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February 28, 2006

Microsoft Office 2000 Tutorials

Bay City Public Schools offer the these excellent Office 2000 tutorials covering Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Publisher. These can also be used for learning the more recent versions of these applications, as most of the features are the same.

Microsoft Office 2000 Tutorials

Word Icon Microsoft Word:- Microsoft Word 2000 provides powerful tools for creating and sharing professional word processing documents. Click here for help on Microsoft Word. Take a Virtual Tour on Microsoft’s website by clicking Microsoft Word 2000 Virtual Tour.

Excel Icon Microsoft Excel:- Microsoft Excel 2000 With Microsoft Excel 2000, you can create detailed spreadsheets for viewing and collaboration. Create customized formulas for your data and analyze it with the easy to construct charts. Click here for help on Microsoft Excel. Take a Virtual Tour on Microsoft’s website by clicking Microsoft Excel 2000 Virtual Tour.

PowerPoint Icon Microsoft PowerPoint:- Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 provides a complete set of tools for creating powerful presentations. Organize and format your material easily, illustrate your points with your own images or clip art, and even broadcast your presentations over the web. Click here for help on Microsoft PowerPoint. Take a Virtual Tour on Microsoft’s website by clicking Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 Virtual Tour.

Access Icon Microsoft Access:- Microsoft Access 2000 gives you powerful new tools for managing your databases. Share your database with co-workers over a network, find and retrieve information quickly, and take advantage of automated, pre-packaged wizards and solutions to quickly create databases. Click here for help on Microsoft Access. Take a Virtual Tour on Microsoft’s website by clicking Microsoft Access 2000 Virtual Tour.

Publisher Icon Microsoft Publisher:- Microsoft Publisher 2000 helps you easily create, customize, and publish materials such as newsletters, brochures, flyers, catalogs, and Web sites. Publish easily on your desktop printer. Click here for help on Microsoft Publisher. Take a Virtual Tour on Microsoft’s website by clicking Microsoft Publisher 2000 Virtual Tour.

Tizag’s HTML Tutorial and Web Site Design Articles

Here is a great HTML tutorial for learning how to code and develop web pages using HTML. Here you will learn the basics of the Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML), so that you can make your own web pages and feel comfortable using this text mark-up language. Creating an HTML document is easy. To begin coding HTML you need only two things: a simple text editor and the dedication to follow this tutorial. Also included here are their web site design tutorial articles.

Tizag’s HTML Tutorial

Beginner’s Web Site Creating Guide
In this tutorial you will be transcribing code into notepad and then viewing it with a web browser.

HTML Tutorial Introduction
Text Links
Image Links
Music Code
Color Chart

Special Tags:

Line Breaks
Horizontal Rule

Formatting Tags:

Subscript Strikethrough

HTML Forms:

Text Fields
Hidden Fields

Tizag’s Web Site Design Articles

Beginner Articles
Advanced Articles

February 27, 2006

18 Free Web Development Books

Here is an Online Books Library from Eastern Mediterranean University containing the following 18 free books covering web design and development, and specifically CGI, Java Applets, JavaScript, HTML, Perl, SQL, TCP-IP, and Web Publishing. These books are somewhat dated, but still offer good useful information and understanding on how to implement web sites with these technologies.

CGI Developer’s Guide
CGI Manual of Style Online
Creating Commercial Web Sites
Creating Web Applets with Java
Developing Professional Java Applets
HTML 3.2 and CGI Professional Reference Ed. Unleashed
HTML By Example,
Laura Lemay’s Web Workshop Graphics Web Page Design
Laura Lemay’s Web Workshop JavaScript
Perl Quick Reference
Perl 5 By Example
Special Addition Using Perl for Web Programming
Special Edition Using Javascript
Teach Yourself HTML 3.2 in 24 Hours
Teach Yourself Perl 5 in 21 Days, Second Edition
Teach Yourself SQL in 21 Days, Second Edition
Teach Yourself TCP-IP in 14 Days, Second Edition
Teach Yourself WEB Publishing with HTML in 14 Days

Photoshop Tutorials from Mike’s Sketch Pad

Mike’s Sketch Pad offers many free Adobe Photoshop tutorials, tips and techniques. These tutorials will show you how to use Photoshop layers, channels, textures, clipping paths, text effects and drop shadows plus other undocumented tips and techniques. Photoshop is the industry standard image editing program. Photoshop is capable of so much and yet it does it all so well. Whether you prepare images for print media or the Internet, Photoshop should be included in your tool chest of graphics applications. Use these Photoshop tutorials to increase your skills.

