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December 29, 2006

Excel Training Course Workbooks is a great software teaching and learning site that provides free training content for Microsoft Office and other applications. This site was developed by teachers, its coursework materials are high quality and are targeted to both students and teachers. Here are their Excel Training Course Workbooks that cover many of Excel’s basic and advanced features.

Excel Training Course Workbooks

Spreadsheet Workbook 1 (.doc)    

This training workbook shows you how to create a new spreadsheet using Excel. The following skills are covered:

  • Basic Formula – Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division
  • Basic Functions – SUM, AVG, MIN, MAX, COUNT
  • How to display formulae
  • Importance of resizing columns and rows to display data

Spreadsheet Workbook 2 (.doc)

This Training workbook shows you how to create a new spreadsheet using Excel. The following skills are covered:

  • Printing to one sheet only
  • Displaying grid lines on printouts
  • Displaying column letters and row numbers on printouts
  • Inserting name onto printouts
  • How to use custom headers/footers
  • Changing margins/page orientation
  • How to print a certain area of the sheet
  • How to hide/unhide columns
  • Changing formats e.g. decimal places, currency
  • Adding borders
  • Sorting data
  • Ski (.xls)
  • Ski  Holidy Budget Task  (.doc)
Students should download the ski.xls file to their area. They should then complete workbook 2 before being given a copy of ‘ski holiday budget task’ to complete.

Spreadsheet Workbook 3

This training workbook shows you how to create a new spreadsheet using Excel. The following skills are covered:

  • absolute cell references
  • if then formula

Spreadsheet Workbook 4 (.doc)

This training workbook shows you how to create a new spreadsheet using Excel. The following skills are covered:

  • nested IF formula
  • If (OR) formula
  • If (AND) formula

Spreadsheet Workbook 5 (.doc)

This training workbook shows you how to create a new spreadsheet using Excel. The following skills are covered:

More Training for learning some of Excel’s advanced features:

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Introduction to Photoshop Tutorial

Here is a good Photoshop tutorial teaching you many of the important tools and features of this graphics editing and manipulation application. It is provided by the Information and Instructional Technology Services department at the University of Rhode Island. (9 pages, 65 kb, pdf format)

Introduction to Photoshop Tutorial

Photoshop Course Objectives:

  • Learn how to use the tools in the tool box.
  • Set the Option Settings for the various tools. How to make a selection with-in an image.
  • Demonstrate how to make and save a Path
  • Provide an overview of what a Layer is and how to work with Layers
  • Accomplish some hands on digital editing and retouching.
  • Construct a complex digital image.

These Photoshop Tools and Features are Taught:
  • Adding Layers
  • Airbrush and Paintbrush Tools
  • Channels
  • Digital Editing
  • Eraser Tool
  • Eyedropper
  • Foreground and Background color
  • Gradient Tool
  • Lasso and Polygon Tools
  • Layers
  • Line Tool
  • Magic Wand Tool
  • Modifying Selections
  • Modifying Selections
  • Move Tool
  • Paint Bucket
  • Painting Tools
  • Pen Tool, Paths, and Layers
  • Pencil Tool
  • Saving and Loading Selections
  • Select an image
  • Selection Tools
  • Smudge Tool
  • The Pen Tool and Paths
  • The Rubber Stamp Tool
  • Type Tool
  • Using the Zoom Tool
  • Viewing Images

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December 21, 2006

132 More Excel Tutorials and Tips

Here is a rich group of 132 Excel tutorials and tips covering the Excel Environment, Excel’s Menus, Other Applications and Excel, Reference Resources for Excel. These free training Excel pages are offered by MrExcelChip Pearson, and John Walkenbach, which, as a whole, provide over 500 Excel Articles and Tutorials.

These Excel Tutorials and Tips are shown here in the following categories:

The Excel Environment

Menus - Working with Excel’s Menus 
Other Applications and Excel

Reference Resources for Excel

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December 20, 2006

84 Excel Tutorials and Tips

Here is an excellent set of 84 Excel articles, tutorials, and tips covering Excel 2007 New Features, Links and Hyperlinks, Drawing Objects in Excel, and General Excel Topics. These tips and tutorials are provided by these well developed Excel tutorial sites: MrExcelChip Pearson, and John Walkenbach, hosting a total of over 500 Excel Tutorials.

