internetworking, OSI, TCP-IP, Internet Hubs and Bridges, Internet Routers, HTML, Java, Java AWT, Java Servlets, DHTML, and VB Script. These free Internet and Web training lessons are well illustrated and provide step-by-step instructions. The course tutorial lessons are in pdf format.

Course Lessons for Internet Technologies:

Networking & Internetworking
OSI & Tcp/Ip Model Interconnection: Maintaining End-To-End Service Through Multiple Providers
Internet Addresses
Internet Protocol Addresses Hubs And Bridges
Routing Router Security Switching & Internet Protocol Multicast Mobile Routing
Browsing The World Wide Web
Online Services
Hyper Text Markup Language
Hyper Text Mark Up Language-I
Frames & Graphic Designs
Learning The Java Language
Language Basics
Object Basics And Simple Data Objects
Classes And Inheritance
Java Input/ Output Streams
Introduction To AWT
Java Servlets
Scripting Introduction To VB Script

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July 4, 2008

Free Desktop Publishing Course

Rai OpenCourseware offers freely available course content, or courseware, which is literally a “treasure trove of knowledge and related resources”.  Their Computing Courses provide higher education and learning for Information Technology to all students and professionals who like to study and learn on their own. Educational institutions can also use this free course content.

Here is Rai OpenCourseware’s Desktop Publishing Training, that will teach you important publishing features and tasks of  Word, PowerPoint, Pagemaker. These free desktop publishing training tutorials are well illustrated and provide step-by-step instructions for using these applications. They are also available here, here, here, and here.

Desktop Publishing: An Introduction

 - Principles Of Layout And Design
 - Grids And Columns Layout
 - Creating, Saving, Navigating And Viewing A Word Document
 - Working With Multiple Documents,Windows And Text
 - Correcting Spelling And Grammer, Using Theasurus And Symbols
 - File Management And Advanced Printing Options
 - Quiz
 - Assignment

Learning About Powerpoint

 - Identifying Toolbars
 - Creating Custom Design Templates
 - Creating Bulleted Lists
 - Drawing Objects
 - Using Images And Other “Clip Art”
 - Animating The Presentation-I
 - Animating The Presentation-II
 - Giving An On Screen Presentation
 - Introduction To Photoshop Interface
 - Earse Tools, Paint, Gradient,Transformation
 - House Styles- Styles Guide & Typeface
 - Styles Guide- Headlines & Fonts
 - Projects

Introduction To Pagemaker

 - Pagemaker Toolbox
 - Laying Out A Pagemaker Document
 - Working With Text
 - Working With Text Exercises
 - Working With Graphic Objects
 - Using The Story Editor
 - Working With Multiple Pages
 - Quiz
 - DTP- Quiz

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Dreamweaver Tutorials from the University of California

Using Dreamweaver, you can create, view, and organize an entire web site. Although it is possible to start constructing a web site by composing individual pages, it is best to define and set up the general site structure ahead of time. Here are several excellent Dreamweaver Training Tutorials from the University of California. These will show and teach you how to use Dreamweaver’s features to set-up and create a web site, along with preparing images for it.

Dreamweaver Tutorials from the University of California:

Dreamweaver Tutorial
This 38-page, 5-part tutorial guides you through the process of creating a web site with Dreamweaver MX 2004. (38 pages, 2.9mb, pdf format)
   Part I deals with the basic tools.
   Part II tells how to put the material online.
   Part III pertains to site management, and more advanced topics.
   Part IV explains how to construct a style sheet
   Part V is a ready-to-use model for a course website

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July 3, 2008

Photoshop Tutorials from the University of California

Here are several well written Photoshop Training Tutorials from the University of California. These will show you how to use what the author considers the most useful and straight-forward Photoshop techniques for creating, preparing, and fixing images for web pages. They do not go into details about pixels, resolution, and color management.

Photoshop Tutorials:

 - Optimizing Images for the Web and PowerPoint (.doc, pdf, video-5.6mb)
 - Batch Processing in Photoshop (with emphasis on Cropping) (.doc, pdf)
 - Resizing Images (.doc, pdf)
 - Saving Images in Different File Formats (.doc, pdf, video-4.9mb)
 - Saving Images for the Web (.doc, pdf)

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial  (9 pages, 1.26mb, pdf format)
  I. Introduction
  II. Finding images
  III. To start this tutorial
  IV. Important Help
  V. Preparing digital images for website posting
  VI. Adding text
  VII. Improving appearance of graphs and figures
  VIII. Final image format

Photoshop Elements Tutorial  (9 pages, 852kb, pdf format)
Photoshop Elements is designed to be used with photos from digital camera images, it does have useful tools for editing Web images and it is much less costly than the full Photoshop.
  I. Introduction
  II. Finding images
  III. To start this tutorial
  IV. Important Help
  V. Preparing digital images for website posting
  VI. Adding text
  VII. Improving appearance of graphs and figures
  VIII. Final image format

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