Photoshop Tutorials from Mike’s Sketch Pad

Opening/Closing Paths
Modifying Paths / Points
Using Clipping Paths
Keyboard Shortcuts
Shortcut Examples
Pen Tutorial Templates
Pen Tips
Custom Textures 1
Custom Textures 2
Custom Textures 3
Tiling Textures 1
Tiling Textures 2
One-Pixel Brush
Layer Basics 1
Layer Basics 2
Layer Basics 3
Layer Basics 4
Layer Basics 5
Layer Basics 6
Layer Basics 7
Layer Basics 8
Channel Basics 1
Channel Basics 2
Drop Shadows 1
Drop Shadows 2
Halo Text Effect 1
Halo Text Effect 2
Cool Hand Dingbat
Defringing Halos 1
Defringing Halos 2
Defringing Halos 3
Defringing Halos 4
Defringing Halos 5
Defringing Halos 6
Defringing Halos 7
Clear Text Effect 1
Clear Text Effect 2
Clear Text Effect 3
Clear Text Effect 4
Clear Text Effect 5
EPS Files 1
EPS Files 2
EPS Files 3

Photo Retouching Tutorials:
Photoshop Levels Adjustment – Part 1a
Photoshop Levels Adjustment – Part 1b
Photoshop Levels Adjustment – Part 1c
Photoshop Levels Adjustment – Part 2a
Photoshop Levels Adjustment – Part 2b
Photoshop Levels Adjustment – Part 3

Free Online KeyStone Learning Systems Courses for Word, Excel, Powerpoint

This is KeyStone Learning Systems free course try-out for Excel 2003, PowerPoint 2003, Word 2003 courses. After logging into their course web site, you can select from the courses they have available, which are listed here. After selecting the course, its topics will be listed on the left navigation column. All topics are freely accessible, but for a limited time. When clicking on a topic you may be required to agree to a free license that is good for one day. Free Online Desktop Courses Web Site: Username: desktop0602 Password: keystone Course Descriptions Excel 2000 Level 02 Intermediate Course Topics: Course Introduction 1.0 Changing Worksheet Layout 1.1 Inserting Columns, Rows and Cells 1.2 Deleting Columns, Rows and Cells 1.3 Moving Cells 1.4 Copying Cells 2.0 Additional Formatting 2.1 Formatting Cell Attributes and Alignment 2.2 Borders 2.3 Numeric Formatting 2.4 Center Text Across Columns 2.5 Hiding & Unhiding Columns & Rows 3.0 Printing 3.1 Using Print Preview and Page Setup 3.2 Printing Controls 3.3 Using Page Break Preview 4.0 Using Cell References 4.1 Absolute References 4.2 Mixed References 5.0 Tools Options Command 5.1 Show/Hide Gridlines 5.2 Show/Hide Formulas 5.3 Recently Used Files List 5.4 Sheets in New Workbook 5.5 Default Settings Quizzes 1 ,2, 3, 4, 5 Keynotes Sample Files PowerPoint 2003 Level 2 Course Topics: 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Creating Slides for Intermediate Lessons 2.0 Formatting Text Based Content 2.1 Formatting Text Based Content 3.0 Formatting Pictures, Shapes and Graphics 3.1 Clip Art 3.2 Photographs 3.3 Animations 3.4 Shapes 4.0 Formatting Slides 4.1 Color 4.2 Texture 4.3 Templates 5.0 Applying Slide Transitions 5.1 Applying Slide Transitions 6.0 Applying Animation Schemes 6.1 Applying Animation Schemes 7.0 Working with Slide Masters 7.1 Slide Masters 8.0 Adding, Editing and Deleting Comments 8.1 Adding, Editing and Deleting Comments 9.0 Comparing and Merging Presentations 9.1 Comparing and Merging Presentations Quizzes for sections 1 through 9 Sample Files Word 2003 Level 2 Course Topics: 1.0 Managing Documents 1.1 Document Views 1.2 Working with Multiple Documents 1.3 File and Folder Management 2.0 Additional Editing Tools 2.1 Find and Replace 2.2 Sorting Text 2.3 Format Painter 3.0 Page Layout 3.1 Margins and Page Setup 3.2 Page Breaks 4.0 Customizing Word 4.1 Changing Defaults 5.0 Understanding Formatting in Word 5.1 Formatting Choices 5.2 Reveal Formatting Task Pane 6.0 Paragraph Formatting 6.1 Tabs 6.2 Indents and Line Breaks 6.3 Bullets and Numbering 6.4 Borders and Shading 7.0 Document Formatting 7.1 Numbering Pages 7.2 Headers and Footers 8.0 Mail Merge Basics 8.1 Understanding Mail Merge and Form Letters 8.2 Mailing Labels 9.0 Introduction to Graphics 9.1 Inserting Clip Art 9.2 Drawing and Modifying Shapes Quizzes for sections 1 through 9 Sample Files Online System Requirements: - Internet Explorer 5.5 or above (IE6 Recommended) (download) - Windows Media Player 9 or above (download latest version) - Windows 2000 or above (Windows XP recommended) - Broadband Internet Connection (256K download speed or above)