These  Excel Tutorials and Tips are listed below in these categories:

Excel 2007 New Features 
Links and Hyperlinks in Excel

Drawing Objects in Excel

General Excel Topics

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Graphic Imaging Editing Tutorial using Photoshop

Here is a Graphic Imaging Editing Tutorial that teaches the basics of creating, manipulating, and preparing graphics for the Web. You will learn how to acquire an image from a file, camera, or scanner and then work on it in image editing software. This image editing tutorial then shows you how to do the basic editing necessary to make the image ready for the Web. These images are also are able to be used in a presentation application, such as PowerPoint, or in a favorite word processor, such as Word.

Graphic Image Editing Workshop

Four Steps to Graphic Image Editing

Acquire the Image

Save in the File Format of Your Graphic Image Editing Software

Alter the Image

Save as in the File Format for Your Project

Which Graphic Format Should I Use?

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December 16, 2006

Simple HTML Tutorial

HTML is an abbreviation for HyperText Markup Language and is what is used to program web pages. It is used by placing HTML tags and codes into text (marking up the text) so that  web browsers can understand it and display it as the author has designed the page.

Here are several methods on programming web pages with HTML:

  • using a regular text editor to write the web page content and manually place the HTML tags and code into and around the text. Not very easy for large web pages and sites. Many freeware text editors are available on the web.
  • using an HTML editor; which functions as a text editor, except the HTML tags and code are inserted around the text by using menu options and buttons. Arachnophilia is one of these tools.
  • using a word processor, such as Word or’s Writer, and saving the file in HTML format. One downside to using Word with this method, is the file will be much larger than needed and Microsoft proprietary codes will be inserted along with standard HTML.
  • using a GUI web page editor, as FrontPage or Nvu, with which you design, construct and write the web page, and in the background the application writes the HTML code for you.
This tutorial will teach you the HTML tags and code required for developing you own web pages. You can write your web pages in a text editor using HTML code, or you can first use a GUI editor and then edit the HTML directly to tweek the way the page looks and displays. 

Simple HTML Tutorial

Lesson 1 - Preparation

Lesson 2 - The Stylesheet

Lesson 3 - Basic Tags

Lesson 4 - Tables

Lesson 5 - Lists

Lesson 6 - Java

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December 15, 2006

Microsoft Access Database Tutorial offers this Microsoft Access tutorial giving you step-by-step instructions on how to create and develop a commercial-grade database application. It beings with teaching database modeling, which deals with the actual design of the database before it’s created. After designing database, you will learn how to develop the required database objects and learn how to use them. A simple application (Video Rental Store) is demonstrated showing how Microsoft Access is used in business. This database application assists with gaining an understanding of how users can deploy Access using its database management tools and facilities.

Microsoft Access Database Tutorial

Lesson 1 - Microsoft Access Introduction

Lesson 2 – Designing the application – tables, fields, data types, properties

Lesson 3 – Creating the database – primary key, creating tables

Lesson 4 – Defining Table relationships – referential integrity, primary and foreign keys

Lesson 5 – Entering data into Tables – data view, sorting and ordering

Lesson 6 – Creating data-entry forms – data validation, default values

Lesson 7 – Building simple Queries – sorting, selection criteria, working with dates

Lesson 8 - More complex Queries – multiple tables, linking, functions

Lesson 9 – Creating a Master/Detail form

Lesson 10 – The Microsoft Access Application Menu – the Switchboard

Lesson 11 – Creating Macros – autoexec, conditions

Lesson 12 – Writing Reports

Lesson 13 – Sales Analysis Reports with Microsoft Access

Lesson 14 – Action Queries – Updating data

 Download Area- sample Microsoft Access databases

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Photoshop Tutorials from Learn2Photoshop is a Photoshop Tutorial website that offers Adobe Photoshop tutorials making digital photographic manipulation easy and fun for everyone, from amateurs to seasoned programmers.  The creative web and game design techniques taught be these photoshop tutorials cover: teaching texturing techniques, layer effects, tilable textures, and keying green backdrops.

5 Photoshop Tutorials from Learn2Photoshop

1)  Texturing Techniques: The Cabinet Case-Study – Part 1

This tutorial teaches true photo-texturing, versus the lazy-man’s way of selecting an image, resizing it, saving it and calling it texture.  This is known as (photorape).  Using a high-resolution photo image that has issues of flash spots from the camera, barrel distortion and rotation, and color inaccuracy, Part 1 of this study addresses the barrel distortion and rotation.

2)  Texturing Techniques: The Cabinet Case-Study – Part 2

Using the same high-resolution photo image as in Part 1, this tutorial  case study (Part 2) addresses the last problem to be fixed — flash spots from the camera, which are hard to remove and are a dead give-away for photorape.

3)  Layer Effects Explained

Assuming a very basic knowledge and understanding of layers and simple tools, this tutorial explain some layer effects and blending options using demos for each.  These are:  Drop Shadow, Inner Shadow, Outer Glow, Inner Glow, and also Bevel and Emboss 

4)  The easiest way to make tileable textures with PhotoShop7 or above

This is a true newby guide and the author encourages the reader to feel free to cut and paste the first image (a cropped photo of grass)  into Photoshop for actually trying out the techniques taught in the tutorial.  Here you will learn to remove tell-tale signs like seam lines between tiles using the healing brush tool.

5)  Keying Green Backdrops (original tutorial is here)

This tutorial is about editing photos with a green backdrop and at the end discusses editing photos with a translucent image.  In this tutorial, objects will be separated from green backdrops with precision, including learning how to mask fine strands of hair and also a translucent glass vase.  Techniques taught are identifying green areas, creating a black and white layer to represent the transparency of the image, using the channel mixer tool, adjusting the green backdrop with the Hue/Saturation Tool and removing green edge artifacts.

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December 13, 2006

Microsoft Project and Gantt Chart Tutorials

This is a nicely illustrated, 2-page tutorial covering Microsoft Project that introduces you to Project and demonstrates its basic functionality. This application has many features and capabilities and some of the most important are shown in this tutorial.

Microsoft Project Tutorial

Gantt Charts are an important concept that is used in Microsoft Project and its important to understand how to use these types of charts. Here is a 4 page GANTT Chart Tutorial (pdf) that discusses project planning basics (tasks, milestones, work breakdown statements) and how to use Project to make Gantt Charts. Also, here is how to Design the GANTT Chart (pdf).

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Dreamweaver Video Tutorials

Here are’s Dreamweaver Training Videos teaching you how to use the features of Dreamweaver, Adobe’s GUI Web Development application. These will help you learn how to use Dreamweaver’s features in regards to Setting up a new site, Templates, Images, Tables, Hyperlinks and Menus, Formatting Text, Behaviours. By viewing these training videos, you can learn Dreamweaver by watching what happens on the screen, and then try out the features shown for yourself. offers many Free Video Tutorials on various software applications

Dreamweaver Training Topics:

Dreamweaver Video Tutorials dreamweaver
  Setting up a new site
newsite New site – setting one up
home Home page – setting one up
newpage New pages – adding more pages
title Page titles – labelling pages
sitemap Site map – viewing your site
Adding Page Content
Viewing the HTML code
Setting up a new template
Creating a new page from a template
template Applying a template to an existing page
Resizing Images
banner Page Banners
Aligning images and text
Creating hotspots on images
table Setting up a tables
Adding a coloured background
merging Merging cells in a table
  Hyperlinks and Menus
menu Menu - creating a simple menu
rollover Rollover buttons
flash button Flash menu buttons
anchor Anchors
Linking to a document
Linking to an external website
Creating an email link
Creating hotspots on images
flash button Flash text as a link
  Formatting Text
fontstyle Font Style
heading Heading Style
Font Size
Font Colour
bullets Bullet Points
Indenting Text
flash button Flash text
Popup text box
Swapping one image for another

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December 12, 2006

Excel Video Tutorials

Here are’s training videos teaching you how to use the features of Excel, Microsoft’s Office Spreadsheet application. These will help you learn how to perform the following functions using Excel: Formatting (colors, borders, cells, tabs, text), Inserting, Deleting, Moving, Charts (type, colors, new chart, labels), Validation, Formulas (autofil, sum, percent, average, min, max, vlookup), Printing, Sorting, and Searching . Using these training videos and can learn these Excel features by watching what happens on the screen, and then trying it yourself. These are some of the many Free Video Tutorials on various software applications that offers.