February 24, 2006

Visibone Webmaster’s Color Lab

This is the Visibone Color Lab, a 216-color Webmaster palette which will help you select the most optimum colors for the theme of your web site. Discover the colors you need and like, then learn their hex, rgb, and cmyk values, along with views of how contrasting and complementary colors appear side by side. RBC – Visibone Webmaster’s Color Lab:

Microsoft Access Tutorials hosts the following well designed and written intermediate to advanced Access training tutorials in pdf format. Microsoft Access Tutorials: 1. Preface: 2. Scenario: 3. Data modeling: 4. Introduction to Access: 5. Tables: 6. Foreign keys: 7. Relationships: 8. Importing and linking: 9. ODBC: 10. Basic QBE: 11. Calculated fields: 12. Basic SQL: 13. Forms: 14. Subforms: 15. Bound controls: 16. Parameter queries: 17. Action queries:

February 23, 2006

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook Tutorials

Here are several free training tutorials for Micosoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. These cover the basics and some intermediate features of  these applications. These tutorials are provided by the Aspira Community Technology Center.

Microsoft Office Tutorials

Word Excel Powerpoint Outlook Email Access Database

Free Instructional Guides for FrontPage and Dreamweaver

The following are 7 well written and comprehensive free training guides for FrontPage and Dreamweaver. These are provided by Penn State Erie College.

Free Instructional Guides for FrontPage and Dreamweaver

These 3 Front Page guides cover how to use the basic features of FrontPage in a step-by-step instructional method.

Creating Forms using FrontPage 2000 (36 pages)
Guide on how to create a Web page form to collect information from a visitor. Instructions are also provided for using the Formmail script (which sends the data to the designated recipient).

FrontPage 2000 Hints (6 pages)
Quick hints on how to:  switch between opened web pages, insert a blank line above or below a table, preview a web page at different resolutions, enable/disable the ability to open web pages created in Office, remove formatting from text that is pasted from Microsoft Word, and import Microsoft Word text without inline styles.

Here are 2 Dreamweaver Guides to help you learn  this web development application:

Dreamweaver 8: Configuration and Site Definition (24 pages)

Dreamweaver 8 at a Glance (24 pages)

February 22, 2006

Software Learning Guides for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

Penn State Erie College offers these free how-to Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Learning Guides in pdf format. Microsoft Office Software Learning Guides: Word 2003: Word Basics (27 pages): Word XP/2002 Basics (27 pages): Mail Merge Using Word XP (34 pages): Create Word 2000 Forms (18 pages): Create Word 2000 Tables (21 pages): Excel XP/2003 Basics (8 pages): Creating an Excel Worksheet Exercise (7 pages): Formatting an Excel Worksheet Exercise (8 pages): PowerPoint 2000 Basics (14 pages): Office 2000: Helpful Hints and Short-cuts (22 pages):