Excel Tutorial Topics:

Excel Video Tutorials
Background colours
Column Widths
Merging cells
Tabs - renaming
Wrapping text
Footer - inserting
Row - deleting a row
Row - inserting a new one
Worksheet - making a copy
Worksheet - deleting one
Worksheet - inserting a new one
Axis - changing values
Chart type – changing it
Colours - changing them
New chart – making one
Pie chart – adding labels
Drop down pick list
Autofill - copying formulas
Addition formula
SUM formula
Multiplication formula
Percentage formula
Average formula
Min formula
Max formula
VLOOKUP formula
Absolute Cell Reference
Formulas - showing them
Formulas - hiding them
Orientation - Portrait/Landscape
Print Preview
Print area – how to set it
Printing to one page
Row and column headers – displaying
  Sorting & Searching
Sorting data in a table
Goal Seek

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Flash Video Tutorials

Here are’s free Flash Training Videos teaching you how to use several important features of Flash, Adobe’s popular web animation application. These will help you learn how to perform the basics, create and use buttons, graphics, and animations with Flash. Using these training videos, you can learn Flash by watching what happens on the screen, and then trying out the functions for yourself. These are part of the many Free Video Tutorials on various software applications that

Flash Training Topics:

Flash Video Tutorials flash video tutorials
Opening Flash
Adding Layers
Selecting objects
Stretching/shrinking an object
Rotating an object
Showing gridlines
Adding a sound file
Stopping a movie from looping
Converting an object to a symbol
Importing images to the library
Inserting images from the library
Publishing your movie
Drawing button shapes
Converting buttons to symbols
Adding an ‘over’ state to a button
Drawing a pencil line
Changing the pencil end caps
Drawing a rectangle
Drawing a circle
Drawing a ball
Adding colours to an object
Changing the stage background colour
Adding gradients
Overlaying objects
Tracing an image
Making a ball ‘bounce’
Making an image ‘spin’
Fading an image in and out
Zooming in and out to an image
Removing ‘jerky’ zooming effects
Stopping a movie from looping

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December 8, 2006

Great PHP Tutorials

If you need to get training on how to code your web pages and sites with PHP, then take a look at my post on Home and Learn’s Beginners PHP Tutorials. After going through these PHP tutorials you will be able to start coding with PHP immediately. The following PHP topics are taught here: Conditional Logic, HTML Forms,Loops, Arrays, String Manipulation, Functions, Security, Working with Files, Date and Time, PHP and MySQL, and User Authentication. The last 2 tutorial sections teach you how to code your own web Survey and web Forum using PHP.

PHP Topics to Learn:

  1. Introduction
  2. Getting Started
  3. Conditional Logic
  4. HTML Forms
  5. PHP Loops
  6. Arrays and PHP
  7. String Manipulation
  8. Create your own Functions
  9. Security Issues
  10. Working with Files
  11. Date and Time
  12. PHP and MySQL
  13. User Authentication
  14. Build your own Survey
  15. Build your own Forum

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Web Design HTML Course and CSS Tutorials provides some excellent free computer training, including this Web Design Course and these Cascading Style Sheet Tutorials. These course lessons and tutorials will teach you how to create web pages using HTML and CSS. To begin, first read their Introduction to the Web Design Course to see more about what you will learn, and to download their free HTML editor.

Web Design HTML and CSS Topics:

Web Design Course Tutorials

> Section One – A first Web Page

1 Anatomy of a Web Page

2 The Five Minute Web Page
3 The HTML Skeleton
4 Adding Colours to Web Pages

> Section Two – Images and the Web
1 inserting images into a web page
2 Image Types
3 Design a Web Page with and Image

4 Image Alignment
5 Image Tag Reference

> Section Three – HTML Text Formatting
1 Text Colour, Headings, Centre
2 Bold, Italics, Sub and Superscript
3 The Font Tag

4 HTML Bullets and Lists
5 Horizontal Rules
6 Extra HTML Formatting Tags

> Section Four – Adding Links with HTML
1 What is a Hyperlink?
2 Anchors
3 Target and Bookmark Links
4 Email Links

5 Navigational Icons as Links
6 HTML Image Maps
7 Links to Other File Types

> Section Five – HTML Tables
1 Data Presentation
2 Creating a HTML Table
3 Rowspan and Colspan
4 Aligning Contents in a Cell

5 Tables and Cell Colours
6 Using Images in Tables
7 Nested Tables

> Section Six – HTML Forms
1 Introduction to HTML Forms
2 Textboxes and Textareas
3 Option Buttons, Chexboxes, Submit, Reset

4 Aligning Form Elements
5 HTML List Boxes
6 Passwords, Buttons, Image Buttons, Hidden Elements

> Section Seven – HTML Frames
1 Setting up the Frame Document
2 Frame Targetting
3 Creating a Frame Document

4 Inserting Target Links
5 Frames in Rows and Columns

Cascading Style Sheet Tutorials

> Section One – How to Set Up a Style Sheet
1 An Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets
2 Adding the Style Tags to your HTML page
3 Style Sheet Rules
4 Where to put your Styles

> Section Two – Formatting Text with Style Sheets

1 Using Selectors to set a Font Colour

2 A CSS MouseOver
3 Change the Background colour behind Text
4 Add a Border around Text
5 Margings and Indents

Download a Style Sheet Reference

(54 kb, CHM help file)

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FrontPage Video Tutorials

Here are’s training videos teaching you how to use the features of Frontpage, Microsoft’s GUI Web Site Editor. These videos will help you learn many Frontpage features related to: formatting, content, images, hyperlinks, backgrounds, and tables. Because one of the best ways to learn how a software application works is watching it being used, by using these training videos you can learn Frontpage by watching what happens on the screen, and then try it yourself. This site offers many Free Video Tutorials on various software applications.

Learn these Frontpage Topics:

FrontPage Video Tutorials Frontpage Video Tutorials
  Setting up a new site
newsiteNew site – setting one up
newpageNew pages – adding more pages
Opening pages
heading Viewing how pages look
Saving your work
bullets Bullet Points
Font Colour
Horizontal Line
tableAdding content
Images - adding one
banner Page Banners
  Hyperlinks and Menus
sitemapMenu - creating one from a theme
rolloverMenu - interactive menu buttons
menuHyperlinks to a page in your site
Hyperlinks to external sites
Changing the colours of hyperlinks
Theme - adding a theme
Theme - removing a theme
Theme - customising a theme
Coloured background
tableSetting up a tables
Adding a coloured background
mergingMerging cells in a table
anchor Table borders
fontstyleText alignment in tables

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8 Word Video Tutorials

Here are’s training videos teaching you how to use the features of Word, which is the word processor in Microsoft’s Office Suite of applications. These videos will help you learn the following Word features: footers, page numbers, bullet points, mail merge, tabs, and table of contents. Learn these Word topics by watching what happens on the screen, and then trying it yourself. This site offers many Free Video Tutorials on various software applications.

8 Word Video Tutorials Microsoft Word Video Training
Adding a footer with a file name and path
video tutorial word processing Inserting page numbers 
video tutorial word Inserting bullet points 
video tutorial word Customizing bullet points
  Mail Merge
Mail merging from a database
Mail merging from a spreadsheet
  Additional Features
Table of Contents

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December 7, 2006

Microsoft Access Video Tutorials

One of the best ways to learn how a software application works is to watch it being used via screen videos. provides many Free Video Tutorials on various software applications. Here are their training videos teaching you how to use the features of Access, Microsoft’s Office Database application. These will help you learn how to perform the following functions using Access: field and input validation, creating simple and complex queries, creating a report from a query, designing and using tables, filtering and sorting tables, and creating and customizing forms and subforms. Using these training videos, you can learn Access by watching what happens on the screen, and then try it yourself. 