High Quality Photoshop Tutorials

Adobe Photoshop is considered by many web developers and graphic designers to be best software application for creating and editing 2D graphics and photographs. With practice and a bit of imagination, there’s no limit to the imagery you can create with Photoshop. The skills and techniques these high quality Photoshop tutorials teach will provide you a strong foundation of how Photoshop works and what its features and nuances are. You can learn techniques Photoshop experts use to create killer designs and layouts. Photoshop Tutorials: Tools and Basics: Text Effects: Interfaces / Layouts: Special Effects: Colorizing Photos: Textures:

Web Development Tutorials

Here are Web Development Tutorials to help you get your web work done, from These tutorials cover several areas of web site design, development and programming, including accessibility, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Ultradev,  Livemotion, optimizing gif graphic files, website promotion, and CGI form scripts.

Web Development Tutorials

Achieve Accessibility with Dreamweaver

We all know that instituting website accessibility is A Good Thing. But now Dreamweaver MX makes it painless. Really! Read how in this detailed tutorial.

Achieve Accessibility with Dreamweaver

The Early Bird Catches the CSS: Planning Structural HTML

Do you struggle to make the switch to Cascading Style Sheets? Are you using some CSS but can’t quite complete the transition to all CSS? Virginia DeBolt will help you start your projects by first making your HTML structurally ready for CSS.

The Early Bird Catches the CSS: Planning Structural HTML

Cascading Style Sheets: Using Element Display For Layouts, Links & Lists

Miraz Jordan introduces the concepts of block-level and inline elements and mentions padding, borders and margins along the way. You’ll learn simple techniques using CSS to create accessible layouts, lists, links and navigation bars.

Cascading Style Sheets: Using Element Display For Layouts, Links & Lists

Using the .htaccess File

Web designers often ask how to handle redirects or to password protect directories; the .htaccess file can do these things and more. Miraz Jordan has contributes an excellent compilation of advice, tips, tricks and techniques focusing on .htaccess, security and redirects.

Using the .htaccess file

Plain Text Rollovers in Fireworks and Dreamweaver MX 2004

With Fireworks and Dreamweaver MS, make 4-state buttons in 4 fast steps. Learn how!

Plain Text Rollovers in Fireworks and Dreamweaver MX 2004

Fireworks MX Slicing Tutorial

Judy Fontanella has made slicing and dicing an image into a working HTML page easy, no matter which Fireworks version you are using.

Fireworks MX Slicing Tutorial

Spell it Out

Want a quick easy trick that makes your web pages more friendly and helpful for visitors, while higher-ranking for search engines?

Spell it Out

Getting Started with Cascading Style Sheets

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) effectively separate content from appearance on Web pages. This streamlines HTML coding and makes it easy change a site’s entire appearance by altering the code on just a single CSS file.

Getting Started with Cascading Style Sheets

Using FTP Server Access for Site Development with UltraDev – Creating a Recordset

Our third UltraDev lesson concentrates on creating a recordset and displaying the dynamic data.

Using FTP Server Access for Site Development with UltraDev

Using FTP Server Access for Site Development with UltraDev

UltraDev has made it possible for Web designers without coding knowledge to create dynamic pages. Web designers who know how to code can work much faster.

Using FTP Server Access for Site Development with UltraDev

Ten Minutes to WML

The crash course offered by this tutorial demystifies writing Wireless Markup Language for WAP.

Ten Minutes to WML

Learn Basic Animation with Adobe LiveMotion 1.0

A 2-part tutorial on using Adobe LiveMotion 1.0 to create .swf movies with minimal pain.

Adobe LiveMotion 1.0

A 10-Step Tune-Up For Improving the Performance Of Your Windows PC

Computer slowing down? Error messages taking over your life? Before you invest in expensive software, hardware upgrades or even a new PC, try these simple suggestions for cleaning up your system.

Windows Tune-Up

Using Fireworks to Create Images Slices

Use Macromedia Fireworks to slice up and image and create a table automatically. Judy shows you how to optimize each slice for faster download times and much more.

Create Slices

Transparent GIFs, Part 1: Creating and Optimizing

This is part 1 of a 2-part article about creating and using transparent GIFs. Intermediate level skills in Adobe Photoshop are recommended. Users of other programs can utilize the ideas here about transparent GIFs and matte colors too.

Optimize your transparent GIFs.

Calling A Rose by Any Other Name

Learn about string handling, arrays, error checking, and form validation while also getting your very own silly name. An intermediate-level JavaScript tutorial.

What’s your silly name?

Promoting your site on the Web

Having a site on the World Wide Web does not guarantee that people will find it, even if it is filled with great content. You want people to be able to find your site or your client’s site amongst the millions of sites that are out there.

There are many ways to promote a web site over the web. The good news is that most of them do not require any money. Here are some things you can do to get the word out about your site for free, that I have found to be effective.

Promote your site

Creating Curved Text with JASC Paintshop Pro

With the vector feature provided by the latest versions of PaintShop Pro, you can make curved text to your heart’s content very easily. Here’s an easy to follow step-by-step tutorial that shows you how.

Bend your text

Making Your Forms Work with CGI Scripts

Forms are an important part of Web design because they allow us to collect data from our visitors. Forms can add interactively to our Web pages and perform a lot of useful functions.

In order to create forms, you have to know how to put the form elements on your page. However, there is another important part to creating forms. That is making the form work with a script that will take the data entered by your visitors and process it in some way. Your choice of a script depends upon the purpose of your form. Some forms interact with a JavaScript that is coded into the Web page and is run by the visitor’s browser. The large majority of forms are processed by a script that is resident on a remote server, however. When the user fills in his data and then clicks the submit button, the data is sent to the script whose address is coded into the form tag.

Making your forms work

February 21, 2006

Microsoft Word 2000, XP, 2003, 97 Tutorials and Tips provides tutorials, tips and trickes for several  Microsoft Office applications, including these for Word 2000, Word XP, Word 2003, and Word 97.

Microsoft Word 2000

Tips and tricks for Microsoft Word 2000 including shortcuts, tweaks, and protecting Word documents.

#1: How Can I Show All Menu Items?
Show all the Microsoft Word 2000 menu items.
#2: How do I Stop Auto-Web Address Hyperlinking?
Stop web addresses in Microsoft Word 2000 documents from automatically turning into hyperlinks.
#3: How do I Insert a Copyright Symbol in My Document?
Insert Copyright symbols in Microsoft Word 2000 documents.
#4: How do I Enlarge the Toolbar Icons?
Make the Microsoft Word 2000 toolbar icons easier to see.
#5: Play Games With Your Assistant
A stupid tip for Microsoft Word 2000 involving Clippy.
#6: How do I Speed up the Font Display Pulldown?
A Microsoft Word 2000 performance tweak regarding the fonts.
#7: Make Your Menus Animated
Make your Microsoft Word 2000 menus dance!
#8: Automatically Animate Your Assistant
Get your Office Assistant moving.
#9: Fix Internal Errors
Keep Microsoft Word 2000 from crashing with this tip.
#10: Quickly Zoom Your Document
A shortcut to zoom in and out of your Microsoft Word 2000 documents.
#11: Animate Your Text
Add flash and marquee lights to text in your Microsoft Word 2000 documents.
#12: Fancy Underlining
More options for making your Microsoft Word 2000 text stand out.
#13: Paranoid? Try AutoRecover
Help ensure that your Microsoft Word 2000 documents can be recovered in case of a crash.
#14: Password Protect Your Documents
Help keep your Microsoft Word 2000 documents from prying eyes.
#15: Get a List of All Shortcut Keys
Display all of Microsoft Word 2000′s keyboard shortcuts.
#16: Full Screen Editing
Temporarily hide the Microsoft Word 2000 toolbars.
#17: Save Complex Documents Often
Keep from losing your Microsoft Word 2000 documents due to a crash.
#18: View your Headings in Another Window
Navigate through larger Microsoft Word 2000 documents easier.
#19: Share Documents with Obscure Fonts
Having problems with others reading your Microsoft Word 2000 documents?
#20: Change to WordPerfect Colors
Microsoft Word 2000 user, but nostalgic over the WordPerfect days?
#21: Stop Showing Red and Green Lines!
Get rid of the red and green squiggly lines in your Microsoft Word 2000 technical documents.
#22: Fit Multiple Pages on One Page
Here’s how to fit more pages of your Microsoft Word 2000 documents on less sheets of paper.
#23: Printing Draft Copies
Save your toner or ink cartridges and print draft copies of ‘work-in-progress’ documents in Microsoft Word 2000.
#24: Instantly Get Synonyms
Instantly get a word’s synonym in Microsoft Word 2000 without going through a mess of dialog boxes.
#25: How Many Words in the Document?
Find out how many words are in your Microsoft Word 2000 document.