Microsoft Access Video Tutorials
  Starting off
Creating a new database
Validation rule and text - To allow a specific choice of options e.g. male or female
Required Field
Basic Input Mask
Creating a query from one table
Creating a query from more than one table
Adding a field to an existing query
Creating an ‘OR’ query
Creating a ‘NOT’ query
Creating an ‘IS NULL’ query (to find blank records)
Creating a query to search between two dates
Creating a query using a WILDCARD
Creating a report from a query
Creating a table
Data types – setting appropriate ones
Design view – change from datasheet view
Field length
Indexed Field
Primary Key
Drop down list
Records - adding new
Relationships - creating
Relationships - deleting
Required Field
Creating a new form using the Wizard
Customising your form
Adding macro buttons
Field - adding a missing one to a form
Records - adding new
video tutorial for creating a subform Subforms
Creating a Switchboard Form
Setting the Switchboard to be the opening screen

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December 6, 2006

7 PowerPoint Video Tutorials

One of the best ways to learn how a software application works is to watch it being used via screen videos. provides many Free Video Tutorials on various software applications. Here are their training videos teaching you how to use some of the features of PowerPoint. These will help you learn how to perform the following functions using PowerPoint: creating a new slideshow, adding a new slide, formatting bullet points, adding the date and time to footers, adding animation, performing slide transitions, and creating hyperlinks.

7 PowerPoint Video Tutorials

Starting Off

PPT video tutorial Creating a new Powerpoint slideshow
PPT video tutorial New slide – adding one


video tutorial powerpoint Bullet points – changing the style
video tutorial PPT Date and time – adding to footers

Developing Your Presentation

video tutorial on powerpoint Animation – adding to text and images
video tutorial on powerpoint Slide transitions
video tutorial powerpoint Hyperlinks to other slides

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December 5, 2006

Web Design Library

Here is my blog post about the Web Design Library,  which offers a large collection of Web Design Tutorials using Phothoshop, Flash, HTML, CSS,  PHP, and Javascript. Also check out the Editor’s Picks.

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Free Microsoft Excel Course

Here is an excellent Free Microsoft Excel Course that gives you 12 lessons to learn this important word processor application. Each lesson, or section, provides several tutorials on how to perform the features and functions being taught. These Excel course tutorials cover many topics and features of this spreadsheet application, including Charting, Math Operators, Functions, Conditional Logic, Scenarios, Goal Seek, Pivot Tables, Data Validation, and Web Integration. 

Microsoft Excel Course Lessons

> Section One – Getting Started with Excel  
1 What is a Spreadsheet?

2 Launching and Exploring Excel

3 Entering data into a Spreadsheet

4 How to Widen Rows and Columns in Excel

5 Centring Data in a Cell

6 Font formatting in Excel

7 Saving your work

8 Project One

> Section Two - Entering Data into Cells  
1 The Spreadsheet

2 AutoFill

3 Entering formulas in Excel

4 Adding up with SUM

> Section Three - Extending the Spreadsheet  
1 Adding up Rows in Excel

2 Copy and Paste in Excel

3 Multiplying

4 Weekly and Annual Sums

5 Adding Comments to Cells

6 Project Two

> Section Four - Excel Charts  
1 Sorting Data

2 Create a Bar Chart

3 Formatting the Chart

4 Resizing the Chart

5 Creating a Pie Chart

6 Project Three

> Section Five – Math Operators in Excel  
1. The Basic Operators

2. Combining mathematical Operators

3. Project Four- A Budget spreadsheet
> SectionSix – An Introduction to Functions  

1. The Average Function

2. Date Functions in Excel

3. The Time Function

4. Financial Functions in Excel

> Section Seven - Conditional Logic  

1.Conditional Logic

2. Conditional Formatting

3. The CountIF Function

2. The AND and SUMIF functions in Excel

> Section Eight - Tables, Scenarios, Goal Seek  

1. Excel Tables, Part One

2. Excel Tables, Part Two

3. Scenarios in Excel

4. How to use Goal Seek

> Section Nine - Reference, Range, Pivot Table  
1. Absolute versus Relative cell referencing

2. Named Ranges in Excel

3. Using Named Ranges

4. What is a Pivot Table?

5. How to Create a Pivot Table in Excel

6. Extending the Pivot Table

> Section Ten - Input Forms, Data Validation  

1. Data Input Forms in Excel

2. Data Validation in Excel (Drop down lists)

3. Displaying Error Messages
> Section Eleven – Web Integration  

1. Web Integration and Excel

2. How to Create a Web Query in Excel

3. Web Query, Part Two

4. How to Add Hyperlinks in Excel

> Section Tweleve – Extras  

1. Insert a spreadsheet into a Word document

2. Reference a formula in a different Worksheet

3. Insert drawing objects into spreadsheets

4. Insert images into Excel

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