Microsoft Word 2003

Save time using Microsoft Word 2003. Read our helpful topics including keyboard shortcuts, adding a table of contents, customization, and Word 2003 security.

#1: Remember Shortcut Keys
Learn Word 2003 shortcut keys for virtually any operation.
#2: Add a Table of Contents
Make it easier for readers to find key sections of your Word 2003 documents.
#3: Get Rid of the Fancy Quotes
Remove Word 2003′s smart quote auto-correct feature for more portable documents.
#4: Tips for WordPerfect Users
Make Word 2003 act a little more like WordPerfect while you transition from one word processor to another.
#5: Disable Reading Layout
Prevent Word 2003′s Reading Layout for more accurate-looking documents onscreen.
#6: Get Updated!
Patch known security exploits in Word 2003.
#7: Create Blank Lines in Lists
Add white space to your Word 2003 lists, making them more readable.
#8: View Page Thumbnails
Diagnose Word 2003 page layout issues by viewing thumbnails.
#9: Disable Animated Text
Keep your text from blinking, lighting up, and sparkling.
#10: Ref or MERGEFORMAT in Documents
Seeing the text “Ref” or “MERGEFORMAT” in your Microsoft Word 2003 documents? Here’s a fix.
#11: View Text Matching a Style
Quickly highlight all headers or other styled text in your Microsoft Word 2003 document.
#12: View and Compare Formatting
View a Microsoft Word 2003 document’s section formatting and compare it to other sections or text.
#13: Drag to Move Text
Forget using cutting and pasting to move text in a Microsoft Word 2003 document.
#14: Easy Table Creation
Create a table in Microsoft Word 2003 without clicking and editing data in each cell.
#15: Look up a Word Online
Define a word online using Microsoft Word 2003.
#16: Stop Requiring CTRL – Click
Visit hyperlinks in Microsoft Word 2003 without holding down the CTRL key.
#17: View in Full-Screen Mode
Use more of your screen real estate to edit a Microsoft Word 2003 document.
#18: Disable Smart Tags
Keep Smart Tags from appearing in your Microsoft Word 2003 documents.
#19: Remember More Files
Let Microsoft Word 2003 remember more recently used files.
#20: Remove ‘Getting Started’ Pane
Disable the “Getting Started” pane that appears when running Microsoft Word 2003.
#21: Speed the Display of Complex Documents
Keep complex documents from slowing down Microsoft Word 2003.
#22: Prevent Page Brakes Inside Paragraphs
Keep paragraphs in Microsoft Word 2003 documents from splitting to separate pages.
#23: Obtain the Current Document’s File Size
Find out how much room a Microsoft Word 2003 document takes on disk.
#24: Work on Two Separate Document Sections
View or edit two different parts of a Microsoft Word 2003 document simultaneously.
#25: Hide the Office Clipboard
Keep the Office clipboard from showing next to your Word 2003 document.

Microsoft Word XP

Help for Microsoft Word XP including tweaks and adding multimedia.

#1: Big Icons
Hard to differentiate between Microsoft Word XP’s tiny icons? Make them bigger!
#2: Show All The Menus
Microsoft Word XP normally hides menu options that it thinks you won’t need frequently. Here’s how to turn this off and show all of the menu items.
#3: Add a Page Break
This keyboard shortcut can insert page breaks in your Microsoft Word XP documents.
#4: Font Selection Takes Too Long
If your Microsoft Word XP font selection takes too long, here’s how to optimize this and speed it up.
#5: Make Your Text Stand Out
Some tips on making text in Microsoft Word XP stand out with a marquee, flashing lights, and more.
#6: Acquire a Picture from your Scanner or Digital Camera
Insert pictures from your scanner or digital camera directly into your Microsoft Word XP documents.

Microsoft Word
Help increase your productivity when writing documents with Microsoft Word by following our tips.

#1: Save Some Typing
Save your fingers with these Microsoft Word tips.
#2: Sending a Letter, But You Don’t Know When
#3: WordPerfect Nostalgia
#4: Remember More Recently Used Files
#5: Switching Open Documents
#6: Highlighting Text
#7: Table of Contents is Easy
#8: Even Quicker Pasting
#9: Using a Drop Cap
#11: Custom Bullets
#12: Insert Copyrights and Trademarks
#13: Save or Close All
#14: Word 97 – Don’t Proof Certain Text
#15: Word 97 – Adding Line Numbers to a Document
#16: Word 97 – Removing Line Numbers From One Paragraph or Two
#17: Word 97 – Blinking and Animated Text
#18: Quick Bold, Italicize, and Underline
#19: Write on Wood, Marble, Stone
#20: Word 97 – Inserting Common Text
#21: Remove the Status Bar
#22: Stop Selecting Lines and Paragraphs the Hard Way
#23: Word 97 – View Six Pages at Onc

Flash, Illustrator, and Photoshop Tutorials offers several good tutorials to help you learn Flash, Illustrator, and Photoshop. Here are the links for most of them.

Flash Tutorials

Illustrator Tutorials

Photoshop Tutorials

February 20, 2006

Illustrator Tutorials offers the following 7 Illustrator tutorials (pdf format) to help you learn the features and functions of this vector drawing and graphics editing application from Adobe. With Illustrator you can convert bitmaps to vector artwork and paint with intelligent palettes. It also provides close integration with other Adobe software allowing the creation of graphics for print, video, the web, and mobile devices.

Illustrator Tutorials

 Fill& Stroke Basics
Just some basics here.
 Square Button
Learn how to make a basic 3D button in Illustrator.
 Folder Tab Menu
A way to create those popular web menus you see.
 Wires & Cords
Creating segmented wires just got easier.
 Text on a Path
Make text go around in a circle.
 Pattern Paths
Create interesting shapes and circles with patterns
Some basic party ballons for almost anything.

Tutorials for Cascading Style Sheets

Web Developer’s Virtual Library offers these Tutorials covering Style Sheets, or Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). These allow the web site author to control the rendering of fonts, colors, margins, typefaces, and other aspects of style in web pages. Using Style Sheets, or CSS, visual design aspects of web pages and sites, such as page layout, can be implemented apart from the logical structure of the web site.

Tutorials for Cascading Style Sheets

Toss out your Tables! CSS is the scene!

Simply stated, using CSS for page layout is — once you get the hang of it — much more powerful and much simpler than using tables.

Introduction to Style Sheets – A Brief Tutorial
The basic concepts of cascading style sheets, and provides some examples and links to further resources.
Style Sheets: Colors
Putting Style Sheets in Perspective – Introduction
Add style and color, position objects precisely, and control the look of the website all from a single file.
Add a Little Style With the Font-property
The various font-properties and the proper use of those properties.
Marginally Speaking
Through the use of the CSS2 margin, border and padding properties we can at last have some control of page layout without resorting to transparent gifs and tables.
Style Sheets
Style Sheets act as a “template” that can control the layout and design of your pages. They work separate from your HTML, giving you easier maintainability.

Microsoft Office Course Handouts and Templates

Here are the Course Handouts and Documentation for the CAL PACT Microsoft Office courses for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access.. These materials include course module handouts (left column), and the templates to use for the course modules (right column). The handouts are in pdf format.

Microsoft Office Course Handouts Office Templates
Word 1 (OfficeXP)
Word 2 (OfficeXP)
Keyboard Shortcuts: PC  Mac
Word 1 Template 
Word 2 Template

Excel 1 (OfficeXP)
Excel 2 (OfficeXP)
Excel 3 (OfficeXP)

Excel 4 (OfficeXP)

Keyboard Shortcuts: PC  Mac
Excel 1 Template
Excel 2 Template
Excel 3 Template 1
Excel 3 Template 2
Excel 4 Template 1
Excel 4 Template 2
PowerPoint (Office2000) PowerPoint Template
Access 1 (OfficeXP)
Access 2 (OfficeXP)
Access 3 (OfficeXP)

Access template
Import file

February 17, 2006

VBA Tutorials, References, and Help

You can read through and study these back issues of the ‘VBA Tutor Newsletter’ (which is no longer distributed), as well as the ‘ VBA Tutorials’ associated with the newsletter. The resources referenced in the newsletters and the tutorials themselves offer techniques, tips, help, demonstrations, and lessons which you can use to become a Word and Excel VBA power user. VBA is an abbreviation for Visual Basic for Applications and is a scripting language to use with Microsoft Office applications to make them more powerful and robust.

VBA Tutor Newletter #Beta ~ 20-12-1999

VBA Tutor Newletter #1~ 1-1-2000

VBA Tutorial 1: Using the ‘Macro Recorder …

VBA Tutor Newletter #2~ 14-1-2000

VBA Tutorial 2: Improving the standard Menu …

VBA Tutor Newletter #3~ 1-2-2000

VBA Tutorial 3: Objects and their properties

VBA Tutor Newletter #4~ 14-2-2000

VBA Tutorial 4: An extended ‘Search and …

VBA Tutor Newletter #5~ 1-3-2000

VBA Tutorial 5: Using events to …

VBA Tutor Newletter #6~ 14-3-2000

VBA Tutorial 6: Using named Ranges in Excel

VBA Tutor Newletter #7~ 1-4-2000

VBA Tutorial 7: Transfering data from Forms …

VBA Tutor Newletter #8~ 14-4-2000

VBA Tutorial 8: Saving data into a WORD …

VBA Tutor Newletter #9 ~ 1-5-2000

VBA Tutorial 9: Using Declarations to make …

VBA Tutor Newletter #10 ~ 1-6-2000

VBA Tutorial 10: Referencing Objects in VBA

VBA Tutor Newletter #11 ~ 1-7-2000

VBA Tutorial 11: Using VBA to Delete Macros

VBA Tutor Newletter #12 ~ 1-8-2000

VBA Tutorial 12: Creating a Font Underline….

VBA Tutor Newletter #13 ~ 1-9-2000

VBA Tutorial 13: Creating a Favorite …

VBA Tutor Newletter #14 ~ 1-10-2000

VBA Tutorial 14: Creating and Using an …

VBA Tutor Newletter #15 ~ 1-11-2000

VBA Tutorial 15: Automatically Installing…

VBA Tutor Newletter #16 ~ 1-12-2000

VBA Tutorial 16: Creating and Using a Date …

VBA Tutor Monthly Newletter: #17 ~ 1/1/2001

VBA Tutor Monthly Newletter: #18 ~ 1/2/2001

VBA Tutor Monthly Newletter: #19 ~ 1/3/2001

VBA Tutor Monthly Newletter: #20

VBA Tutor Monthly Newletter: #21

VBA Tutor Monthly Newletter: #22

VBA Tutor Monthly Newletter: #23

Dreamweaver. Flash, Photoshop Workshop Tutorials and User Guides

The following are workshop tutorials and user guides for Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop, and Acrobat from California Polytechnic State University. These cover both beginnining and more advanced topics and features of these applications. These tutorials are in pdf format.

Dreamweaver and Flash Workshop Tutorials and User Guides

Web Design Tools
Also, here are Adobe Acrobat, Pagemaker, and Photoshop workshop tutorials:


February 16, 2006

Web Design Course Handouts and Templates

Here are the Course Handouts and Documentation for the CAL PACT Web Design courses. These materials include course module handouts (left column), and the templates to use for the course modules (right column). The handouts are in pdf format.

Web Design Course Module Handouts Web Design Templates

Web Design 1 – HTML 1
Web Design 2 – HTML 2
Web Design 3 – HTML 3


Web Design 4 – Photoshop 6.0

mountains.tif, sky.tif, balloons.tif
bear.gif, guitar.gif,
bear_arm.gif, Photoshop Exercise

Web Design 5 – Design and Usability Workshop

Web Design 6 – Dreamweaver 1 (MX 2004)
Web Design 7 – Dreamweaver 2 (MX 2004)
Web Design 8 – Dreamweaver 3 (MX 2004)
Dreamweaver Keyboard Shortcuts:
PC, Mac

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